Cleo Pires no 4th Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival em Los Angeles - HBRFF 2012

Uploaded by BDCiNews on 10.06.2012

We're here at the Egyptian Theater for the 4th Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival with Cleo Pires.
- Good evening, Cleo - Good evening.
How did you get involved with tonight’s festival?
Talize contacted me. We've known each other for a long time.
It's been years...10 years, I think… And since then, she's been invested in having
a Brazilian film festival here in Hollywood to promote our culture.
So she called me. I was working so I couldn't not come.
Are you in a film yourself or are you here as a spectator?
I am here as a spectator and I'm also the recipient of the Horizon Award,
a recognition, part of the festival.
“Heleno” is the film that will be screened at tonight’s opening.
Are you familiar with it?
I’m not. I know that it’s about a soccer player…
Right, the life of a soccer player.
And I think.. What I know, is that he has a pretty troubled life.
The protagonist is a very conflicted individual I think it’s all very interesting.
I like those types of dramatic films a lot.
Will you be staying in LA for a while?
No, unfortunately I’m not because I’m currently working in Rio.
Are you working on a film or…?
I’m in pre-production for the 9 o’clock soap opera.
Can you tell us a little about it?
- About my role? - Yes.
Well, I never know how much I can say but alright.
I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself.
I’ll be playing a girl who comes from a wealthy family and lives abroad.
She was married but gets a divorce.
She returns to Brazil and celebrates her divorce with a big party.
She begins to date Alexandre Nero's character and they eventually move to Turkey,
where she falls in love with a Turkish man played by Domingo Montagner.
All the conflicts that come with a love triangle unravel there.
A big kiss for all you BDCi viewers.
- Thank you! Have a great night! - Thank you.