Honey 2 Choreography - Rosero McCoy Interview

Uploaded by DanceOn on 31.01.2012


For Honey 2, man.
That project was really, really close to me because I
think we've embraced so many different dance styles on that
movie, from salsa, to hip-hop, to capoeira.
I like the fact that in one of the scenes, the alley scene,
we were able to use tramps, and the kids were flying in
and out of frame all over the place--
real give me chill moments, but there's all kinds of
different dance styles in the movie.
The lead character played by Katerina Graham from Vampire
Diaries, she pretty much was mentored under Honey
from the first one.
She comes back to the studio after doing some time,
or what have you.
But it's based on her story now, more than the Jessica
Alba story of the first.