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This summer is going to be fun with lots of theme parks and amusement parks gearing up
for a big season. Overall, the approximately 400 parks in the U.S. draw about 300 million
people a year and generate $12 billion in revenue. Disney parks are the most popular
followed closely by Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure and the Wizarding World of Harry
Construction workers in China are losing their jobs in droves and retail sales grew at their
slowest pace in more than 3 years. China is in the midst of an economic slowdown. Real
estate prices are falling and developers still owe heavy interest payments on bank loans.
Consumer confidence is declining.
Belgian archaeologists working at the ancient site of Pachacamac in Peru have uncovered
a spectacular 1,000-year-old tomb containing more than 80 burials, many of them infants
and children. The large oval chamber has escaped extensive looting and appears to be virtually
intact. It is unclear whether the infants died naturally or were sacrificed.
Chinese fishermen released by North Korea this week after nearly two weeks of captivity
reported being beaten, robbed and stripped and given starvation rations in a case that
has opened up a rare public rift between the Communist allies. The North Koreans also took
all the food from the Chinese ships, the caught fish, and engine fuel. Was it Somalia-type
piracy or a government-sanctioned mission?
Green rooftops -- For thousands of years, people have been living in homes with sod
roofs to keep them cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Office buildings are
now home to native plants that absorb car emissions and help prevent flooding from excessive
runoff after a rain.
The 18-km, $1.9 billion canal linking Seoul to the Yellow Sea is now open. Cargo ships
will now be able to serve domestic markets and expand to international ports. The waterway’s
bicycle paths and parks are sure to be a hit with tourists and residents.