Further Descent of the Divine on Gurupurnima

Uploaded by DattatreyaSivaBaba on 23.06.2009

This year Guru Purnima, the full moon of the Guru falls on July 6th when I will have a
meeting with some of my students in New York. Last year it was on July 17th and we met in
San Francisco and then I announced at that time that the Grace Light has descended into
the earth plane and then there was a big coverage by the San Francisco Chronicle and a lot of
people participated in it and YouTube played a vital role in it and then on one day about
300 thousand people came to the YouTube. So this year is the 1st anniversary of the light’s
descent into the Earth plane. It is a cosmic event. Every Guru Purnima or the full moon
of the Guru, the light is going to increase more and more and it is going to bail us out
from the collapse that occurred right after the descent of the Grace Light. It was July
17th when the Grace Light came and when did the stock market collapse in August-September.
It was a great lesson for humanity to re-define its relationship with money and power. Money
and power perceptions have changed after the Grace Light’s descent during last year after
July 17th. Similarly, I anticipate that after this Guru Purnima there will be happenings
similar to the happenings last year. The Goddess will be felt more and more this year that’s
why I am going to do a course on the Goddess for this Guru Purnima. Goddess represents
the light, Grace Light means the Goddess, Arul is the term in Tamil and she is compassionate,
loving and she is going to redefine our relationship with power and money so that it is based on
love and compassion not on arrogance and ego and that is important to create the Golden
Age. I have asked the global community to meet at different places to hold Grace Light
gatherings to invite the Grace Light into the lives of the people. It’s a great happening,
miracles are going to happen, it’s only through miracles we are going to be bailed
out from the situations that we have found ourselves in. So it’s all going to happen
so be optimistic and invite the light, Grace Light in your life and Guru Purnima is the
most important time especially the night of the 6th all the Angels, Siddhas and the light
of the Divine are all are going to come and pour down on the earth plane and following
which like what happened in the last year there are going to be a lot of changes but
all of them although they seem to be disturbing initially but going to do good things eventually
for the good of humanity, So it is the beginning of the Golden Age and I look forward to 2012
that will be the beginning of as the Mayan calendar says the Golden Age. It’s not just
the end of the world; it’s just the beginning of the Golden Age, its good news. Remember
the Guru Purnima; the full moon of the Guru is the most important time for all spiritual
aspirants and now for everyone. So you can see me in New York in Guru Purnima events,
3 day events and if you cannot make it to New York, you can attend one of the gatherings
around the world or if you cannot go do either of the two, you can do the Grace Light meditation,
the DVD’S are available so the information about global gathering are in http://www.thegracelight.com/
website. But I want to reiterate that this is the time to receive Grace and the Angels
and the Gods are going to be fully present so don’t miss this Guru Purnima on the full
moon night.