Brazil loves Korea... and so do I. Congrats on the 50 years immigration. "I love Korea because..."

Uploaded by tikoloko on 17.05.2012

My name is Tiago and I'm from Brazil
I'm here to explain you the reasons why I love Korea
There are many many reasons why I love Korea
Well... 50 yeas ago, the 1st Korean immigrants came to Brazil in order to have a better life
Fortunately, this better life can be found in both countries nowadays
From that day up to now, Brazil and South Korea established a productive relationship
with lots of benefits to Koreans and Brazilians.
We can say for instance, the great Korean companies that provide jobs for thousands of brazilians
For example, Hyundai in Piracicaba.
And thanks to economic and technologic growth
people from all around the world can buy korean televisions,
smartphones, cellphones, and EVEN CARS
That's why I love Korea!
Its culture is amazing... It's awesome.
Would you tell me for example another handwriting system you can learn within few hours?
But if even so, you're not interested in learning the Korean language,
you can talk to them in English!
Because thanks to a great education system, English is widely understood in
Big cities, small cities, and Even in the villages.
After Hiking, riding bikes through the parks and talking to great people
you can try their TASTY food: Sweet and Sour, it's your choice!
If you are into the nightlife, Korea awaits you:
Great parties and night clubs take place everywhere!!!!!
And talking about music, I cannot avoid talking about K-pop!
I could talk hours, but all I can say is:
Be aware of K-pop: it may be addictive, and once you listen to it, you're under its power.
My favorite groups are: 2NE1, 4Minute, Girls Generation, Big Bang, Sistar
and many many others... REALLY!
And now it's the QUIZ Time.
Do you know why South Korea is not listed in the 7 Wonders of the World?
Because it would be unfair to other countries to compete with the
peace and beauty of JEJU Island
And the architecture of SEOUL.
It would be unfair... OK? Do you Agree?