Dhola Maru

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This is a story many years old.
On the land of Marwar' is estate Narvargarh' of Queen Mother Rajal.
This is her royal palace.
Thakur Narvar Singh's wife' by the grace of God. . .
is pregnant after many years.
To keep their vow' Thakur and his wife are going on a pilgrimage.
Bless you. May God grant your wish.
Pray to God on my behalf. . .
that this palace gets a heir.
May your blessing come true' mother.
Brother-in-law' take care of your wife.
And come back after the delivery. - You don't have to say that.
Let's go. - You move ahead' sir.
May God fulfill your wish.
I'll go ahead to Gangagarh and make arrangements for your stay.
I'll meet you there. - Good bye.
Good bye.
Rajsa( senior mistress )' you blessed Mansa(junior mistress ) to beget a son.
But if she really sires a son' what about your rule?
I will continue to rule' Sona.
I got this throne and the palace with my husband.
That is why I am saying that if Mansa's son takes the throne. . .
will you be able to tolerate that?
Honestly' will you be able to accept charity given to you by Mansa?
My name is Rajsa !
I will live as a queen' and even die as a queen.
Before Mansa sires a heir to the throne. . .
I will adopt my brother's son' Guman Singh . . .
and put him on the throne.
Sona' send a message immediately to Dholusa that I want to talk to him.
As you wish.
I'll see how she saves her royal heir now.
So you are leaving on a pilgrimage. Sure' go happily.
Why will I have any problem? But before leaving' do one thing.
Give me my share of property.
Dholusa' our mothers were different' but our father was one.
That makes me your elder brother. Have some shame atleast.
If I do that' I'll have to go begging.
And then' whether you are the ideal brother or not' . . .
I am definitely not an ideal brother. . .
to worship at your feet.
If you cannot be a good brother' . . .
you won't get a share of our ancestral property.
I know you have an equal share in this estate.
That's better.
But until I am alive' I won't let you squander it all away . . .
on liquor and women.
Okay brother' as you wish.
Why do you fight with him? Why don't you give him his share?
If I give him his share' he'll blow it all up in two days.
Forget him' you get ready' we have to leave on the pilgrimage.
O God' I have kept my vow of coming to your abode.
Please accept my obeisance.
Hail the Lord !
God bless you.
O God' my wish to come to your abode has been fulfilled.
Oh God' bless us.
Oh great! You won the game.
Sir' dinner is served. Please come.
Say I'm waiting for a guest. - Yes sir.
Glory to you' sir!
May God help you maintain your habit of eating with a guest.
Sir' a guest has come.
Send the guest inside.
See! God made your wish come true.
You thought of a guest and the guest has come.
Hello. - Hello.
Where are you from? - Pingalgarh.
We had gone on a pilgrimage. Even my wife is with me.
She is pregnant. If you permit' can we spend the night here?
You don't have to ask. - Glory to sir!
And your wife won't feel lonely either. My wife is also home.
Ramla' send a maid and bring his wife in.
Please sit.
Come sister' sit.
Feel at home. Sit down.
My brother has got the support of your brother-in-law' Narvar.
They have become friends.
The man who has only played games all his life' you fear him?
Dholusa fears him?
Not fear' madam. I never retract my steps.
I am game. Tell me.
Then listen. You want your share' and I want my throne.
Your brother is your hurdle' and my brother-in-law is my hurdle.
And yes! Dholusa' Mansa had rejected your marriage proposal.
You remember that? - I remember everything.
The fire Mansa lit in my heart by rejecting my proposal. . .
is still burning.
Then douse this fire' Dholusa.
You won't get this opportunity again.
Reach Gangagarh tonight and finish the entire family!
I'll do just that' Rajsa.
Rajsa' Prince Guman Singh has come.
Go and make arrangements to welcome the prince.
Sir' congratulations! Madam has delivered a son.
And the guest's wife has delivered a baby girl.
Great Sugna ! Here's your reward !
A thought has come to my mind today.
What thought? - God brought us together.
He made us friends' and even made us fathers at the same time.
Why not turn this friendship into a relationship?
Exactly my thoughts! - Great sir!
That's friendship! It's like getting the moon with the star.
Then let the daughter of Pingalgarh' and my son formally get engaged.
''The girl from Pingalgarh''
''And the boy from Narvargarh''
''Were formally engaged''
Today is a very happy day for us.
Minister' let us have celebrations so that we remember this day forever.
Narvar' everyone will remember today's day.
We'll have the celebrations' but with the sword.
Today's day is your life's last day.
Who are you? - Your death !
Attack! Finish the family today!
Break the door and finish both the women along with their babies.
Mansa' the prince's life is in danger.
Before the enemy comes here' escape. Hurry!
Let's hurry.
Go. . hurry up!
Careful. . . .come.
How could death snatch my brother from me?
My family is broken.
A curse has fallen on us.
Stop crying' brother.
We have to forget our sorrow for the sake of this girl.
We have to rear her with love and get her married.
Perhaps her father's soul will find peace then.
Yes sister-in-law' I am now her father and her uncle.
I only have to manage this home and estate now.
But sister-in-law' until I don't find my brother's killers. . .
I won't find peace.
You called me' Rajsa? - Yes. Here's our reward.
Reward? For what' Rajsa? - For the job you will do.
What job' Rajsa?
Instead of lullabies being sung in the palace for the prince. . .
I want everyone to mourn his death.
And that to' before sunrise tomorrow.
And no one must even guess who got this job done.
No Rajsa. - And listen.
The person I entrust a job to' I keep her life in my hand.
To save your life is in your hands now. Go.
Here's milk. I have brought it for the prince.
Yes' the prince is hungry since very long.
Let me feed it to him. - No! Don't feed the milk to him.
That milk is poisoned. I saw it myself.
No' I'm speaking the truth. There is nothing in it.
No? Then drink this milk in my presence.
I don't drink milk' it's a vow I've taken.
You have vowed? - Yes.
