Gran Turismo Veloce - European Tour Vlog - Episode 3

Uploaded by gtvelocevideos on 05.04.2012

Here we are! On the road!
We did it!
After a minor problem related to... let's say, colour...
Skip this part, please!
Anyway, we solved it, more or less.
We are saying goodbye to Grosseto,
but apparently, they don't give a shit!
He is William Toson of Garden Wall.
Our coming in Udine is blessed by this religious procession.
Let me say something straight.
Fission is a form of nuclear transmutation because the resulting fragments
are not the same element as the original atom. The products of nuclear fission, however, are on average
far more radioactive than the heavy elements.
I believe you. Thanks.
Our first breakfast... within a house.
A lady went out and she said: "Good morning, are you my new neighbours?"
Attention please!
Osterreich! That's official!
What the fuck!
We are now sitting on a nice lawn, among the mountains.
We drank a nice wine. A perfect fit.
And the delicious beef steak!
We lost almost an entire day in Palmanova,
waiting for a seamstress to mend my red overalls.
I and Flavio tried to find a cheese grater. To no avail.
We have Parmesan cheese, but we can't grate it.
We feel great. Hurray!
Gran Turismo Veloce say goodbye!
I don't want to say goodbye. You say it.
I say it. Goodbye. Flavio?