Ace Of Spades DVD - Extra - Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll Part 2

Uploaded by MotorheadBander on 20.07.2010

So l've gone back to me room, tooted all me toot, had a quick joint,
and l've gone down to the lobby
and the police came in,
l said, ''l'll show you where.'' So we're in the lift,
l'm shaking like a leaf. l'm toast.
l've had too much pump and l've just done a gig.
They said, ''You're shaking a lot.''
This is the cops and l'm fucking shitting it.
American cops, you've heard all these stories, and we hadn't met many.
l said, ''l've just done a gig, l'm a bit freaked out.''
So l took them up and showed them to Phil's room.
They still wouldn't let me in.
Apparently, Phil was having convulsions cos he was so ill.
He was having fits. They thought he was gonna die.
The paramedics came up. They thought he might not make it.
That's why they wouldn't let me in the room,
they didn't want me freaking out.
He's come close a couple of times.
There was a lot of drugs and drink going on.
The drink mainly, a lot of drinking. l didn't drink when l joined Motorhead.
l was a hippy, l'd smoke dope, toot coke, but not drink.
Anything that was a downer, l didn't like.
But with all this speed we were taking, we had no money for dope.
l'd be up for three days like a shaking wreck
and that's when l discovered that a Special Brew would take the edge off.
There was a funny story.
One of the early rehearsals, l think our second rehearsal,
this little room, much smaller than this...
lt was about ten by eight. lt was all full of carpets.
lt was in the heat wave of '76, so it was toast down there.
A couple of Hell's Angels came to see us, Tramp and someone else.
And they came in. l didn't know any Hell's Angels at that time.
They came in and had a chat, nice guys.
They said, ''We're off to the off license now.''
So Phil and Lemmy said, ''l'll have a Special Brew,''
and l said, ''l'll have a Coke,''
which went down like a cup of cold sick.
l'm thinking, ''What did l say that for?''
l knew Eddie Clark before Motorhead happened.
He and l were hanging out with a bunch of...
without going into details, very dubious characters.
We arrived one day in Cornwall,
at a place that had once been a sawmill.
l think it's a recording studio now. lt was being converted.
lt was in a weird Cornish granite V-shaped gorge
with buildings on one side and one of them had a flat roof.
l'd woken up from where l'd fallen the night before
and was stumbling around
wondering if there was any possibility of breakfast
without walking two miles to the village.
Eddie has dragged out a 100-watt Marshall,
a four by twelve, onto the flat roof of one of the buildings,
and he's playing, kind of...
a quasi-Hendrix solo directly at the cliff face opposite
and it's coming back at him, and l thought...
''Pity that boy isn't in a band,
''because there is a guitar player with a sense of stature, if nothing else.''
l forgot about it, then two years later,
Lemmy introduces Eddie, his new guitar player,
and l'm going, ''l know you.'' He goes, ''l know you.''
''You were the one playing at the cliff.''
lt always stuck in my memory.
This beautiful noise of a Fender hitting granite
and then coming back at you.
lt even cut through the hangover. lt was gorgeous, a gorgeous image.
He carried that through into...
You know, a guitar player is supposed to be larger than...
From Hank Marvin on, he's supposed to be larger than they really are.
l think Eddie really cut it.
Motorhead's after-show parties weren't known for their antics
because Motorhead full stop were known for their antics.
So it wasn't, ''Let's have a party and go mad,''
it's like, ''We are Motorhead, of course we're gonna go mad.''
And they were all-drinking, all-snorting, all-fighting, all-shagging.
They were like rock Olympians in those stakes.
l think that they really, when Motorhead were on the road,
it really was a lock-up-your-daughters atmosphere.
Broke my ear off once. We were playing in the Russian Steppes.
That was during A Man Called Horse.
50 below zero.
l foolishly was doing that, and it came off in my hand.
- You had to stitch it back on for me. - l know. Superglue.
That's where you used your Swiss Army knife for the first time.
No, that was Eddie, when l cut the tip of his nose off when it went blue.
Yeah, that was good. Bluenose.
Bluenose. Phil gave him one of them and the tip of his nose went blue.
l didn't really mean to do that.
l saw somebody do it to somebody else
and l thought, ''That's good.'' But l didn't have anybody to practice on.
So l went to Eddie... We were having a minor argument, l think.
l grabbed his nose and twisted it.
- lt was in the Princess Alex. - lt went blue immediately.
- He was ever so annoyed. - l know.
''Eddie's got a blue nose.''
He wouldn't go out for ages. He hated me.
He hated everybody. But especially he hated his blue nose.
lt was so blue.
l actually went with a sex change once.
l thought, ''lf he's got the guts to have his dick cut off, l've got the guts to fuck him.''
That's real commitment, having your knob cut off.
What time to do you get up?
Very often l'm not in bed. l don't go to bed.
- Really? - You don't go to bed?
As you get older, you need less sleep.
Plus the fact l take a lot of drugs.
What's the longest you've stayed up?
Two weeks once. Without a blink.
But that was on methamphetamine hydrochloride, the liquid.
- That's impressive. - Back in '70, l think.
l felt fine. And all the time, in the two weeks l had two individual fruit pies
and two raspberry yogurts. That's it.
l went down The Speak, this is at the end of the two weeks, and l felt all right.
My friend Lou was there, and l said, ''Hi, how you doing?''
She went, ''Aah!''
l said, ''What?'' She said, ''You just went, 'Nnnneeurgghh'.''