2013 K2 Recoil Ski Review by Skis com

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Hi, welcome to Ski Talk brought to you by skis.com.
I'm Kevin. Today I'm joined by K2 representative Joe Herzog.
We're going to give you a quick rundown of the 50th Anniversary
Recoil. Joe, 50th Anniversary of the company. Big deal.
I think this ski is really the key model in that 50th Anniversary collection.
Yeah, the Recoil is a ski that comes out of our twin
collection of skis so it is designed to be used in an all-mountain, very versatile style
fashion. To put a retro early-70's style graphic
on here, the traditional red-white-and-blue graphic, gives it a real cool
package for sure. For sure. So obviously things have come a long way in the
last 50 years and rocker now, I mean, that's
the game changer. That's obviously present on most skis nowadays.
This particular ski, once again, because of its application uses a true
50/50 all-mountain style rocker blend on it.
And it's got a 90mm waist which is obviously a lot wider than skis in the 70's
and that really lends itself to be a true 50% all-mountain,
50% park ski. Right. At that waist width, you're comfortable for sure
in any type of all-mountain situation whether you're in-groomed or ungroomed situations
but it's not so wide that you can't comfortably use it in the park all day long and have really something
which is perfect for that. Nice. Big tech
update here is the Bi-Directional Taper. Yeah, we take
a specific application to this ski which because of the all-mountain versatility we're looking for
and give it this Bi-Directional Taper. What that's all about, quickly, is that it
gives you a little bit fatter tip, in other words a dedicated tip, even though it's a twin tip style
ski. So, it's a little bit narrower just a hair in the tail of the ski
but it works like at true twin when you're in an all-mountain situation,
you have a dedicated so it works comfortably that way. So, it lends itself to
riding switch very well too. Yeah. All right. And we've got twin tech sidewalls
here, right? Yep, we use the twin tech style construction on the sidewall
here that gives us, once again, extra little-level control that we're looking for
when we're in a park style setting. Nice. So, if you like to ski the whole mountain, like to ski some
park too and like the retro graphic of the 50th Anniversary.
Definitely check out the Recoil edition. I'm Kevin. This is Joe.
Thanks for joining us today on Ski Talk brought to you by skis.com.