The Essentials of Ocean Avenue MLM with Ken Dunn

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Thanks for joining Barbara Christensen and Ken Dunn to learn about Ocean Avenue - learn more by visiting the Ambassador that sent you this video to view.
All while earning anywhere from a part time income, to a full time retirement income - I'm going to show you have you can do this from the comfort of your own home using our simple, proven easy to understand system.
I'm certain you can attain your life goals quickly and easily and I promise you never have to be a push sales person.
I got involved in this concept over a decade ago and it's been the single best business decision I've ever made. Prior to starting in this business I had a very successful policing career. except for the fact that I was flat broke and vacations, a dream!
I also ran my own business with 16 employees, did millions of dollars a year in revenue, I was doing well but I wasn't happy. See even though I owned the business, the business really owned me.
I was stuck in an office 60 - 70 hours a week and I realized that if I didn't make a change soon I was going to miss my kids growing up.
Because I said yes to what you are about to see my wife and I are both stay at home parents. We've moved into a nice big beautiful home, we get to drive the cars that we choose.
Our kids get to follow any dreams that come to their mind. They've already been on vacations several times a year in over 9 countries and they are only 9 and 11.
Because of this business I've taken Julie to Paris for Valentine's Day, I've taken our family on 3 - 4 vacations every single year. We've been to places like Cancun, Puerto Rico, Puerto Vallarta
And half a dozen cruises! We've been to the Dominican Republic, Europe, Australia and Asia; and we've even done private catamaran trips to the British Virgin Islands not to mention all the jetsetting in North America.
So I have a question for you... how would you like to 3 - 4 all inclusive family vacations a year? Every year for the rest of your life?
Where would you go? It's all possible with Ocean Avenue by simply sharing this video with others.
Just a short time ago my friend, Fred Ninow, and I were introduced to an amazing scientist from British Columbia, Franco Cavaleri. He's dedicated his life to health and fitness.
His story is amazing. He's a professor at the University of British Columbia, competed at the highest levels of body building become Mr. North America.
Franco has even overcome a very serious disease. He's created many amazing natural supplements and he asked us to help him take these products and his incredible story to the world.
When we heard his story, and researched the products, we agreed that we were going to make this business a success. And we had all avenues pointing at direct sales.
It had to be Network Marketing. We took the advice that Warren Buffet and Donald Trump freely gave. They both said if they ever had to start over again, they would go into direct selling first.
Also known as Network Marketing,iit uses the power of word of mouth advertising to promote and sell products.
So why would two Billionaire's recommend Network Marketing?
It's simple, at Ocean Avenue we've decided to redirect the money that companies traditionally spend on marketing and sales people, and put that into an opportunity for you to own your own business and get paid overrides or royalties..
Professor Cavaleri created the WAV System of products. The are designed to help people alleviate some of the most common health issues plaguing the modern world.
Whether it's the battle of the bulge, sports injuries, age related issues including chronic inflammation, Ocean Avenue products will help you improve your health in many different ways.
The WAV System is comprised of 5 amazing products. WheyBeyond is a whey protein based product that works in your body to rejuvenate every cell. As you get older your cells break down causing many of the health issues we face every day.
Simply drink WheyBeyond once a day and feel the difference.
Empwer is a daily use supplement designed to reduce inflammation. Whether it's a serious disease, a sports injury, stress, fatigue or many other health issues, they are all related to inflammation.
Using Empower daily changes the game!
Ocean WheySmart is an incredible smoothie mix made with berries, greens, whey and fiber to create delicious alternatives to replace some of the low quality foods that's hit most common diets.
Invigorate is a daily use supplement that will increase metabolism, and decrease stress. It's a great daily aid to losing weight or dealing with stress.
Focus Energy is 6 hours of energy on demand. This is the worlds first direct-to-mouth powder energy product. Use it whenever you need that pick-me-up. Focus is natural and powerful.
WAV means "with added value". It's all about synergies, no matter what your health goal is, when you use our products together you'll see results magnified.
Our Trim Pack (part of the Trim60 Program) is the ultimate weight management system. Together WheySmart and Invigorate will help you attain any of your health goals. When you buy our Trim Pack you'll enjoy an added discount on the products.
The Life Pack (part of the Life60 Program) is designed for all of your anti-aging goals. WheyBeyond and Empower together acts like a pair of super hero's winning the battle against inflammation and slowing down the aging process.
