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The World at 8 Number one in Nationalist News
Highlights of the news today Monday the 19th of March.
Tensions mounting in Argentina on anniversary of Falklands war
Journalists set free in Libya Government set to use Royal Mail pension money
to offset credit rating downgrade Possible privatisation of main roads in the
UK Swiss coach crash could have been caused by
teacher distracting the driver Spanish debt the highest in 20 years
Street wars in Damascus American teacher killed in Yemen
Thought for the Day – Animal welfare & Nationalism
UK NEWS The anniversary of the Falkland Islands is
being put in place with tensions mounting on both sides. The Argentine President has
gone running to the United States with allegations that Britain has sent a submarine carrying
nuclear weapons to the Falklands. Argentine 'Whinger' Cristina Kirschner is showing interest
in the Islands now that oil and gas have been discovered in the region. Another Left wing
anti British celebrity is already trying to put their oar in - forgotten 80’s singer
Morrissey. Apparently Morrissey said at a concert, ''the Islands belong to you!'' at
a gig in Argentina.. One person added, Morrissey is forgotten in Britain and was only a success
because of Left Wing students buying his records. At a gig last year in Britain, Morrissey walked
off stage after being hit full on in the head with a bottle of water.
The journalists who were held in Libya and who were accused of spying have been set free.
Gareth Montgomery Johnson and Nicholas Davies have been held by militant forces since last
month. The Foreign Office has said that it is pleased with the outcome. It is not known
what brought forth their release.
The government is to use a £28 billion windfall into paying off the national debt by taking
over the Royal Mail Pension scheme. This move is primarily to calm fears of the international
credit agencies after some of which placed the UK on a ‘negative watch’ this month.
Our triple ‘A’ status is in danger and George Osborne has been under pressure from
the Tories to use this vast amount of money to fund tax breaks for businesses to stimulate
growth. The proposed use of this money will not impress the Communication Workers Union
which has warned the government of ‘asset stripping’ the fund which has liabilities
of £35 billion in the future. The government is taking on the scheme because
it was decided Royal Mail could no longer afford the liabilities and its removal made
it easier to privatise the company. This move which could happen as early as next month
is making the CWU angry, as they are of course opposed to the privatization of the Royal
Along slightly different lines, Sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and private investors
could take control of the UK’s main roads. These plans could be announced in a pre budget
speech by David Cameron on Monday. It is stated that he will say that ‘we will need to look
into ways of getting large scale private investment into the national roads network, road tolls
are amongst some other options’. Apparently there is a huge input of private money in
our roads already and Cameron feels we should not rely on the public sector in the future
at all. The AA feels this move will pave the way for more toll booths on our roads in the
EURO NEWS The cause of the deaths of 22 children on
a coach in Switzerland may have been caused by a teacher on the coach distracting the
driver by asking him to put a DVD video into the coach’s video player for the passengers
to watch. Some of the children had reported on social networking sites that they had had
a great time skiing on the trip just before the fatal crash.
- The public debt in Spain has been recorded
as the highest in over 20 years. The financially troubled Spanish have had to close 24 State
companies. Reports say that Spain is starting to fall the same way that Greece has. Spanish
agriculture is also reportedly taken a set back with the driest winter season for more
than 70 years. O Bring back Franco, all is forgiven.
WORLD NEWS A shoot-out has been taking place in the Syrian
Capital of Damascus. The fighting has started between Government forces and the Syrian rebels
in the Al-Mezze district. A full casualty report ihas yet to come out. The Syrian authorities
have put down a speech march in the capital at the weekend for fears of more fighting.
A commander of the Taliban has spoken out of his doubt that the 16 Afghani civilians
were killed by one American soldier alone. This incident that took place recently has
angered the region when a rumour of the suspect involved in the shootings had been airlifted
out of Afghanistan. He has been identified as Staff Serjeant Robert Bales, 38. Bales
enlisted after 9/11 and served 3 tours in Iraq before being deployed to Afghanistan.
He sustained brain injuries in Iraq and during his second deployment there had a portion
of his foot removed. Just before the massacre, he had seen a comrade’s leg blown off. The
Taliban are obviously trying to make this an ‘American Massacre’ but Bales quite
clearly was not fit for duty. Of course we might never know what caused this poor man
to perpetrate such an act.
An American teacher who was working in a school in Yemen has been killed. Security and secret
service personnel are linking the murder with an Al Qaeda based militant group from Yemen.
The city of Taiz was the scene of the killing.
