Fire Commissioner Update 17 Jan 2013

Uploaded by cfavic on 16.01.2013

Thursday and Friday are hot days across Victoria. The hot day brings a number of challenges
for us to consider. One of those is about heat on us, heat on our own body's and how
we manage that. But also that heat around means that the power drops out. Local power
outages are quite regular to have due to heat, so think about that, what it means and also
think about fire.
We've got severe fire danger rating on Thursday across the western side of the state and central.
So that includes Hamilton, Horsham, Portland across to Melbourne up into central Victoria
with Castlemaine and Maryborough. They've got total fire bans which means that people
are restricted in the way that they operate in the environment, but also if we have fires
that start they could be uncontrollable very quickly and cause destruction and people need
to think about that issue.
The other one is the heat continues, so Thursday night will be hot in Melbourne and across
central Victoria, and if you live in north eastern Victoria you will see a very hot Friday
and a windy day. So, it's two days of heat, it will change a little bit across Victoria
and people need to be attuned. I think the key issue is where people get information.
Everyone's got a plan, they would have thought through what they're doing, what's best for
them, but just make sure we know where to get information to make really good decisions.
It's about supplementing what you are doing.
So, we have the Bushfire Information Line - the 1800 number - we've got the CFA website,
we've got the FireReady application, always listen to local radio, ABC radio, 3AW or the
local radio stations do a great job supporting fire. And it is really good informative information.
So, it's hot, people need to be attuned to that, and we need to get through Thursday
and Friday in what are really hot days.