I'll break your vow. Take! Drink! - No!
Sugna is right. - Who mixed poison in it?
Who plotted to kill the prince? - I don't know.
You don't know? I'll kill you !
Who stabbed her?
I can't see anyone here.
God saved my son.
Sugna hurry up' I cannot live here now.
I'll go to my mother's home tomorrow itself.
Mansa' you? Are you going out?
Yes minister. My son's life is at risk here.
Before politics takes away my son' I'll go to my mother's place.
No Mansa' if the heir to the throne leaves the palace. . .
that throne will be usurped by power grabbers.
This is not a palace' but a snake hole.
If I lose my son in the fight for power. . .
of what use will the palace and the throne be to me?
If you want to go' go over my dead body.
But until I am alive' I won't let you step out of the palace.
Don't be stubborn' minister. God has snatched my husband from me.
It should not happen' that even my son. . .
No Mansa' don't speak such bitter words.
Your son is like the Ram of Ayodhya.
Once he leaves' evil forces will take over.
And if royal mothers step back fearing death. . . .
then history will be written in black words.
But who will protect my son?
God will protect him.
Mother Jagdamba will protect him.
And if you still want to leave' then listen.
For every drop of blood of your son' I'll behead every enemy.
I swear by Mother Jagdamba' until I don't put the prince on the throne. . .
I will not wear my turban.
Turn back' Mansa.
Don't live here if you don't want to. There is another fort' live there.
Turn back' Mansa.
The game is mine! - Don't take the marbles' Guman Singh.
Dhola' leave my hand' or else. . .
Show him your strength' Dhola.
Then watch' Jetha !
Guman Singh' pick up your sword.
Where are you going? Sit here. Let the two fight.
Rip his shirt' and shatter his pride.
Guman Singh' if you try to act cunning with me again. . .
I'll kill you !
Coward ! I'll let you go today.
Guman Singh' shed tears while leaving.
Your aunt will wipe your tears.
Bless you' son.
Bring us glory' my prince!
There is no one in this estate who can compete with my Dhola.
Come Dhola.
Bravo Dhola ! You have brought us glory.
You put Guman Singh to shame.
But you must be alert' these are political games.
Mother' I live in the palace and should fear politics?
That's not possible.
And then' your son is not a coward. He is a lioness' son !
And he has the courage to fight a lion !
You are great' Dhola !
Mansa' seeing Dhola today' I am reminded of the engagement. . .
that your husband had fixed.
The time to keep that promise has come.
No minister' forget that inauspicious day. . .
and that promise.
That jinxed engagement took away my husband.
But when Dhola knows about it. . .
Dhola knows nothing about it.
Only you and me know about it. And you have the promise of God. . .
if you ever tell this to Dhola. - Mansa !
The dust of time has buried this promise.
And you also forget about it.
O God' what do I do now?
Now I can neither tell Dhola' nor go to Pingalgarh and give the news.
Wonder where the lady is' how she is.
''My sixteenth year is here''
''My sixteenth year is here''
''Exciting youth is here''
''It brought along an enticing gait and attitude''
''Exciting youth is here''
''The young heart pounds''
''My eyes shine''
''My body is sexy''
''It stands out among thousands''
''With all its naivete' exciting youth is here''
''My youth hurts me''
''It brings me pain''
'Everything seems new''
''Wherever I go' everything seems new''
''My anklets ring' exciting youth is here''
''I have tied it in my bun''
''My exciting youth''
''I have tied it in my scarf''
''My exciting youth''
Dholusa' what my eyes saw yesterday . . .
my eyes are not used to seeing that.
What did you see' Rajsa?
Dhola raised his sword on Guman Singh.
Maybe tomorrow' this sword can be raised on me too.
What are you saying? Before someone raises his sword on you. . .
I will behead him.
Don't worry' before sunset tomorrow' . . .
Dhola's head will be lying at your feet.
Hurry up! Pick the body soon.
Where did the body go?
Who conspired to kill me? Who could it be?
What is it' Rajsa?
My brother's daughter' Marvan is coming from Songarh today.
She is our guest. Make such arrangements of her welcome today. . .
that she remembers this day for her life.
Go' make arrangements.
What happened then?
Why did you stop the coach? - See and ride the coach.
Tell your coachman he would have killed this innocent child.
Go dear.
Who are you? - Maid' tell him who I am.
I asked you a question and want a reply from you.
Marvan. The Queen Mother's brother's only daughter.
I pull out the tongue of those who question me.
My horse doesn't have the habit of stopping midway.
Coachman' move!
Are the palace people so cheap?
You who lives in a palace' keep your eyes to the ground and walk.
Or your pride will come to dust.
We'll see whose pride will come to dust.
Yours' or mine.
What a hot babe!
And the one besides her was sitting so demurely.
She didn't speak' she didn't move.
But Dhola' her pride has to be shattered.
Jetha' you don't need to shatter anyone's pride.
God himself makes the proudest of men fall.
What a hot babe. . . - This way.
Aunt. - Bless you' dear.
Had any problem reaching here? - No.
Is everyone at home fine? - Yes.
Come' let's go inside.
You have come alone today? - I always come alone.
Everyday? Okay' I'll come to have lunch at your home today.
Sure. - Cook good food for me.
And keep one chilly and onion. Don't put in too much effort.
Glory to Mother.
It's so desolate today. Normally' so many girls come.
Instead of Mother' you feel like looking at them.
But I cannot see any face today.
Doesn't matter' I'll see Mother today.
Hail Mother!
Mother' if you want to give me a wife' give me one who is beautiful. . .
who is talented' who will serve me' and even if I beat her. . .
she doesn't threaten to go to her mother's place.
She should be thick skinned. Fulfill my wish.
O Mother' if you give me a husband' he should be handsome' talented. . .
who knows to cook' who can take care of the children. . .
who can wash clothes' and if I beat him' he doesn't complain.
He should be meek. Give me such a husband' Mother.