Okay, let me switch gears for a second. I want to tell you how you can get our products EVERY single month, for free! It's our incredible 3 X FREE program.
Our goal is to give away millions of dollars worth of our products every single month. The program is simple. Do you know anybody that could use our products? Of course you do.
Well if you refer 2 people, and they become customers and if their total purchase is 3 times more than your monthly order then your products are free! Now it could be 2 referrals or 4 referrals or 6, It doesn't matter.
With this program we are going to give away $1,000's of product every single month. Now you are probably asking yourself what does these WAV products have to do with Free Family Vacations.
Let me introduce you to the Ocean Avenue Vacation Club. When we started this company we set our sights on competing with the largest supplement industries worldwide.
Some of these giants post sales in the tens of billions of dollars. If you are going to compete with any of these giants, then you have to do what they are doing. When we were studying the Fortune 500 companies they had 1 thing in common.
They were all using Affinity programs to keep customers buying their products. They gave points that were redeemable for gifts and rewards through their affinity companies.
We've brought that concept to the wellness industry with our Vacation Club. At Ocean Avenue you accumulate points for everything you do. As a customer you receive points for buying the products, referring people, getting your products for free, etc.
As an Ambassasor while you are building your retirement income you can accumulate points for all of these activities. In your password protected e-commerce site you can redeem your points for dozens of different vacation options.
As a customer you can use your points for family outings, theme park passes, cruises, and even clothing and accessories you are going to need on your vacation trip.
As an added bonus we randomly select one of our loyal customers to receive a free all inclusive family vacation for 4 every single month.
As an ambassador you can use your points for our marquee trips, we call it Ovation ( This is a 4 night, 5 day group trip to one of the greatest beaches in the world.
If you are the partying type, our Jettsetter club is for you! 3 days, 2 nights of luxury at the greatest party cities in the world. When you reach Pearl Ambassador, you get to use our Vacation Club concierge to design your dream trips.
Simply call the concierge and describe your next vacation and they'll calculate the points you need and upload a picture of your trip right into your e-commerce center.
We have fantastic cutting edge health products coupled with an amazing vacation rewards plan. What else do you want?
Okay let's talk about earning some extra money. Whether your goal is to earn an extra $500 or $1,000 a month, or create an entire retirement income, Ocean Avenue is the answer.
Now we know we have products that everybody wants, it's said that more than 50% of people are baby boomers and getting older. That demographic of people is spending more money, and chasing the fountain of youth.
So if more people than ever before are buying anti-aging supplements, now Trillions of dollars a year are being spent on them, why not take advantage of it.
It's called the Wellness Revolution. And Ocean Avenue is ideally positioned in it. The wellness industry is a mammoth industry, and you can create a whole new level of fun, fitness and freedom by buying your own beach from property here on Ocean Avenue.
Ocean Avenue has created an incredible and duplicatable business model that you are experiencing right now. You can start your own e-commerce business with OA for just $49.00.
For $49 you get your own online store, complete training system, it's a viral micro franchise. It's a powerful 3 step system. Step 1: Sign up. Step 2: Refer your friends to watch this video. Step 3. Refer them to your website.
After your business starts you are going to need some products. We have 3 packages that are designed to help you with your business. The Ambassador pack is enough product for you and your family to get started on.
If you buy the Ambassador Pack you are going to receive some additional commissions on your customers.
The Gold Pack is designed for the Ambassador that is looking to create supplemental income and enjoy 3 - 4 family vacations per year. We've got a little Good, Better and Best philosophy with our initial packages
The best way to get started is with the Pearl Package. You get over $1750 worth of products, You also qualify to earn 15% - 20% more commissions right from day 1.
Now your ready to make some serious money. I want to show you how you can earn $3,779.00 + a free vacation valued at over $3000 in your first 2 months in the becoming a Gold surfer and helping two people to do the same.
Becoming a Gold Surfer is really simple. Step 1 is Get Started. Step 2, Help 4 friends to get started. Step 3. Create an organization or group of friends that creates over $6000 in sales per month
In our Ocean's 11 Compensation we're going to show you how you can build two teams.Think of them as your left sales team and your right sales team.
You start off by buying one of our business builder packs. Then you get 4 friends to do the same. It's really simple. Just show your friends this video and let the system do the rest.
You are going to place 2 of your friends on the left sales team, and 2 of your friends on the right sales team. Now you help your four friends to do the same. Remember to tell them to let the tools do the talking.
