Video Action League Presents: GetEQUAL Valentine's Day Marriage Equality Sit-In

Uploaded by VideoActionLeague on 14.02.2011

(Street noises)
My name's Lindsey Dietzler. I am the state lead for GetEqual Illinois; I'm also cofounder
of Video Action League and a member of Join The Impact Chicago, three out of the four
organizations that have planned this action today. The action was called by Marriage Equality
USA and GetEqual to draw attention to the lack of protections for LGBTQ couples in America.
Because of the Defense of Marriage Act, queer couples in the United States are unable to
get married, and until we have full federal equality, until we have full federal marriage
equality, we are second class citizens, and we are not leaving this marriage bureau until
we get a marriage license. Thank you.
Today we are asking for a marriage license for couple Judy and Danelle. Danelle is dressed
as Lady Justice, and we are going to be highlighting the inequality in this country by reading
the 1138 rights denied by DOMA.
LGBTQ couples are denied domestic violence protection orders
We are denied the protections of the Family and Medical Leave Act
We are denied 179 tax provisions that take marital status into account
We are denied the provisions of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
Queer couples are denied 270 provisions that apply to federal employees
We are denied 1,138 rights by the Defense of Marriage Act
All people, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, should be afforded
the same benefits and rights that are afforded to straight married couples.
Chanting: Hey hey, ho ho, homophobia's got to go! hey hey, ho ho, queerphobia's got to go
To me, the reason why it's important is the ridiculously long list of eleven hundred rights
that are denied to us simply for being deemed as sexual deviants.
Protesters chanting: D-O-M-A, Discrimination's not OK!
Heckler chanting over them: Je-SUS! Je-SUS! Je-SUS!
Civil unions were created as a substitute for the queer community for marriage is absolutely
ridiculous. Nobody should be treated as a second class citizen.
Chanting: Show me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!
I'm participating in this action today because I feel like nonviolent civil disobedience
is the next phase of this movement in terms of activism. I think it's the most effective
way to effect change and move towards our ultimate goal, which is full federal equality.
Chanting: What do we want? A marriage license! When do we want it? NOW!
The system is flawed, and it's flawed enough for us to break away from it in an attempt
to fix it.
Chanting: Ain't no power like the power of the people
'cuz the power of the people don't stop! (Say what?)
Ain't no power like the power of the people 'cuz the power of the people don't stop!
Chanting: One one three eight, equal rights in every state
The six protesters were arrested by the Chicago Police Department and taken
downtown to be processed.
They are most likely being charged with trespassing and will be released by tomorrow morning.
For updates on this case, look up @JTIChicago on Twitter. has an explanation of why civil unions are not enough and full
federal marriage equality is needed.
Check out for more videos like this one.
All the groups have Facebook pages as well, which are a great way to get
involved in future actions.
Chanting: Queer families are under attack, what do we do? Stand up fight back!
(laughing and singing) let us marry, let us marry!