VistoBueno #1: Haz 2 vestidos y 1 top con la camisa de tu novio

Uploaded by estoesplanetaurbe on 16.03.2012

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Hi there! My name is Maiah and this is VistoBueno!
It hasn't happened to you that
you went out with your boyfriend saturday night
and you woke up on sunday morning at his place and he had planed to go out with you
and you don't have anything to wear?
What do I wear???
This happened to me and what I did was run to his closet
and grab one of his shirts with which we'll learn how to make
two dresses and a top.
You only need a boy's shirt.
Ssshhh! Don't tell him.
(You can also buy it)
1: OK, this is what we're going to do
For the first dress, put on the shirt in a regular way
and leave the first two upper buttons loose
Pull out the sleeves and turn around the shirt
leaving the shirt's neck part on the front.
Then, put the sleeves behind you
and tighten them up a little bit so you get some waist.
And at the front you make a bow
We're going to play with the cuff and make it look like a bow
2: For the second dress let's start from the first position
We've already pulled out the sleeves and loosed the first two upper buttons
but this time the buttons zone goes on our front
Let's adjust our waist by making a bow with the sleeves
smoothing any little wrinkle to look nice and soft, with harmony
With the rest of the sleeves let's make a bow
3: Our third option is a top
No matter it might look a little bit complicated, it isn't
This time we're going to use the shirt upside down
with the shirt's neck at our waist
And let's fix our waist with the shirt's sleeves
Passing them by the front to then tied them up from behind
The lower part of our shirt, which is now up,
we're going to roll it up and adjust it behind our neck
Don't forget to fix any detail on the front and you're ready!
I confess that I'm going to keep stealing shirts from my boyfriend
because this little dress is a super cute one and isn't expensive
I just need to check his closet out
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