When you friends purchases, and their friends purchases add up to $6,000 (we call it TQV - total qualifying volume) Then you are on your way to long term residual income.
If you do this in your first month, You're a Gold Surfer! You'll earn $1379 in your first month. Now your business is completely profitable. For becoming a gold surfer you are also going to get 6,000 additional vacation points in our vacation club.
Now you have 12,000 points (the 6,000 you earned and 6,000 bonus) and are already on your way to your first paid for vacation!
To put this into perspective, our jettsetter trips are only 30,000 points and our Ovation 40,000. So with 12,000 points in your first month you are a 1/4 of the way to your first free trip.
Now surfing to Pearl is easy. In your second month all you have to do is help two of your friends become Gold Surfers and you're a Pearl. If you do this in your second month you're going to earn $2400 in income.
And receive ANOTHER 6,000 bonus vacation points, if you add that to your first month, you're going to earn a total of 18,000 in your second month and if you add them together you are going to have your first free Jetsetter vacation.
That's right, that's over $3700 and a free vacation in just two months!
Now if you really want to explode your business you can jump on the fast track. Start with a Pearl Pack, get 4 friends to buy a Pearl Pack, and help them to get one more. You're a Gold Surfer.
Month two just help two of your friends to become Gold Surfers and now creating retirement income is simple.
Teach the Surf To Pearl program to your friends, "who do you know who would like free vacations?" "needs our products" or "wants to make more money"? This describes most people.
Use our 3 Step System, refer your friends to this video, and let the system do the selling.
On average an Ambassador that is 3 X FREE qualified generates about $390 in revenue for the company. Let me show you how you use these systems to make multiplication take off from here.
It's all about the power of 4. When you get four friends and they do the same thing, multiplication takes affect. 4 becomes 16. Then 64. That gives you a group of 84 people, and a monthly passive income of $3400.
84 turns into 340 when those guys all introduce four. And that gives you over $9500 month in income. When 340 get people and so on 1364 Ambassadors is the result..
And, $31000 a month in life changing income. As 1364 become 21844 with just one more level the business becomes a complete walk away income.
The income opportunity is a life changer. And our Vacation Club is designed to let you take 3 - 4 family vacations a year for the rest of your life. We know that over 90% of the people that have taken a free vacation with a company stay forever.
And stay on the products. This means a sustainable, long term income for you.
Now the most that you'll pay to enter this company is $1479. In my last business I invested millions of dollars and didn't come close to the profits that you can enjoy today with this opportunity.
You just can't start a business for so little and have the amazing opportunity that Ocean Avenue offers.
Now let me ask you a very serious question...If all this did was allow you to take an extra 3 vacations a year for the rest of your life, giving you all of those precious memories with your family,
Would it be worth it?
If all this did was allow you to earn an additional $500 - $1000 a month in passive income, wouldn't it be worth it?
If all this did was allow you to create a true residual income and enabled you to become debt free, to start having fun again, while increasing your levels of fitness and enjoying a new found freedom... wouldn't it be worth it?
There are certainly no guarantees of income here, what you get out of it is directly related to what you put into it. You may only make a consistent small about of money and just enjoy the free vacations for the rest of you life.
Or, you may end up like many of our leaders, who are earning more money than they ever dreamed possible. They're taking free vacations several times a year.
I think you'll never know unless you get started. So your risk is not that $1400, your risk is watching Ocean Avenue become a household name over the next 5 -10 years and knowing you had an opportunity that you missed out on because you hesitated.
So here's the choice, you can have a lot more of this in your life.
Or a lot more of this in your in your life.
This can be your retirement
Or this can be your retirement.
You can spend your days here..
Or you can spend your days here.
You can get this at the end of working
Or you can get this at the end of working.
These can be your golden years...
Or these can be your golden years
You can feel like this...
Or you can feel like this. If you are serious about making your life the most it can be possible, if you're serious about having more fun, making more money, traveling a lot more just follow our simple 3 steps system for success
1) Get back to the person that invited you to this video and let them know you want to get started.
2) Get on the products. Get ready for your first vacation and start sharing them with others.
By using presentation tools like this video, you'll never have to be in a sales presentation, you're never going to have to be that pushy sales person, you're never going to have to plead with anyone to buy your products, and
3) Plug into our ongoing training and support system to build a global business, you're going to be in business for yourself, but definitely not by yourself.
Thanks again for taking time to watch this video and I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting or on our upcoming dream vacations. Come join us on the beaches of the world.