She is that same lady' Marvan's maid.
Why are you imitating me? - Where am I imitating you?
I am asking for a boon.
But the kind of wife I am asking' . . .
why are you asking for that kind of husband?
I am asking for a husband.
Then am I asking for a measuring tape?
And if you want a husband' ask for a man like me.
I will make the wife do all the work.
And if you want a wife' ask one like me.
One who makes her husband do all the house chores.
I just mentioned house chores' and you ask for a slave. . .
Hey! If you say any more. . . - What will you do?
I'll push you. - Just try giving me a shove.
I'll break your head with this coconut.
This is my head' not a coconut breaking stone.
It's empty anyway. Go away! - I will not!
What are you two doing !
You are fighting in the temple?
Husbands and wives nowadays' leave alone home'they even fight in a temple
But priest. . . - I don't want to hear anything.
I say' instead of fighting after marriage. . .
why did you marry at all?
But priest. . . - I won't listen to you either.
I know that whenever husband and wife fight in a temple. . .
it means you don't have a child.
But priest. . . - Calm down. I pray. . .
that may Mother bless you with a baby soon.
Thank you for your blessings' priest.
You also take his blessings.
Madam' look.
He is the same man who stopped our chariot.
But how come he is in the palace?
I have made inquiries. He is the prince' Dhola.
He lives here in the palace.
He has received proposals from many princesses.
But there is none who has been able to capture his heart.
All those princesses were not like me.
Damn the gaze that cannot woo a man.
Watch what I do.
My diamond necklace fell down !
My hand doesn't reach' please give it to me.
Diamonds are precious' learn to take care of them.
If they fall on the wayside like that' any ruffian will pick them.
Please lift it for me.
Don't try your tricks on me' I'm a different kind of man.
If you throw necklaces in his way' this is the consequence you'll suffer.
What the consequences will be' only time will tell.
You have confronted Marvan ! I swear by the wound you have inflicted. . .
until I don't make you my slave' I won't let this wound heal.
Sanchu' prepare to go hunting.
Hey girl' leave him' he is my prey.
Killing an innocent animal is a grave sin.
And then' he has sought shelter from me.
It is my duty to protect him.
And a hunter's duty is to kill.
I won't leave without taking him.
Know me? I am the princess of Songarh.
You may be the princess of any place. . .
hunting in the precincts of my village is forbidden.
My name is Maru !
If an animal is being killed in the temple compound when I am around. . .
we'll see whose blood gets shed' yours' or mine.
For a hunter' shedding blood is game.
Let me see how you don't return my prey.
Maru' what are you doing?
Priest' this princess wants her prey.
I won't give him. - And I won't leave without taking him.
Child' every being who comes to God's door is blessed.
If blood is shed here' religion will come to shame.
Maru' give that to me. - Take.
Go dear' may God bless you.
If you are so brave' go and hunt a lion.
Why are you killing small animals?
I can even hunt a lion.
You have snatched my prey today.
Remember' I will surely take revenge when the time comes.
Get lost! Even I am a daughter of Pingalgarh.
I have crushed even tough men to dust' what are you?
Let's go' Sanchu.
Bravo! She's a girl as sharp as a sword.
Even if I get beheaded. . .
I will put this sword in my sheath !
How are you? - I'm fine.
Ramji' I heard Vaniya is ill. Is that true?
Yes. - But what is wrong with him?
Guman Singh' you? - Yes Dholusa.
I've set out to hunt.
Hunting is done in jungles. What prey are you looking for in the village?
There are some prey that you have to hunt in the village.
I just saw a girl of your village go from here. Did you see her?
I did. - I like this girl.
And what Guman Singh likes. . .
he gets anyhow!
But this thing is very precious' Guman Singh.
She is getting proposals from renowned princes.
She is my niece' I am her uncle.
That's great!
Even I am a prince.
Get me married to your niece. . .
I'll give you small estates as gifts. What say?
Speak softly. Why are you talking in the middle of the village . . .
sitting on horseback?
Come home' we'll talk everything there.
Jetha' walk faster. - Dhola' walk slowly.
My camel cannot go as fast as your horse.
So many women !
It's like trees of women growing at the river bank.
Dhola' why not put up tent and spend the night here at the river side?
Jetha' you haven't got over your habit yet.
Have you forgotten? We have to reach uncle's home soon.
How can we go now? It's getting dark.
Just see how many women's skirts are drying here.
Where can there be better fragrance anywhere else?
I am telling you' heed me. Let us put tent here tonight.
If you gather courage' we can take a dip in the river.
What say? - Alright.
Then remove your clothes.
Maru' crocodile! - Crocodile?
Help. . . help!
Who is this brave man' who staked his life for me?
Will you stand dumb here' or change your clothes?
That's right. Both of you change your clothes' you are wet.
Clothes that get wet can dry' but if the heart are wet' how will they dry?
If the heart gets the heat of the heart. . .
What is your name? - He's asking the name too!
If you stand here' I'll even ask your address.
Maru' let's go' he's mad. We are getting late.
Hey Dhola. - Maru' let's go.
If you are getting late' go. But come back tomorrow in time.
I'll wait with my wet heart for your wet heart.
Come soon.
Dhola' I asked you to stay. Atleast your heart got wet.
Let's go. Dry your wet heart.
''You have left me sleepless''
''What pain have you awakened' O my heart stealer''
I swear' what you said at the river bank' were exactly my feelings' Dhola.
So will you come to meet me? - Yes' sure.
I'll surely come to meet you.
Listen ! I am not your Dhola. And it is not night' it's morning.
And if you wish to meet' go and meet your Dhola.
He must be waiting for you.
He is there.
Once someone comes a our village river' he never leaves.
Go and meet him' you've been desperate since last night.
