shakira video biografico parte 4 sub english

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subtitles by skar
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still don't singing in english and selling in anglo territory
the song OJOS ASI was a huge succeed and opened doors never imagined
in her natal barranquilla shakira it is the exponent of spirit of people
dancing was a part of colombian caribe
the big expression of it is bigger in carnaval times
i dear to say, forgiving people but if shakira was born in other city
instead the atlantic cost
she wasn't the same by the rhythm she has
one self learn dance to get relation and friendship
i didn't note when i shake my hips
or expose my belly
because if the nuns allowed me y believe the world too
since was a little, she goes to convet school where she is all his teaching
where going to meet deeper where shaky spent her childhood
s exactly the same, doesn't change anything the same, the same
this is a mural that we did she designed it, she did
she was good student wasn't outstanding but still in
shaky always was like philosophy,
spanish, all matters requiring thoughts not numbers
she was in charge of discipline when we saw her, stay very quiet
shakira never stay in her site always sitting in floor, no books
but if you ask to something, shakira always know everything
sometimes in class bus, suddenly she starts say
'i got the inspiration, everybody quiet!' then she writes
shakira has a normal life
but her aspirations has bigger she is decided to be a famous singer
years later, shakira is what she's expecting a latin american star
but she wants to go further
i'm sure she has in her mind USA because for any artist that was a goal
he opportunity to get it the USA market
take place in miami with executives from around the world
she performmed OJOS ASI
was the first time everybody looks her
we saw shakira singing in english
and proove that market was possible it has concerns in asia, incredible
she already has the support of their label but doesn't know the new obstacle
to make the new goal, has to learn english
carlos alberto gutierrez former president of sony colombia
shakira did a similar challenge
she went to brazil, where did 22 concerts
and in the middle of her tour, she did portuguese interviews
that gives an idea of her capicity her ability and wish to succeed
if she want to write in english has to be perfect
she takes particular class, and read the classic writers in its original language
shakira is about to make the wish of many latin artist
by singing in english and be an international artist
but to get that moment, shakira years ago has to show her talent
in barranquilla at 13, she has a crusial presentation for her future
someone from sony music, went to barranquilla
and a friend of us talked to him of shakira
they took me to hotel where he was staying
so i did my performance at hotel lobby singing acapella, my recent wrote song
at the middle of one song the man said wonderfull, extraordinary
shakira and his mother went to capital
knowing that this is the opportunity they wait
in bogota meet carlos alberto gutierrez president of later known as sony bmg
one of the powerful labels in world