Minecraft - Let's Play LIVE Commentary - Ep. 1: Off Topic

Uploaded by gameplay on 26.02.2011

Hello Everyone. My name is SeaNanners, and welcome to minecraft!
Ok, that was the worst Seananners impression EVER
But uh, anyways. My name is Joe. Uh..We're going to do some Minecraft Let's Play commentary
My first commentary EVER. So, go easy and uh..Let's get into it!
Generating Level...Building Terrain.
Saving chunks? There is no chunks to save
Alright. This doesn't look half bad.
There's no snow. There's trees..I would live here if I was in Minecraft.
So, you are watching this video because you have interest in Minecraft.
Or you're just really bored at work or home, browsing YouTube!
(Don't let the boss see you)
Umm..if this is your first time ever doing Minecraft, do not uh..do not watch this video.
Well, watch this video but watch someone else's first.
Uh, I recommend like Seananners or someone like that. He does great explaining of everything
like "This is dirt, and you pick it up, and then LOOK. It's down here.
"And this is my character.
Uh, not bagging on him at all.
Just saying that this is a little less informative.
Yet I will still give tips uhh on this!
So right now, what we're going to do. I'm going to get a lot of wood because
You always need wood!
Um, is that a "That's what she said?" (You always...nope. I don't know.)
Ah, you always need wood to build houses, pickaxes, sticks.
So I'm going to gather, I wanna say.. Lets set a..Lets do 15
But uh..(beating wood with other wood.)
So once we get wood, we are going to find a place to live.
And then once we find a place to live, which will be just a lot since I have to build my own house. (Life is so harsh)
And then we are gonna go search for coal.
Uh, as you might have noticed. This is my first "Lets Play live commentary..thingy majig.
And I..have been addictied to this game since the begining. (14..give me 15. Aw you're kidding. Really? Ok here we go)
I've been addicted to this game since the first day I played it,thanks to SeaNanners.
And umm..it's just you have to use so much creativity. You have a world that, literally never ends. It just keeps generating.
Although, you know..it might crash your computer eventually. *laughs*
But, and the most interesting thing about it is, the guy that created it.
I'm sure everyone knows him, his name is notch. And it's based on Java
Which is you know different from all these engines that are huge. And with Minecraft just passing over a million sales.
just through word of mouth and
uh... gaming websites and i think uh... a huge contributor was uh... deadmau5 and
the Machinima community
uh... the Machinima Realm community that uh... really really got the game
uh... out there with their directors
but uh... yeah i actually just found out that notch is going to be
Why, why am I still doing wood? We're gonna..aww. I'm too focused on talking
Oh and I didn't set my timer, I don't know how long the video is...
uh... we'll go till morning
We'll, do that. We'll see
Alright so anyways, umm.
yeah I just found out that notch is going to be at the GDC
in two days
And i'm very upset because I was supposed to be at the GDC, but I'm like ohh well..it cost, you know
2,000 dollars for an all access pass. I don't want anything less than an all access pass
I really don't think it's worth the company's money
so i didn't
take it but now he's going to be there so I might.. (Where's it at? I think it's in San Diego, I wanna say.)
So, I could drive to san diego
but ah, Yeah!
that's ah that's my story about notch...
I had a chance to meet him
once before
but kinda didint follow up with the person in enough time
when he came over from sweden so it wasn't possible
but if
I go to GDC and
i have a chance to run across him I'm definityly going to introduce myself and
I'm going to take a picture. I usually don't do that with celebrities but uh...
Come on, it's notch. He made like the best game EVER
Alright. Where am I going to put my house
should I put it there?
I'll put it on the mountain top, i want to get a nice view.
So yeah, we will see if I am going to see him
and if anyone actually watches this, YOU MIGHT FIND OUT!
Oh, it's my neighbor. Hello neighbor!
Ugh, my neighbor looks like a pig *pig oinks*
Make sure I put a gate up.
so um. Single-player Minecraft
it's not that I'm not huge fan
I am just a huge fan of
communities and multiplayer, obviously.