Thought for the Day. – Animal Welfare Well I bet you are all thinking, ‘animal
welfare’ what does that have to do with Nationalism? Well quite a lot really. We have
policies in place to protect the domestic and farm animals in our country. I myself
brought forward the anti ritual slaughter motion at our Conference 4 years ago and it
was passed unanimously. We also have policies in place for the husbandry and breeding of
endangered species of farm animals, we are not only going to care for our fellow countrymen
but also the animal population as well. I myself am an animal fanatic, if it flies,
swims, crawls, slithers or merely staggers I am there! Even what are called creepy crawlies
are fascinating to me, although earwigs do have me running to the hills but I always
avoid killing even flies. Of course my first loves are the felines, but I digress. You
may well say I have failed with my own species and therefore have taken on another or many
species! You could well be right! One of the most distressing articles over
the weekend was the fact that owing to the financial crisis in Greece, they are being
even crueler to their dogs than usual. If you have ever been to Greece you will have
no doubt turned your eyes away from the starving kittens and dogs in earlier years but now
they are hanging dogs from trees and leaving them chained up to starve – this is being
put down to the financial situation out there, but that it is not totally true. The Greeks
have never been ‘animal minded’ and indeed not many natives of southern Europe or the
Mediterranean are. In these countries human life is fairly cheap so of course it follows
that animal’s fare even worse.
As to the Middle East and Far East well words fail me, life is very cheap and it follows
on. I have lived in the Far East and visited the Middle East many times and been lost for
words as to how these people treat their working animals. In the Middle East of course which
is mainly Muslim, dogs are unclean and are treated as such. In China before their Olympics,
police went around beating to death all dogs – whether owned or not – because they
were over a certain size and wait for it, ‘they would interfere with the views the
tourists and competitors would get of the city of Beijing! In Egypt the last time I
went, we refused to use certain horse drawn carriages in Luxor.because the poor beasts
could hardly walk. Donkeys are loaded to a ridiculous degree and the owners wail when
they collapse – look after your animals morons and they will look after you!
In France people still eat frog’s legs, which are obtained in Morocco by Arabs cutting
off the legs of live frogs and leaving the rest of the body still living on a heap. Snakes
are still skinned alive in Thailand and South America to obtain snakeskin wallets, shoes
and bags. Fish are still eaten carved up alive in Japan as indeed are the partially burned
alive shrimp called Modori, which means ‘dancing shrimp’, well I would do a little dance
if I was burned alive and eaten I think wouldn’t you? Cats and dogs are brutally beaten to
death in China for their flesh and the fur that goes on the cheap clothes in our shops.
Tiger and bear farms for the stupidest who actually still believe in magic medicine and
endless greed. The list is timeless and grim. As for Shark fin soup do not get me on that
But these countries have their own culture and although I find it reprehensible and disgusting
– they are in their own country and all one could do is try to find a way of helping
these people and their animals which many hard pressed charities do.
What about our own country? Dog fighting is on the increase, as is badger baiting. Soon
with so many people from the Pakistani sub continent we will have bear baiting no doubt
on a Saturday night! We have always had our idiots keeping large dogs for fights but now
that has increased with the input from the African continent. Bush meat into this country
is on the increase and the methods of obtaining that are not fit for your ears, it also widens
the risk for diseases coming into the UK, foot and mouth being one of them.
When you accept different cultures into your country or indeed even if you don’t, you
have to ‘accept’ their habits and views on animals in general – which I my friends
do not. We have our own idiots who cage large dogs in their homes, never take them for walks
or indeed feed them and then bleat long and loud if the poor beasts take a bite out of
the nearest human being they find, usually some poor child. The dog is then thankfully
for it, put out of its misery but what about the owners? It is the owners who should be
made to have licenses and not for the dogs. Most of these people are unfit to have animals
or children; they are either pig ignorant or just wicked. Actually I do not like the
term ‘pig ignorant’, pigs are highly intelligent animals and even now we are shipping them
out to China to breed and eat.
In fact due to the terrible financial position most of our farmers are in, many of our own
animals are shipped live to slaughter – mainly the Middle East for Halal killing. The British
National Party would stop this immediately and pay the farmers the right subsidies for
their work, so they would not have to do this. Our horses are shipped out alive to the continent
with monotonous regularity and it isn’t for riding! Due to the EU and its disastrous
policies on fish, dead fish are thrown back into the sea from which they should not have
been fished out of in the first place, due to ‘quotas’.!
A country is judged by the way it looks after the weakest members of its society, the elderly,
the infirm, the challenged, its children and its animals! The British National Party would
look after all of these, plus the farmers and the fisherman. We need to protect our
animals in our country and make sure we do not take on third world attitudes along with
the people we have to take in. It is inherent in our culture that we value animals, both
for companionship and work. We are mostly meat eaters so therefore it is primary in
our manifesto that we look after farmers and the way our animals are bred, kept, shipped
and slaughtered. The British way is the only way in Britain!
And finally Lancashire dogs beware! Dogs in the county
of Lancashire who are allowed to foul pavements, public footpaths and parks may find the law
right behind them and a chemistry set. Dog foul DNA testing is on the way! Any dog mess
found will have its DNA tested and kept for evidence to prosecute its owner. The move
is by officials in Lancashire who have had enough of dog fouling in their county. So
I will presume they will need to keep up ownership records as well – should be fun!
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You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.