TG Separating Egg Whites, Separate Egg Whites; How to Separate Eggs

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bjbj Are we going? Ah. Finally. I do a lot of baking, bake a lot of desserts, and a lot
of the times when you have a dessert recipe, it calls for just the whites or just the yolks
of an egg. A lot of people don't know quite how to separate an egg. So I'm going to show
you how to do it. It's easiest if you use cold eggs. Now a lot of times, recipes will
call for room temperature eggs, so separate them first and then allow the components to
come to room temperature. All right, egg, fat [inaudible 00:00:38]. Give it a pop, right
like that. Flat surface, don't do it on the sides of a bowl, because the chances of getting
shell in your egg is a lot higher that way. So you just pry it apart where you've cracked
it, and pass it back and forth from the two halves, just like that. You see I've got three
bowls out here, and here's why. You want to check your eggs as you're working with them.
If I cracked this egg into the main body of eggs that I'm working with, there's a much
higher chance that if there's something wrong with the egg, you're going to contaminate
your whole batch. So it's easiest just to do it like this. Now, if for some reason this
isn't working for you, you can do it with your fingers, and I'll show you how. You just
transfer that, and transfer like that. See? Easy enough. Takes a little bit of practice,
but not much. Now here's the way you can do it if you're absolutely stuck. I don't like
doing this because personally I think the eggs feel rather blah when you touch them.
So I'm going to do it once, and that's it. It's a sacrifice. Okay, so we're cracking
the egg, we're getting rid of that. All right, your hands are super, super clean. You see,
egg whites will just go right through your fingers, and there you go. All right? So now
you've got your egg whites, which can be used in a variety of ways to add lift and volume,
or to make meringues. This, the egg yolks, which is full of great stuff like gluten,
this is going to add richness and thickening to things like custards, which we're going
to be back in a minute and I'm going to show you how to start making. [Content_Types].xml
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