''My youth is like fire''
''It burns my body''
''I carry my heart in my hand''
''My left eye is flickering''
''O my cuckoo. . . ''
''my heart sings in tune with you''
''Show me your face''
''My heart is desperate''
''Hug me' don't hurt my heart' I'll be grateful' Dhola''
''Lift your veil' show me your face' I'll be grateful' Maru''
''I'll live with you' I'll die with you''
''My heart is yours' my love is for you''
''My heart' my body' my youth belongs to you''
''My days' my nights' my life belongs to you''
''I surrender my youth' my life to you''
''I surrender my eyes' my dreams' my peace of mind to you''
Hey. . .why don't you speak? What are you thinking?
Dhola' with tomorrow's sunrise' you will leave this village.
Will it happen that I will be left waiting. . .
Stupid' I am not leaving you forever.
I will come back.
Wait for me in Lord Shiva's temple.
Maru it is very late. Come' I'll drop you home.
Who is it? - It's me.
Why are you banging on my door in the middle of the night?
I'm hungry. Give me some food. That is why I knocked your door.
This is not your father's home that you can come and knock at night.
Neither am I your servant. Understand? - Understood.
Now it is better that you understand.
Offering water to the thirsty and food to the hungry is a good deed.
That is why there are so many water basins and charity kitchens.
Not for people like you.
Will you give me food' or ruin my whole night?
I ate in the palace itself. - That's the problem with you maids.
Meaning? - Meaning?
You eat at the palace' and the neighbour goes hungry.
Now will you leave? - What if I don't?
I'll push you out. - Just try giving me a small shove.
Go away! - I will not!
What are you doing !
Why are you beating your husband in the middle of the night?
But aunt. . .
Whatever he is' however he is' he is your husband.
Take him inside. - Yes' take me inside.
Lost in Dhola's thoughts again?
It's good he stayed here for only 2-3 days.
Had he stayed longer' wonder what would have happened.
Roopa' can you hear something?
I can hear Dhola's horse coming.
You can only hear Dhola's footsteps now.
Fill water soon and come home. Aunt must be waiting.
No Roopa' listen. The sound is coming closer.
Look in the front there.
Oh yes! he's back in a day.
Who is he?
Maidens' I am very thirsty. Can you give me some water?
Get down and drink it yourself' the river is full.
Is it? I am badly wounded' I cannot get off the horse.
My heart is on fire. If you serve me water. . .
it will cool my heart.
You are badly wounded? Your heart is on fire?
Then I'll surely have to give you water.
Take' drink. . . . leave! . . . Leave me!
Take' douse the fire. Now your heart will feel cooler.
Come tomorrow' I'll really cool your heart. Rascal !
My heart will feel cool now on that day. . .
when I make you my wife and take you to the palace.
Sister-in-law' brother had given his word for Maru's marriage.
But the time to wait for him is gone.
I have a boy in mind. He even owns an estate of 10-20 villages.
Our Maru will live a very comfortable life.
But won't I break the word given by your brother by doing that?
If you keep waiting for that boy. . .
and at her young age' if your daughter takes a wrong step. . .
our family name will come to dust.
Uncle! Even I care about my family name.
Yet' if I ever take such a step' throw me out of the village that day.
Look sister-in-law' isn't the girl crazy?
Child' I'm talking in your interest.
He is your elder' have some shame.
What elder? I am your late father's brother.
You are my father's brother' that is why I give you this much respect.
You see that' sister-in-law? The girl has changed.
Heed my advise and get her engaged soon.
Don't blame me later that Dholusa didn't warn you.
I am the girl's uncle' naturally I'm worried.
Madam' your wound won't heal just looking at it.
There is only one medicine to heal it' Sanchu.
Until I don't get him' this wound won't heal.
But Dhola loves Maru.
They are even going to get engaged soon.
They are going to get engaged' they are not engaged.
I have the power to stop what is going to happen.
I am that hunter' whoever I trap' I never set him free.
Dhola is my prey. If I don't make him fall at my feet. . .
I won't be worthy of my name!
''O bird' take my message. . .
''to Dhola''
''I am beautiful like a flower. . . ''
''but the moth doesn't come close''
''The flower has three qualities''
''Beauty' colour' fragrance''
''But one bad quality''
''It doesn't come close to the moth''
What mistake have I made' that you have turned away from me' Maru?
Turn behind.
Won't talk to me?
But I know how to appease you.
Looks like you are very angry today.
I'll have to come there and appease you.
Marvan' you? - Yes' it's me' Dhola.
What do you see in that village belle . . .
that being a prince you are drawn to her?
Look here. What do I not have that Maru does?
You are beautiful Marvan' but a girl is known by her qualities.
Look properly and see' who is better' Maru' or me.
You are as different as chalk and cheese.
She is pure and divine' you are cheap.
She is like a wave of the holy Ganga' and you are a goblet of liquor.
You'll have to be born a 100 times to become like Maru.
You are making a mistake' Dhola.
You have seen only one facet of Marvan.
You don't know my other facet.
The man a woman has given her heart to. . .
she does not hesitate to surrender her entire self to him.
And when her is heart broken' she destroys everything.
I'm Marvan ! Be prepared to see my other facet now.
This is how you throw the dice!
Dholusa' as good as you are at throwing the dice. . .
you are not as good in any other game.
Whatever the game Guman Singh. . .
I always get a winning hand.
Have some problem? Hey' all of you leave. . .
we have to talk business.
Come' Guman Singh. Tell me.
Your niece has given her heart to someone' Dholusa.
What are you saying ! She has done this when I am alive?
You keep yourself busy playing games' and in a few days. . .
he will even send her a proposal.
Then you can forget getting an estate.
Until I am alive' my niece cannot marry anyone else.
She will marry only Thakur Guman Singh.
That is not possible' Dholusa. Maru will marry. . .
only the man she is engaged to.
Why don't you understand' sister-in-law?
Forget those words and vows' they are out dated.
I want to see Maru living in luxury.
I am her uncle after all.
Uncle' for how much have you struck the deal of my engagement with him?
Maru ! I am your uncle' not some agent.
Yes uncle. That is why I am calling you uncle.
