Love, Your BF

Uploaded by earlybored on 04.02.2013

Hi my name is Chris, And this is my bestfriend Abby
You know whats bad?
I'm a witness of her falling in and out of love with other guys
Whats with that look?
Nothing, its just that, I'm just reminicing
Do you remember that tourist guy?
This is Ralph, the tourist guy that said he was goonna stay here for ABBY
Im sorry abby i got to go
Prove to me you can still love me
even when you are away
even when you are away
Prove to you? i don't even know if I'm still gonna love you when I'm away
i don't even know if I'm still gonna love you when I'm away
everything was just a fling okay?
I'm sorry
I'm glad he left, for every door that closes another one opens.
Yeah, and that door opened up for that guy
How do i know I'm the only girl?
Girl I've changed, you've changed me
And this is Landon
The guy that all the girls go for
How can i be so sure?
You're different from them,
Trust me on this one
You are definetely someone I can see myself with
I constantly want you in my life for reasons like
you make me smile and content about everything
Thanks for having me baby
I could do what we do all day
I promise next time
We'll have more fun
Go to sleep now
Go to sleep now
Goodnight baby
Yo so check it, you know that girl abby? (Abby: hello?)
I got with her (abby: hello baby?)
Easy, easy as pie, all you had to do is say the right things you know
I was like with her and i look her in the eye and I said
Listen girl, you're the type of person that i wanna spend the rest of my life with
Thank you for being mine, I can do what we do all day
You know something like that and it worked yo
Thats all you got to do
That's all you gotta say Shaun: you got them right there easy easy
Sucks on the same night I
I found out i was just one of his girls
Yeah! and you were also
Ken's one and only
That Ken
And Ken
I dont really know him but
Something's a little off about him
Ken Stop!
you're drunk
What do you mean drunk?
argh! we should be doing this
you're my girlfriend
Stop IT!
There's no point of doing that!
Come on nobody
Hey wait
Thank's for always being there for me
It's because
I love you
What a cliche right?
The guy that i've been looking for
Was with me the whole entire time
The guy that would never leave me
The guy that would make me his one and only
And the guy that would love me
for who I am
For who i am
without taking me for granted
on my weakest state
thanks for making me believe in love again
at first i was lost
but then you showed me the way
I love you too
They said that nice guys finish last
Yea, they do
but they finish the happiest
out of everybody
we get the right girl,
the girl that will love us
the girl that will stay with us
believe in yourself and
show that one person
that you truly love and care for them
might take some time but
It's worth it
trust me