UW-Stout's B.S. Degree in Computer Engineering

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>> The Computer Engineering program
at UW Stout provides a unique combination of computer science,
which is the software side, and electrical engineering,
which covers computer hardware.
This blend creates a program that provides students
with an excellent foundation for a variety of interesting
and high-paying computer engineering careers.
>> The unique thing
about computer engineering is it's a hybrid
between two programs, one is computer science,
and the other is a traditional electrical engineering program.
The types of careers that a student can expect
with this are broad and varied.
Students have the opportunity for internships or co-ops,
and we encourage that, and it's a wonderful opportunity
to get your foot in the door with a company.
And there's a broad range of companies
that have interest in our students.
Again, because of this dual nature of the hardware
and the software, they can go to work for companies such as 3M,
IBM, Rockwell International, Honeywell, Medtronics,
Guidant, Boston Scientific.
All of these sorts of companies are very interested in students
with that dual nature of the hardware and the software.
>> I recently obtained an internship
at Plexus Corporation in Neenah, Wisconsin.
The position is
for an electronic design automation
engineering internship.
>> Students actually come out not only graduating
with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering,
but actually they have an automatic minor,
computer science.
They have an automatic minor in mathematics.
And if they choose to take three extra courses,
they could have a third minor in biomedical instrumentation.
So in my mind, that's an awfully good bargain for you money.
>> I can expect to work on a BlackBerry if I want to.
I can expect to work on an airplane.
Maybe design artificial limbs
with the biomedical instrumentation minor.
Really, the sky is the limit,
and that's why I chose this program here at UW Stout.
>> The faculty teach all of the laboratories and all
of the classes, which is not found in many other schools.
>> My class sizes are between 10 and 15 students per class.
So we're really -- we really have a good one-on-one
connection with the faculty here.
I would tell somebody that was interested in electronics
and computers to strongly consider this program
at UW Stout.
I know I would like to be a part of designing the future,
and that's what I would tell somebody
if they were considering coming here.
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