My graduation ceremony

Uploaded by RebeccavanderMolen on 10.09.2010

Rebecca is an especially busy student,
she's envolved in many school projects
and very active for the student association,
is that right? - yes
You are one of few students who actually like
to do all the stress engineering sums that we teach here,
which is a bold statement to make, since I prefer Process Engineering
but hey, what can you do...
Well, about your graduation placement-
you performed it at Atkins Nedtech,
on a sandwich panel construction
of the A350 wing flap.
I know a lot about that subject
so I could ask difficult questions at your final presentation.
You didn't like that very much,
but handled it very well, I must admit.
I remember you helped me organise a camping trip for the entire class
to attend a workshop at Fokker Services. That was great.
For the lightweight construction project
you chose to design and build a... - Fire extinguisher,
that was made of glassfibre composite material.
It helped make it easier in use
and you made a short film to illustrate that
which I want to show you all now.
The Lightweight Fire Extinguisher
The situation
- Oh dear, my saugage rolls!
The problem
- This is way too heavy for me!
- Now how does this thing work?
The solution
- This new fire extinguisher is nice and light; much better.
[Now, a view of the room whilst they are looking at the film]
A solar zeppelin
the sun warms it up and makes it float.
Also a kite,
two of the things you suggested should be part of the AeroBox.
Would you now like to receive your degree? - Of course I do!
Congratulations. - Thank you.
Well done, Rebecca. - Thank you, Sir.
subtitles by Becky Miller