Tomorrow - Teaser (2013)

Uploaded by ieurope on 30.12.2012

I've been living on the streets all my life.
I'm thankful i was given another chance. Meny people weren't that lucky.
Why are you doing this to me?
It just happened. Before I realized I was committing a sin, it was too late.
I wanted to get closer to Him again.
If you asked me to give you an advice, the most useful advice I could ever give...
I would tell you...
What are your dreams?
...don't listen to them!
Oh my God!
Get the fuck out!
-Why are you doing this? -Because I have to! That's why.
You've always had talent, and you always will.
I believe there is talent in being who you are.
Have I ever mistreated you?
Everybody wants to be an actor nowadays, Sanja.
You've been running all your life. You are just like your mother!