Wegmans Natural vs Organic

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 08.11.2010

Claims on food labels can be really confusing.
And one of the ones
that I get the most questions on is natural and organic.
Do they mean the same thing?
Are they healthier?
Well, here are some details to help make your shopping easier.
Natural and organic are often thought to be healthier options,
but the truth is, both of these claims
are about how food is produced, they are not health claims.
You can find both nutritious foods and junk foods with these labels.
So don't be sold on the claims alone.
Another point about natural and organic
is that they don't mean the same thing.
In general, foods labeled "natural"
should not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or synthetic substances.
But no one verifies this claim,
since the FDA has no official definition for "natural."
"Organic" on the other hand, is heavily regulated.
There are definitions, strict rules, and agencies
checking in to make sure they're all being followed.
The big take-away message here
is not to get too caught up in the buzz words.
Take some time to look at your ingredients
so you understand what you're really buying.