Even agents don't sell their daughters' uncle.
I am your blood. Don't sell me for money' uncle.
You have to give me away as a bride. - I know everything' Maru.
You have lost your heart to someone.
Not only you uncle' now even the whole village will know.
I will marry at the village square' that too' to the man of my choice.
Yes mother' I am in love with someone.
I have given him my word.
What! - I'll not marry anyone else but him.
Heard her' sister-in-law? What do you say now?
Uncle' it is better if you don't interfere in my matters.
I know how much you care for us.
Before you are insulted in my home' get out of here.
Even my courtyard is afraid of your footsteps now.
Don't you say another word' Maru !
Is this how you pay me for my affection and love?
Your father had given word of your marriage in your childhood.
And you trampled over your family prestige and stepped out?
For your family's fake prestige' if you burn your daughter's dreams. . .
then the daughter can surpass even a sea' let alone a threshold.
Do you even realise what you are saying?
Yes mother. Should only we remember the word & vows given in my childhood?
Will you go begging to their door and beg them. . .
to accept me as their daughter-in-law?
Yes dear' our family honour lies in doing that.
Our prestige lies in it.
How will you remind the Thakur's son of father's word?
The one who never bothered with us until today.
Who never tried to find out where we are' how we are.
If they didn't ask' so what? I will go and ask.
I will remind them of old vows. I will fix your marriage.
Your father's soul will rest in peace only if you get married in that family.
Mother! - Yes dear.
What are you saying !
Yes' Jetha told me everything only yesterday.
Prince Dhola likes a girl.
He has even promised her marriage.
He is waiting only for you to give consent.
As if I am going to refuse. Check the auspicious time & send them our consent
But Mansa we will have to find out about the girl and her family.
When my son has chosen the girl' I don't have to find out anything.
You are right.
Dhola could not have made a wrong choice.
So should I make arrangements for the engagement? - Yes.
Mansa' a lady has come to meet you. - Send her in.
I'll take your leave. Jetha and Dhola must be waiting for me.
I'll give them the good news. - Yes.
Atleast ask me to come in' Mansa.
Or have you even forgotten old bonds?
There are some bonds which are best forgotten.
Is royal word so worthless that you even forgot your vow?
If you have forgotten' shall I remind you?
You don't have to remind me' Devsa.
I'll remember that inauspicious day all my life.
For me' the blood soaked sun of that day has set forever.
The sun can set' Mansa' but not memories.
I have closed the door of time to that terrible day.
And it will never open for your daughter.
My son is getting engaged.
It is better if you don't talk of anything else today.
If you turn away' I will lose my family honour.
I beg for my daughter's sake before you.
Your tears will not change my decision.
You are right.
How will you understand my tears?
Because God has given you a son. Had he given you a daughter. . .
you would know how hurt a mother gets. . .
at her daughter's engagement being broken.
Devsa' better leave' or else. . .
Or what? Your servants will throw me out of the palace' right?
No Mansa' you won't need to do that.
I may be poor' but I am not cheap.
God bless your palace' best wishes for your son's engagement.
Mother' you are back?
Maru' get married to the man of your choice.
What happened' mother?
What has always happened until now.
A daughter's mother is destined to suffer taunts.
How long will you listen to people's taunts?
That is why I tell you. . . - Dhola' please leave me to my fate.
I'll manage my life. - Now look at that!
Until now' the niece never respected her uncle.
And now' sister-in-law you. . . - Dholusa !
I understand. I don't have to say a word now.
But before leaving' let me tell you.
When you get the time' ponder over my words.
I am saying because. . . I am her uncle after all.
I do get worried.
Yes mother?
I said things I shouldn't have in the morning.
Forgive me. - No mother. So what if you said them?
You have every right to say anything to me.
And then' who else do I have in this world other than you' mother?
Priest this is my Dhola's engagement token. Take it carefully.
And return soon. - Yes' after you finish with Dhola. . .
I have kept even my engagement token ready.
Come before the engagement scarf fades' or my life will be ruined.
Maru must be waiting for the engagement scarf.
You haven't got ready yet?
Lost in Dhola's dreams again?
Yes Roopa' I see only Dhola's dreams every moment now.
You will get married soon now. The engagement is happening today.
Wait. Priest' turn back the cart.
The girl whose engagement token you are taking' she is already engaged.
You can have her engagement sweets.
What are you saying ! With whom? - Now hear what he says!
You don't recognise me. I am Maru's uncle.
Tell your prince that romancing a girl at the river bank. .
won't get him engaged to a girl from Pingalgarh.
My son is going to marry her.
Until Prince Dhola is alive' no other man can dare to marry Maru.
That's a huge insult. We'll deal with you !
Come priest.
Dhola' disaster! - What happened' priest?
Your engagement token has been returned.
Maru has got engaged to someone else.
O Mother' what times are these?
Women first fall in love. Then get desperate to meet.
Then they get close' but when the engagement token is sent. . .
they send it back.
Honestly Mother' I have begun to hate the world.
The one who I love' forget a scarf' I won't send her a strip of cloth.
Even I have come to your feet' Mother.
Even I don't want to live in this world.
But what sorrow has befallen you that you want to renounce the world?
That is what I want to ask you. Why do you hate the world?
Don't you know? - What?
Dhola's engagement token was sent back. - What! !
Yes' and I find something fishy in it.
I can understand if my engagement token was returned.
But I could never have dreamed that Dhola's token will be returned.
Have you ever sent me a token that you would think like that?
I have to think. You cannot trust girls these days.
They say something' and do something else.
Even you are. . . - What!
You turn towards me' but see someone else.
Think before you speak' or I'll thrash you !
I spoke with due thought' or I could have said more.
Don't mess with me' I'm warning you !
You are saying things that will create a fight.
Get lost! I'll push you' you'll fall down.
Just try giving me a shove.
You are annoying me. - Get lost!
Hey! you are fighting again? What kind of man and wife are you?
