Tutorial: Bildstabilisierung mit Magix Video Deluxe & zusätzlich mit proDAD Mercalli + Vergleich

Uploaded by TheChosenOne2k12 on 05.10.2012

If you have a shaky movie, you have not to delete it.
You can stabilize it with Magix Video Deluxe 2013.
How this works, I'll show you in this video.
First I will show you the Video which wobbles, and after I’ll show the comparison to the stabilized film.
Here you see that the image is on strong jerk.
I have 2 options to stabilize.
Either via the Image Stabilizer of Magix, or with a paid plugin from "proDAD".
First I'll show the image stabilizer of Magix.
Therefore we select the clip in the timeline, and right click on it.
Now we click on "Image Stabilization".
In this window we can do some settings.
With the white frame on the right, we define the area to be recognized in which the camera jerk.
This we can draw with one click and hold the mouse button.
Then we can set the radius, to be recognized in the jerk.
I put it on the highest level, since my video wobbles badly.
Then we can select whether the video was pre-stabilized or not.
My video is not prestabilized. so I choose it.
Then we can choose the "temporal smoothing".
I set the values to the highest possible.
Now click "perform stabilization".
This window says it may take some time, I confirm with OK.
The image stabilizer calculates the position for each image, and move it to the left, right, up or down, so that it appears later as stable as possible.
With the values you have to try a little bit to get the best results for your videos.
I tried it for this video previously.
After the stabilization is complete, we can look it within the preview.
If we agree, we click OK.
Now I'll show you the stabilized video.
This shakes clearly less as before.
I am showing you now both in a direct comparison.
You see, the image stabilizer of Magix is pretty good.
But there are still small fluctuations since. Compared to before it's usable, but we can stabilize it even better with the paid proDAD plug-in.
I'll show you now. First I remove the image stabilization from the video.
If you have purchased and installed the plug-in, you'll find it here: Effects => proDAD => Mercalli 2.0
We now also have different settings.
I leave it at the default options.
We have still more possibilities, but I leave untouched.
First we select the camera (I choose "universal camera")
I want to have the camera pan smoothed, and chose there 65%.
The slider at the bottom is crucial. Zoom in, the more the program is allowed, the more stable is the video.
I choose 75%.
You have to try a bit, with what values You achieved the best results.
I confirm with OK. Now the plug-in calculate every single picture.
It takes a moment.
Once the calculation is complete, we can look at the result.
I'll show you now to compare all 3 videos.
The best result is achieved with the proDAD Mercalli plug-in.
Since this does not cost less, most of you are using the Magix stabilizer must be satisfied.