Assorted gems, 45회 EP45 #06

Uploaded by MBCClassic on 23.03.2012

I just woke up.
Why a big sigh?
You know, I wish Jade gets pregnant as soon as possible.
Then the life will get even tougher for her.
I don’t think so. Everybody will want to babysit.
I bet a baby will have no time to take a rest.
But a baby’s grandma won’t still recognize him.
Who knows she might get better when she has a grandson?
Blood-tie is a powerful thing.
You think so?
You can sleep more.
You are in Jade’s house.
Jade and Younggook went to the honeymoon.
I want to go.
My home.
Mrs. Suh. I’ll look after you.
We can go do a market and play hwatu. Ok?

Mrs. Suh wants to go home.
Yes. She won’t budge.
Then let her go. Shall I take her home?
I can go with you.
Call her home first.
This is too early. I’ll call them when we arrive there.
You can come here anytime you want to. We can have fun together.
Bye Mom.
Let’s go.
See you later.
I am Kyle, the son of Jung-ae, your friend.
Call his name.
Remember we spoke over the phone?
Do you remember?
“Namuamitabool” (May his soul rest in peace!)
That’s right. I came to Korea to become a monk. Did my mother tell you that?
Younggook and I formed brotherly ties.
Younggook and Jade went to their honeymoon.
They’ll be back in a few days.
Jade is now your daughter-in-law, and you are her mother-in-law. You know that, right?
I hope they make a honeymoon baby. Then we’ll have a grandchild.
Either a boy or a girl, what do you think?
Don’t you like to have a grandchild?
I like.

Invite Ruby home.
I’ll treat her with dinner so we can reconcile.
If you are half-hearted, you better not even try.
This time, you should apologize to her properly.
Is she more important to you than I am?
Why not ask me whom I’ll save if two of you are drowned?
Whom will you save?
What are you doing?
I like to have a French toast.
My mom invited you.
She just wants to treat you.
Can you come?
Let me think.
Mom, there’s a rip at the armhole.
Let me sew it up.
Is that a ledger?
What’s up with you writing a ledger?
Don’t tease me, boy!