Essentia - Natural Memory Foam Mattresses

Uploaded by essentiaworld on 13.10.2010

Remember when life was a little cleaner, simpler. Tap water tasted fine. The air was clean.
Food was real food. Products lasted a lifetime.
Things have changed, including Mattresses.
Today, they’re filled with some pretty unhealthy stuff, made from toxic foams, layered together
with glues, covered in synthetic fabrics and treated with harsh chemicals. All these chemicals
offgass and we breathe them in night after night.
Jack, the founder of Essentia, only really found this out when a family member was diagnosed
with Cancer. The doctors explained that it’s the toxins around that make us sick.
This is why he spent 3 years developing a memory foam and mattress using natural ingredients,
eliminating all toxic chemicals.
It's the world’s first and only natural memory foam mattress.
Today his mattresses deliver a level of comfort and performance never before seen in a mattress.
They’re biodegradable, healthy for you and your family and will likely last Essentia
owners over 25 years; probably outlasting any other important purchase.
Comfort, Quality & Health without Compromise.
That’s the Essentia Difference.
Welcome to the World of Essentia.