Crochet Hat - Meladora's Butterfly Stitch Slouch Hat Tutorial

Uploaded by Meladora1 on 08.07.2012

This is going t be the tutorial to show you how to make this
butterfly stitch slouch hat
for this tutorial
this project your going to need
2 size hooks, 5.5 mm hook
or size I hook
and a 5mm hook, size H
and a tapestry needle too sew in
the top of your hat
and marker some kind
and also
you're going to need at least two
skeins of yarn
because your going to need more that 100 grams

so we begin with the 5mm hook

to make the rim of the hat, and I am going to be doing the largest size
at which fits adults
but if it's too big for
then you can decrease the chains by two's
because each butterfly stitch takes 2 stitches

So to start off
get your 5mm hook
and i'm going to chain
when you get your seventy done i'll see you back here
once your done with your seventy chains
on my site I will have a pattern on this stitch
and it's going to tell u what size you need to make
or child or toddler or a baby
so you may to check that out
so make sure your chain are all facing the right direction
go into the first chain, using the top stitch only

so single crochet into the first stitch
single crochet into the second stitch
then I'm going to go ahead and place a marker
here in the first stitch

just so I know where
my stitches began
and you want to continue to single crochet
in all stitches around, make sure your chain is not twisted
do six rounds for adults
and five rounds for any of the other sizes
so I'll see you back here in a minute
okay i just finished my six rows
now i want to switch to my 5.5 mm hook
and start my butterfly stitches
what you do is go in through the next stitch
pull up a loop
pull through one of the loops
then you go to the next stitch
pull up a loop
pull through two loops, three loops on your hook
pull through two loops, pull through two loops,

then chain one
go into the next
pull through one of the loops

then you go onto the next
then double crochet by pulling through two loops, then two loops
then chain one, always make sure to chain one.
if not then
you would be decreasing
so go in through the next stitch
both through one loop
go to the next stitch, three loops on the hook.
pull through two, pull through two, chain one

and that completes your butterfly stitch
but continued to do that all the way around
until you get back to the beginning
I've come to the last stitch
of my round
in this last stitch
you just go in
this is your first that you made, this is your single crochet
and this was your first butterfly stitch, and by doing that stitch
you created this long stitch here, and that's the stitch you want to slip stitch into
and from here
you're going to be doing the same thing
except your going to be using
the wings of the butterfly
you'll go into
no need to chain, I don't chain at the beginning
just go in through the front
the first wing
pull up a loop, go through one loop
then go in through the next wing
then I do my
double crochet
chain one
and just like
in this previous round
this is going to be the stitch that you slip stitched into at the end of the round

just continue to do
this stitch
if your going to make
an adult size
it's going to be twenty five centimeters
but um...
if you're rich in a smaller ... I'm going to have this on my webpage
I have a link to my web page in the description this video
and you can see
all the sizes and inches and centimeters
and uh...
it'll have all information there for you
again I want to show you how to do the butterfly stitch
using the wings of the butterfly
go in through the first wing
then do the chain one, go in through the next wing and
do your double crochet, chain one and then just continue to do it
and in every round you slip stitch into the long stitch at the beginning
and going to be doing this until it reaches
twenty five centimeters now believe that seventeen inches
Not sure 100%
easy enought o find out
when I come back I'll have that information for you

okay I looked it up twenty five centimeters
in inches is 9.8 so it's ten inches
so when you get this to
ten inches
then i'll come back and i'll show you how
to close up your hat
I wanted to show you
I forgot, theres something
different about round two
doing the butterfly stitch in the
you want to
this is done
that you slip stitched at the end of the round
it creates a little hole here
this is the stitch you want to slip stitch into
but you want to do the last butterfly stitch
using this little hole here
still going in to this first hole
do the first part of the stitch
and then you want to go into this little hole here
pull up a loop
and finish
the stitch
chain one
then slip stitch
into that beginning stitch
you'll do that
for every end of the round
okay I just got done with my
twenty five centimeters
or ten inches
and now I will show you how to
finish the hat
once you get to the end of your round
you want to go ahead and
start single crocheting
in each

so single in each stitch around
till you get back to the beginning
I'm going to move my marker here
marking the first single crochet
at the top

keep single crocheting and i'll see you back here in a minute
just got to the end of my row
and now for this next round
i want you to
go through
do a decrease stitch
and then do a single crochet
then do a decreased
and then do the single crochet
and continued to decrease
every other stitch
then single crochet
every other stitch
and I'll see you back here
okay I am at the end of my decrease round
now for the next two rounds
just single crochet
in each
stitch around
then after that
do another decrease round
so single crochet
all stitches around for two rounds
and i'll see you back here
I just finihed my two rows of single crochets
and again
you want to do a round of decreases

do one decrease stitch, one single crochet
and then after this
decrease row
do a row of
of single crochets
Okay just finished my decrease round and my round of single crochets
and I am going to do one more round
of single crochets
then I will show you how to
finish this hat
okay I have completed my last row
go into the next stitch and just
slip stitch, chain one
leave yourself a bit of tail
to sew

your hat shut at the top
thread your tapestry needle
what I do is
like you
make a pull string, I go in through one

then you go back through the next stitch
and again
then back through the stitch
then in to the next stitch
just going back and forth
I go through about four stitches, then pull the yarn up
If you made one of these hats I
i would love to see how my blog
I would love to see this stitch
done many colors
I did discover how to make a beanie

I haven't perfected it yet, as soon as I do I'll finish the pattern
and get a tutorial out to you
okay so here at the end I'm going to go ahead
pull my
okay now here
I'm at the end
I'm going to go ahead and
feed my hook
down through the middle
turn my hat inside out
finish pulling my needle through
then just pull to
tighten up the hat
then I just go from one side of the hole to the other
pull through until you have a little bit of the loop
put your needle
through it and pull it tight and it will create
a knot
do that about three times
just to make sure that my holes not going to open
i like to also
actually tie a few knots
into my hat
what I do is just pull
and just use this loop to
tie a knot or two
cut your yarn and work in your ends
and that's it that's how you make your
your butterfly slouch hat
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