I started playing single-player
When I first got the game because I didn't understand it, and I actually didn't know the real online
part and then i started uh... wow I played for eight hours
and I started building a house and then I'm like, wait..
no one's going to see my house. Why am I being so anal about everything?
and i'm like i can't like
post it on Facebook and
you know, friends might think I'm weird
so uh...really?
Thou shall not beat your neighbor?
What about kill your neighbor? *talks trash to pig*
There we go..got some porkchops! Some raw porkchops
I need to go search for coal now.
anyways um so yeah multiplayer (singleplayer*) Meh
and single-player(Multi-player*). I like single(multi*) player a lot more but I
uh...umm. I don't know.
I love starting new worlds, so that's why I'm doing this.
and and here's a question to anyone that watches this do you think that a live
dual commentary Minecraft
thing would be better i believe it would be better I sent out a tweet today, saying hey uh...
Who wants to do a dual live commentary with me that's interesting because
you know, to make up for my
non less interesting stuff
so yeah let me know if uh, you think that's a good idea
Because, I think it is. Only thing I have to do is
find a server that has a new map
pandora take my server
and dish forget because they want
the whole budget for the planet would not be happy burts
having a terrible time topical
who wasn't there come a little these uh... these projects
uh... canyon
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thirty a one has been like jude's like that that elect uh... developer that conflict it
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uh... activism
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but at the of date was come under
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like intimate snooze two-and-a-half logs that that
i was going on at that with that um... answer you can make it to both the now you have to
put it to obviously in the the furnace look in that regard
i don't know complete single-player tonight's or so that was one of the updates contaminate
estimates here
now the beds i think it's a great idea uh... it
you know what get sick and complain about that's because like which ones tonight to
get by
densely although as everyone else off of this error uh... we're going to be about
yeah i i feel the same way about servers that's part of adams i don't believe it but it's
fun items because it's called monograph you mind you crackers without detectors wrapped
they'll go
and conclusions
she's doesn't make sense
alicia lost something i want to install one online like that
uh... your dot on that that is what you know you know wanting attention or other people
feel that way
yes uh... backed up the still beds past blocks um... lighting it usually is his had drastically
uh... imprint
econnect walk into a t and uh...
and their cats
seven article i think we have enough co
obviously the people that uh... play this game no devious it's hard to do with blazing
cuban extremely interesting games where that's why need commentating commentary has to be
decent so bellingham build
mocked i'm going to go back to this overtimes and then watching subjects and benches subject
got you what data banks of the lighting approval to market directly
it's without needing torches not that it's a good idea hindu theater
actually has a personal ever met
the group act none of that i don't think that i don't know
certified of what will it
well there there are a alum accounts there
the that work
uh... it's rewrites
sold out there
now i'll promise you i'm not going to go back on updates i'm getting so uh... sidetracked
with salute
um... basis i checked its yeah of digital to play it
one point three underscore over loan
uh... little interesting
it did but there were two days you can run deal with its drawer file um...
uh... and leaders and the in freezer at p_s_
and winners mindset
someone take me who
uh... myron from where
and still not sure about this is not good
trip around
wheat it's it's not the keys
uh... fireproof
probably out at available just were not on hardship quality
so you can really run can rerun
uh... next on windows and
the local featured that's when you log on to my draft you have a few this the options
grandma you can uh...
it'll give you the updated developer statements are not just tumbler
safety check out the news updates and another one if you have something wrong to contrast
that with your files i believe you can't force and update
don't worry
if they're both correction
sela cap that's pretty interesting city and you can also after having like a really magic
to break their true like falling in
you can't see the cellphone block offensive missile parts just a quick break it to the
uh... ok moving alone
uh... help there's wealth
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of god ok of l dot on another one i know that
yes hopes the political
either sorry about that alltel alm the
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but at the time on the video
and ports
all right i a l actually check that's become a bet the perfect time
um... because this night answering what on too much that video is forty minutes right
now so i'm going to end this because you to x's at that
like it exceeded fifteen minutes out there like enough of the uh... for thirty minutes
he do you make sense
um... all come on really you're not invite detect or directly
it is not your welcoming party albright although along infected
so anyways i got good and that's because
all my got that that on the middle east of doing
like hitler awful act
like a comment is you wanna see more because if you don't and i'm not going to make a move