Yoo Hyun Min - Mission Impossible Card

Uploaded by JingYuTW on 25.08.2011

Korea's most favorite rookie, now in the house!
Number one card magician in Korea's young generation.
On my way here, my teacher gave me a mission.
(Host) Please focus from the beginning to the end.
The mission is in the envelop.
(Host) His teacher gave him a mission.
Let's see the inside.
One letter, and another envelop.
In this envelop,
it's some advice, in case there's accident.
(Host) Please try to remember every detail.
I want to see what mission my teacher gave me today.
(Host) Mission from his teacher, what is it?
This is today's mission.
(Host) can't read a word...
It's in Korean.
Let me read for you.
"Surprise today's audience!"
(Host) If it's not in this way, it's impossible to let the audience experience the mystery.
"...use the cards..."
(Host) The deck appeared from the mission letter!
(Host) The deck is from the letter, which is originally in the envelop.
(Host) Suddenly the magic has already started!
Next, the real magic will start to happen.
The cards are well mixed. (Host) Looks like teenager, Yoo Hyun Min, 21 years old.
Please select a card.
(Audience) Me? (Hyun Min) Yeah.
Please sign the card on the face.
(Audience) Eh, really?
(Host) Need not be so surprised though...
(Audience) Is it OK to write here?
Yes, thank you.
It's 2 of clubs.
I'll riffle the card. Please say STOP whenever you like.
(Host) The signature is definitely written on the card. It's her name "郁"
(Audience) STOP!
Insert the card here.
Here, I'd like to read my teacher's advice.
(Host) Look just like a teenager, Yoo Hyun Min.
Take away the clip, and let's see what's inside.
But the envelop has vanished.
Only this paper... (Host) Please watch.
(Host) The envelop is in the deck!!!
Between the cards,
it's the previous envelop.
(Host) It's the original envelop! That's for sure! (Audience) When did this happen???
However, there's something even more amazing. (Host) Could it be?
(Host) something is inside...
Inside the envelop, there is one card.
Please check it, OK?
(Audience) Impossible! (Host) Is it just by chance that?
(Host) 2 of clubs! The same signature! That's for sure!!
Please choose 2 cards.
(Audience) 2 cards? (Host) Just as we said, please PAY ATTENTION to the details.
Please sign the cards. (Audience) Yes.
(Host) The ultimate mystery will occur right next!
With these signatures, these cards are proved to be the only ones in the world.
(Host) He wrote his name "Jin" with a circle.
This is the first one.
5 of hearts.
The second one.
7 of diamonds.
The third one.
2 of clubs.
So there are 3 cards here.
Please watch these 3 cards carefully.
(Host) Each card has different signature.
OK? Then put the cards between the others. (Host) So the cards are separately put back...
So they are inside, right?
Till now, you've seen my first mission.
The mission from my teacher was put inside this envelop.
(Host) That's right. Already happened.
The envelop stands right here. (Host) The envelop is set here all the time...
This envelop is here from the beginning.
(Host) Wait a minute! Could it be that...?!
There seems to be something inside the envelop.
(Host) shocked motionlessly...
(Host) There are several cards dumped out...
(Host) 3 cards are there.
There are 3 cards.
Please check them.
(Junior) Together, 1,2...
(Host 1) They're the same ones! With the same signatures! (Host 2) I don't believe it!
(Audience) Too amazing! So great!!
(Host) We can hear someone said "I don't believe it!" Hyun Min: Thank you so much~~