Squirrel and Hedgehog episode 31 part 2 of 2

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The bastard you should shoot first is not Mulmangcho...
but him.
Go on, shoot him.
Yes!!! We're in the clear!
-There's no way he can shoot Dr. Mole! -No way!
-He'll have to out himself now! -Out himself, yay!
(Ah... what should I do?)
(So their real interrogation method is to make me...)
(Are they really trying to kill Dr. Mole?)
(No, they can't let Dr. Mole die after going through so much to capture him.)
(He must be a fake...)
(Good! This is my chance to pass this test and defeat Mulmangcho!)
Very well.
Pay attention, I will shoot and kill him right here.
It'll be the end for you, you fake Underground Data making traitor!
(Wait, wait. What does he mean?)
(If he dies, my mission will be a failure,
and my honorable contributions will be erased!)
(No! He can't die now!)
Get him!
(I have to bring Mole to Captain Wolf.)
Get in quick or you're dead!
Let me go you creeps! Don't kill Dr. Mole!
This bastard is a spy. Take him!
Let me go, I have to meet Captain Wolf!
Liaison, it is very unfortunate isn't it?
(Despicable bastard.)
Save it. I came here to rout out the spy who had infiltrated your base,
and you dare test me? Hm! I'm outta here!
(Hm, what a difficult bastard to work with.)
But Sir Liaison, that's why my Captain came out here.
Let's just try to move past this shall we?
There you go.
Here we are then.
Are you still mad?
Well I guess it's okay since we got the spy in the end.
Thank you for understanding.
So, what should we do with those two Flower Hill bastards?
Get rid of them, along with Dr. Mole.
Now I see thanks to the Liaison that the Dr. Mole Mulmangcho brought us must be a fake.
But what was their mission here? What were their orders?
Of course!
Then we've gotta get a confession from those bastards!
Would they confess that easily?
Nobody can handle my interrogation!
(I wonder if he's trying to test me again?)
I see now. I like you.
This must have been a hard time for you. Why don't you rest, Liaison?
Thank you sir.
What's that?
Hey! Our captain is driving like a psycho again!
Raise the barricade up! Hurry!
(Now that I've survived the interrogation, I'm in the clear.)
*There flowers blossom on a friendly hill
We won't let our guard down
If the fire cloud again comes along
I will block it with my sacrifice
Now even if I am far far away
The scent of my hometown
I will never ever forget even once
For our Hill!*
Bring it here! Hurry!
-What's going on? -Sir!...
There are signs that someone from Flower Hill has broken in!
(Can it be!? My comrades!?)
-Outta the way! -You want some of this punk!?
-Where are you going? -Well...
Captain told me to bring some fish to Dr. Mole because he is in bad shape after his interrogation.
No fair I want one!
Hey what's that!?
Why are the fish flying?
Looks like you caught flying fish!
You bastards stole all my fish!
I'm telling!
So long!
(Dr. Mole must be over there!)
Oh dear god! What does that mean we 'brought a fake Underground Data?'
It's the Liaison's trickery! Just you wait and see!
(If my comrades had broken in, why didn't they contact me?)
(Does that mean the whole thing is a trick?)
Flower Hill intruders!
(That's it! I've gotta use this chance to prove my 'loyalty' to them.)
-Let's get out of here! Quick!
-No! I need to meet the Captain and out the Liaison as the real spy!
Hurry up!
Sir! Let's take that car!
-Doctor, this way, hurry! -Oh my glasses!
It's too dark!
Wait, here they are!
(Ugh... what...?)
Captain's order to move Dr. Mole to another room!
Oh yeah? Move this!
What the...??
There's that bastard!
-Where's the car? -Over there.
(He can see fine without his glasses! He's a fake!)
Let's go, hurry!
If that bastard brings Dr. Mole to Flower Hill, we're all dead!
(I cannot let that happen!!)
Sir, there are intruders from Flower Hill in Dr. Mole's prison!
They are my special agents that I sent to test the Liaison.
Wha? Then what about Mulmangcho?
Mulmangcho's not the spy. If he was, he wouldn't have captured Dr. Mole in the first place.
But... Didn't Mulmangcho bring a fake Dr. Mole?
No, Dr. Mole is real.
I am more suspicious of the Liaison who insists that Mulmangcho is the spy.
Now that I think about it, the fake Underground Data Mulmangcho brought
must have been that Liaison bastard's trick. And that's why I'm testing him.
Wow, so you meant to make him feel safe, and then he'd show his true intentions.
Exactly! He is a slippery fish isn't he?
Hold on...
What? The Liaison? Dr. Mole?
Very well. Take it to the next level then!
The Liaison is finally revealing his identity.
Now when I reveal his identity, that White Weasel bastard will surrender to me!
Brilliant sir!
What a great plan sir!
He passed the checkpoint.
He's passed our location.
He's almost here. Take him alive.
What the hell? He got away!?
-How could this be?
-How strange...
Bring him to me with whatever it takes! Or else you're all...
Get in there!
Sir, I got Dr. Mole out because Flower Hill troops were attacking!
(What is this? Was I wrong?)
You are very brave indeed!
Ah! Captain! Please don't shoot, no!
Why did you kill him!?
He's was a fake.
See Liaison, I finally can trust you now. I've killed ten birds with one stone!
(Shit, fools.)
(I must kill him!)
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