Is this a temple or a boxing ring?
Why do you fight?
But short priest with big moustache. . .
Shut-up! You beat this pretty woman?
If she cannot sire a son' how is she at fault?
It is all God's grace.
If she is destined to get a child' she will get one. Right sister?
Shut-up! Go mind your own babies.
Heed my advise and forget her.
No mother' I cannot believe this.
I know her very well. And until I don't meet her' I won't find peace.
You are not aware of royal politics.
I think he didn't send any engagement token.
No mother' my heart will never believe that.
But it is true' dear. It's 100 %%% true.
Dholusa' you? - Yes sister-in-law' it's me.
Maru could never recognise the real me.
But sister-in-law' even you misunderstood me.
I got the news that no engagement token came.
I could not hold myself back.
So I came to meet my daughter' and to wipe her tears.
I am not so weak as to start crying.
And I don't have the habit of showing my tears to enemies.
Only my mother' God' and my eyes can see my tears.
No one else.
Sister-in-law' convince the girl I am not her enemy.
I came to share her sorrow being in the place of her father.
God didn't give me children I feel good seeing Maru.
But the girl is not ready to listen to me.
Dholusa' wait for a few days. She will settle down by then.
I'll try to convince her then. - Don't just try.
Make her give consent' or her life will be ruined.
I live only for you people.
Naturally' I am her uncle.
Well done' Dholusa ! You are a fine actor.
I appreciate it. - This is just the beginning.
Watch what I do next.
The game is ours. But. . .
But? - The girl loves Dhola.
It will take some time to turn her love to hatred.
Let it take long' I am ready to wait.
But do something this time' that even God cannot unite them.
Why did you return the engagement token?
Great Dhola ! The sword is asking the heart how tough it is?
You didn't send the engagement scarf.
Go ask your uncle why he sent back the scarf.
What! My uncle sent back the scarf? - Yes Maru.
And if you still don't believe me' take this sword and behead me.
Dhola' forgive me.
For a moment I was mistaken. I thought you had cheated me.
But I will accept your engagement scarf now.
Not just the scarf' I'll doll you as a bride' marry you and take you home.
''I have worn. . . ''
''your scarf' Dhola''
''Half blue' half yellow. . . ''
''is the scarf of the bride''
''Your arrival made my whole body shiver''
''Your name throbs in my heart''
''It hangs' it sways' it twirls. . . ''
''O my love' your scarf''
''My eyes expressed shyness''
''And my heart got excited''
''I bend and it hangs. . . ''
''the silken scarf' this youthful scarf''
''My eyes are filled with dreams of marriage''
''Today Dhola and Maru are getting married''
''It gets stuck' it gets entangled. . . ''
''O lover boy' your scarf''
Dhola' it is very late' shall I go?
Will you meet me tomorrow?
What? You gave Dhola the grain tax when I am alive?
Then you'll even have to pay for it.
I won't spare your life today! You rascal !
Minister' you? - Yes' it's me' Guman Singh.
Don't whip the poor subjects' or there'll be blood shed.
Minister! The one who raises his hand before Guman Singh' his hands are cut.
You'll meet the same fate today.
Guman Singh' you raised your hand on the minister?
He is a minister' a devotee of Mother.
Get lost!
Ramu' Kalu' what are you waiting for? Attack!
Dhola' what is this?
Your nephew shed the blood of innocent subjects for royal benefits.
That too' over grains.
When rebellion spurts from that every drop of blood. . .
it will shake up your palace' Rajsa.
Call me Queen Mother!
The one who has sired a son by God's grace is the Queen Mother. . .
not a barren woman like you.
Not Bhairav' I am the protector of this estate!
Then even I am the Queen Mother.
Your desire to keep the throne and adopt a black snake for it. . .
doesn't make you Queen Mother.
Learn to speak with respect' Dhola. I am your senior mother.
Senior mother? She died the day. . .
instead of a bowl of milk' she sent me. . .
You were blessed with being the Queen Mother. . .
but you rejected it.
My mother had handed me over to you.
But instead of accepting me' you shunned me.
You couldn't even be my foster mother. -You cannot compare me with your mother
Your mother' my sister-in-law' just owns 3-4 cows and calves.
I own such a huge palace and estate.
You don't give up such a huge estate for just motherly affection.
Siting on the throne' one has to do justice to the people' Rajsa. . .
not injustice.
If you continue with you attitude' you'll lose your throne.
Dhola' just watch what I do now!
You called me' sir? - Yes Champa. Will you do me a favour?
Tell me' sir.
The job is a little difficult' but if you succeed' . . .
I'll give you whatever reward you ask for.
What do you want me to do? - Come here.
Understood? Go.
Sister! . . . listen. - What is it?
Where does Maru live in your village? - I am Maru. What do you want?
Dhola is wounded and lying in Bhairavnath ruins.
He sent his dagger for recognition with a message. . .
that you come there immediately.
Roopa' go home. Tell mother I will be late' not to wait for me.
What happened' Dhola?
You love Dhola so much that you came as soon as you got his message?
Who are you !
Your dagger will be of no use' Maru.
I will devour your youth today!
Leave me!
Where can you run?
You cannot escape me today. - Leave me!
Dhola' you are here? - Yes' why?
I'm going to meet Maru.
But she went to meet you in the Bhairavnath ruins.
A lady came with the news that you are lying wounded there.
Bhairavnath ruins? - Yes.
Who was he? - Even I didn't recognise him.
He made me unconscious. Had you not come in time. . .
wonder what would have become of me.
Don't say that' Maru. Our union on this full moon night. . .
was destined by God.
You can be naughty even at such times.
What is life without mischief?
Let us write our names in these ruins. . .
so that those who come here know Dhola and Maru had united here.
''Dhola' in your city. . . ''
''were precious gems''
''One was Dhola' and the other Maru''
You are back? - Yes mother.
Had Dhola not saved me today' wonder what would have become of me.
Dhola? Who Dhola? - The man I love' mother.
Where does he live? - Narvargarh.
He is the son of a Thakur.
Oh great' God ! Your ways are strange!
Those who you unite' who can separate them?
Mother' what are you trying to say?
Dhola is the same man with whom you were engaged as a baby.
Mother? - Yes dear.
Dhola is the only son of Thakur of Narvargarh with whom your were engaged.
I will go to Mansa and tell her that to keep our vow. . .
God has tied Dhola and Maru in the bond of love.
Devsa have you forgotten the humiliation of that day. . .
that you have come back today?
Honour me today' I have brought such good news.
What good news?
The girl who Dhola loves is none else but my daughter' Maru.
What are you saying' Devsa ! - Yes. . .
to keep our vow' God has tied them in the bond of love.
You are great' God ! Your ways are strange!
Look Mansa' the word the Thakurs of Narvargarh and Pingalgarh gave. . .
God helped keep that word.
What are you waiting for? She is your mother-in-law' take her blessings.
Bless you' son.
Forget the past' and make arrangements of Dhola and Maru's marriage.
What are you saying ! Dhola is marrying Maru?
That too' when I am alive? No! That's impossible.
But it is true' madam. - But I won't let that happen.
I will even erase what is destined.
Dhola will marry Maru only is she is alive.
I will kill you ! - Leave me!
I won't let you live! - Marvan ! What are you doing !
Just shut-up and come with me.
Control your princess! - What happened' Guman Singh?
If you treat me as the future prince' send her back to Songarh.
What has she done? - She dared to attempt to kill Maru.
Had she not been my sister' I'd have killed her.
Why are you so concerned about Maru? - I love her.
And listen' I will marry her.
Anyone who comes in my way' I will kill him.
And even I want to marry Dhola' Rajsa.
And even I won't hesitate to kill the one who comes in my way.
Have you two gone mad? - Yes' I have gone mad !
You cannot keep two swords in one sheath.
Tell me' do you want Guman or Marvan?
Even I want an answer' Rajsa.
Guman Singh' being a prince' you have fallen for a beggar woman?
And Marvan' being a princess' you fell for a prince without a throne?
I can bring renowned princes and princesses at your feet. . .
against whom' Dhola and Maru are worthless.
Guman Singh' don't forget' we are worshiping our family deity tomorrow.
And thereafter' you will be crowned' and take the throne.
Forget all this and get ready for the prayers.
Come Dhola.
Dhola' stop right there!
Priest' make Guman Singh perform the prayers.
Rajsa' the heir of the family performs the prayers.
That has been an age old tradition.
Old traditions can be broken on the Queen Mother's orders.
The traditions on which the royal throne is founded. . .
you have no right to break them.
I am the Queen Mother' and the throne belonged to my husband.
I have nurtured it all these years. Do you know that?
But Rajsa' you cannot ask an adopted son to worship the family deity.
I had adopted Guman Singh before Dhola was born.
He is the heir to the throne.
If the auspicious time of worship runs out' it will be disastrous.
Priest' give the prayer lamp to Dhola.
Minister' only I have a right to take the lamp.
Just assuming things doesn't give one the right.
I even know how to win my right.
Let me see who has the courage to perform prayers today.
If anyone dares to take the lamp' I will chop his hands
What are you doing !
If blood is shed in the temple on today's auspicious day. . .
you will be cursed instead of being blessed by the family deity.
Whether blessings are showered' or the venom of curses. . . .
only Guman Singh will offer the prayers.
That's impossible' priest.
You'll have to make it possible' priest.
I won't let anyone's blood be shed in this holy place. . .
because of your fight.
Rajsa' I'll find a solution to offer prayers to the family deity.
What solution? - With whose worship' the Snake God. . .
appears' he will offer prayers.
What do you say' brothers? - Priest' you are right.
''O Shiva' the lord of the three worlds''
''Awaken' O lord with a trident''
''O God' O lord of lords' I pay a thousand obeisance''
''I bow my head at your feet''
''Let my good deeds wash the darkness of my bad deeds''
''You find elixir. . ''
''where God showers his grace''
''O archer' O do-gooder' steer my boat' O oarsman''
''Hail the lord with long tresses''
''O God' O lord of lords' I pay a thousand obeisance''
''I am innocent' even you are innocent''
''You will do a miracle for me''
''If you trust his devotion' you make the devotee's life''
''O Shambhu' open your third eye today''
''Weigh truth and lies on the scale of justice''
''O Lord . . . ''
''I seek your appearance''
''O God' O lord of lords' I pay a thousand obeisance''
''Hail the Lord ! ''
''Have mercy on me''
''Hail the Lord ! ''
''Eliminate sin''
''Hail the Lord ! ''
''Appear! ''
Say glory to the Snake God !
Hail the family deity' Nagraj !
I have lost courage' Dholusa.
The son I adopted is crazy about Maru.
And Marvan is standing in the way of killing Dhola.
And even the minister is standing like a rock in the way.
And as if this was not enough' the family deity also certified. . .
that Dhola is the real heir to the throne.
I only see bad things happening now' Dholusa.
What are you saying' Rajsa. On your word' mountains bend. . .
rivers give way' the sun will rise in the west.
Rajsa' you are a lioness.
But I have not been defeated by the enemy Dholusa. . .
but by my own blood.
It may happen that I will spend the final days of my life. . .
without any power' in some dark corner of the palace.
No Rajsa' until I am alive' that day will never come.
There is no solution. - There is.
Dhola's death. - But he is very cunning.
Plot something this time that he gets defeated.
The plot I plan this time' Dhola will definitely not survive.
Listen. Dhola goes everyday over the mountain bridge to meet Maru.
There is a 500 feet gorge below the bridge.
If we sabotage the bridge. . .
neither will Dhola be found' nor his body.
Wow Dholusa ! that's a great plan.
Dhola' I searched the whole village for you since morning.
Where were you?
God saved me today or else. . .
Why' what happened?
Someone sabotaged the mountain bridge and tried to kill me.
I survived' but my horse was killed.
These are all political games.
But one who God protects' no one can kill.
Let's go' everyone is waiting for you at home.
Have you forgotten' your sword has to be sent today.
Come' everybody is waiting.
Why are you sitting quietly? Play the band.
Hey guys' get to work.
Groom' how can you roam without a turban? Go get dressed' wear a turban.
Your sword is going to be taken for the marriage rites today.
Women will be coming in' get dressed.
The auspicious time will run out' hurry up!
Hurry up. Stop talking and bring Dhola's sword out soon.
The auspicious time is running out.
Priest' finish the marriage rites and bring Dhola's sword back soon. . .
because even my sword is waiting.
Move! . . . Sing marriage songs.
Guman Singh' call for Dholusa.
The sound of this marriage band won't let me live.
Yes aunt' this marriage band won't let me live either.
Sanchu' listen.
Okay madam.
Now let's see how Dhola marries Maru.
Maru' finish the marriage rites with Dhola's sword. . .
but I won't allow your marriage rites with Dhola.
Take care. Make your family proud in your in-law's home.
Roopa' take Maru carefully.
My daughter is delicate as a flower.
Jodha' the sun is setting. Stop the carts here.We'll spend the night here.
Alright sir.
Maru' better sleep tonight. - Why?
From tomorrow' you will have to spend sleepless nights with Dhola.
My eyes have stayed awake until now.
I spend every night dreaming.
But tonight. . . - Seems very long?
Think of some sweet memory of union with Dhola'the night will pass quickly
Union? - Yes.
Roopa' look there.
See those ruins there.
They are Bhairavnath ruins.
We had united there.
Come' let's go there' and the night will pass quickly.
Why did Maru go to those ruins in the middle of the night?
Look Roopa' that day' Dhola had written our names with his dagger here.
Bring her to Gangagarh. Let me see how she marries Dhola now.
Leave me!
Great prince! You did what I was going to do.
Champa. - Yes madam?
Give me the clothes.
Now you go to sleep. - Yes madam.
You cannot marry Dhola until Guman Singh is alive!
Men' take this girl too and lock her up upstairs.
You still haven't forgotten Dhola?
But the desolate walls of this dungeon and the darkness of the cell. . .
will make you forget your Dhola forever.
It is not so easy to forget Dhola' Guman.
He exists in my whole being.
He exists in my eyes as a dream.
Dhola and Maru are two different names. . .
but our life is one.
Now that one life will get separated forever' Maru.
Tonight is your night.
But tomorrow's sunrise will bring the message of your and my marriage.
Think of your Dhola tonight if you wish.
But tomorrow morning' I will marry you here.
And also celebrate my nuptial night here.
Men' go and call the priest and make arrangements of my marriage.
Bride' extend your hand.
Who are you?. . . Marvan' you?
Where is Maru? I ask' where is Maru?
I will kill you ! Tell me where Maru is!
I'll prefer to die' Dhola. But until I live' I won't tell you where Maru is.
Dhola ! Save Maru ! - Where is she?
Guman Singh has hidden her in Gangagarh.
Come with me. - Where?
Wherever I take you. - Come.
Madam' what will happen now?
What will happen? Just wait and watch.
The camel Dhola went on to save Maru. . .
I have pierced a nail in his foot.
He will not reach Maru.
Maru' think of Dhola tonight if you wish.
''Someone send my message to Dhola''
''You have forgotten me' O love''
''If love is true. . . ''
''then hear my words' Dhola''
''Maru. . . ''
''is in jail. . . ''
''and is thinking of you''
''The day I was born' we have been tied in the bond of love''
''It was a unique bond of love''
''There is. . . ''
''time of only one night''
''And life is seeping out''
''But . . . ''
''I wait. . . ''
''for you''
''This moment is of sorrow''
''I am tormented' my body is on fire''
''My eyes shed tears''
''My heart pounds''
''The last time' my love. . . ''
''let me see you''
Finished mourning over your love?
Thought enough of him?
Maru' not even a bird can flutter here without my permission.
Then how will your Dhola come here?
Think of your Dhola.
Give me that.
Don't you dare touch Guman !
Yes' me. All your plots have failed against me today.
Your father could not win against my plotting. . .
how will you? 25 years ago' in this fort itself. . .
the day you and Maru were born' I got your fathers killed at Dholusa's hands.
Today' again after 25 years' in the same fort. . .
you are going to be killed along with your mother.
Only time will tell Rajsa. . .
who will die' and who will live.
Is it? Bhela' Nhasa' capture Dhola and Maru.
Don't you dare touch them!
I'll break Marvan and Rajsa's heads.
Mansa' Devsa' please get down.
My child.
Rajsa' order your dogs to open the fort doors. . .
and allow the mothers to leave.
Order them' or I will open the door of heaven for you.
Guman' ask your men to open the door.
Beware! - Bravo Marvan !
Dhola' if you try to move' I'll behead both these men.
If you care for their lives' marry me.
Don't think' Dhola. I always hold the last ace in a game.
Guman' catch hold of Dhola's mother.
Marvan' I accept your condition. I am ready to marry you.
Let the two go.
No son' why are you ruining your life because of me?
Dhola' don't worry about me. I carry death in my hand.
No minister' I won't put your life at risk for my sake.
I'll free them. - Let's go.
If you dare to cheat Marvan' the consequences will be terrible.
Dhola' come with me.
Maru' if I could not get Dhola in this life. . .
it's okay. But remember' in my next life. . .
I will get him!
What have you done!
Don't worry about me. Keep fighting. Go!
Get up' you coward !
Catch Rajsa !
God' I have kept my word.
Prince Dhola will take the throne today.
And don't mourn over my death.
God bless you two.
Hail Mother Jagdamba !
''I have worn. . . ''
''your scarf' Dhola''
''Half blue' half yellow. . . ''
''is the scarf of the bride''