Notes from Raccoon city

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Raccoon city
It used to be a beautiful and prosperous city
where used to live more than 100.000 people.
Right now this place is a battlefield.
A true nightmare brought up to life
where desperate battle goes between dead and the living
It is a struggle in which with every new minute
fades more and more faith in the victory
There are not so many people left who know about this nightmare
and that Umbrella Corporation was behind everything
There are even less alive of those who knew it.
But I am still alive
my name is Nathan Davis
and I have things to tellÖ
My story stars from 1991.
After finishing police academy in New York I've arrived in Raccoon city
to begin my duty as a police officer of central department there
I arrived at the same time
when central department just moved in to the former museum
and will never forget that abundance of museum exhibits inside of it
DamnÖWhat a fun times it used to beÖ
I received a hearty welcome and under command of Sergeant Marvin Branagah
I was expected to make a good career there
And maybe it could be so
if not a real reason of me arrival in to this city.
After finishing police academy I was hired by Umbrella Corporation
and sent to this city with the mission to help and maintain support
to chief of central department, who was the same way as I
enlisted by corporation a long time ago.
Every month despite my ordinary salary
I was also secretly receiving payment from the Airons
which was about 10 times bigger than payment for my duty.
As for the duty
at the begging most of the time I was spending time on it
trying to show the best results in the department
and from time to time was getting positive feedbacks from Sergeant Marvin.
it wasnít like that all the time
Few months latter
Airons transferred me under command of Donald Johns
and from that moment my life changed completely.
But before I start talking about that
I would like to mention few words about Sergeant Donald Jhons
He was a unique person who loved to read
To be honest I canít remember a day
when I havenít seen him without a book in his hands.
And what is most funny
at the beginning I didnít liked this person completely
We used to have conflicts almost every day
But latter on Iíve notice in him a wise person
who had a fascinating and saturated life.
And despite the fact how our acquaintance started
with years Iíve found in him a best friend
I wish he was still aroundÖ.
But as I was saying I was transferred under command of Donald Johns
and from that moment my life changed completely.
Reason to that was Spencers mansion
and if to be specific second part of my job.
Spencers mansion was a secret laboratory of Umbrella Corporation
where they used to create a biological weapons.
As for the reason of my arrival here
for the last 10 years Donald Johns used to be
a chief of security check in the mansion
but because of his age
Corporation decided that it is time to make a replacement for a younger candidate
And I was chosen as this person.
To be honest I wasnít happy about my new assignment
,because this mansion used to depress me.
No to mention, that I was only responsible
for the security check of upper levels
as for the underground laboratory.
From the security personal I used to hear a horrifying stories
about that place
and about what scientist were doing there
and what they were creatingÖ
But returning to my new assignment
Johns was a great tutor and teacher
Within less that a month I used to know his job
,as a chief of security check
the same way as he did.
And then came my first day on my own
which I will never forget
because back then Iíve meet two brilliant scientists
William Birkin and Albert Wesker.
They used to be heads of science department back then.
Birkin gave me an impression of an interesting person
who was obsessed with the science.
As for the Wesker
he was too quite and closed person.
It turned out by faith
that within years we would meet again outside the mansion.
As for my job, the security check in the mansion
I used to come here once in two weeks time and to be honest
despite my fist impression about this place
,within time, mansion wasnít looking that scary as it used to be.
Most likely, the reason to that was
presence of active life inside of it.
People used to walk among its corridors
were arguing with each other or just nervous reading report.
Basically speaking, were doing their crazy scientific stuff
which I could never understand.
I even didnít know how many scientists were working in this place
but taking in notice 22 security guards
I suppose there were twice more scientist than them.
There I also meet a brilliant scientist
and in future a good friend of mine Jim Aiko.
He was a scientist under Birkins command
and was answering for some kind of project called Erenia.
Latter on I found out that it was a name of his colleague
who had cancer and voluntary gave a permission to test a virus prototype on her
which was supposed to cure her
but something went wrong and till now Jim was trying to bring her backÖ
Despite Jim, there was another important person to me in the mansion.
Her name was Annette Birkin
Since the moment we meet, something went through us
and we started to seek each others attention.
Every time when I was visiting the mansion
she always was finding some cause or reason to meet with me.
Suddenly for the surprise of both of we started the love affair.
Since mansion was a big place, we were always able to find a secluded place
where we were alone and could give oneself up to passion.
At the beginning it was just an ardour to me.
But latter on I noticed that I started to have feeling to her.
As for William, he was so obsessed with his work,
that I think wasnít paying anything attention to anything ells.
For some time my life was quite light-heartedly.
But on the 25 of June 1992 occurred one incident
that made to doubt my employer.
this is not goodÖ
Sir, I am from the security..
What a hell are you doing!
This was the first time I saw death
but it wasnít that what shocked me.
It was the derisive expression on the face of that punk in sunglasses with what he was looking at me.
It was like, the murder was something ordinary to himÖ
Were all those stories about mansion laboratory true?
One year after this incident,
Umbrella Corporation finished building its secret laboratory under the Raccoon city.
During several months thought the nights they were transporting equipment and working staff.
Sergeant Johns was personally controlling this process of so called resettlement.
The head of this laboratory was William Birkin,
because basically this whole laboratory was built personally to him and his staff.
He used to work on some kind of G-virus.
I guess it was something really important to the Corporation
since they spent so many money and strength on this laboratory.
I donít know how Corporation with the help of Airons
Airons managed to create this construction, but this laboratory was amazing.
No matter how hard I tried
I still was not able to imagine
how, I will repeat my self how they managed to construct it?
It was 500 meters under the groundÖ
On its own laboratory was giving the opposite impression compared to the mansion.
If mansion used to depress with its appearance
and was giving thoughts that it looks more like a madhouse than a place where science is being made
then Birkins laboratory was giving impression of the bright future,
where brilliant minds will be making miracles and improving humanity life.
Unfortunately I was wrong with my deduction.
Instead of the bright future
this place is going to doom us all.
As I was already mentioning
with Birking in his lab were transferred a lot of other scientist from the mansion
and unfortunately to me, Annette and Jim were among them.
At the same time in our department arrived new police officers,
who were the same way as me and Johns working on Umbrella Corporation.
All of new recruits were under Johns command,
yet I was teaching some of them.
As for Airons I donít know why
but he liked me more than others and made me as his private guard while he was visiting Birkins laboratory
which he was doing once a month.
Unfortunately by that time by the reasons which I never found out
Annette decided to end our love affair.
Despite all my arguments and offers she told me,
that never actually felt anything to me, after that she said goodbye and left once and for all.
But no matter how confident she was talking to me,
I knew that all she said wasnít true.
After that meeting she gave her self fully to the work and as far as I heard
was spending all her time on it, sometimes even forgetting about her daughter.
As for me, those were really hard times to me.
For some time I even lost any kind of interest in life,
I donít know for how long I would be in this state,
if not the help of Johns and Jim
who were all this time with me providing support and putting me back on my feet.
It was already 1996 when I fully recovered
It was that year when Airons with the support of the mayor Michael Warren
established a special police unit called S.T.A.R.S.
Taking in notice my reputation and relations with the Airons
I was quite surprised, when instead of me
they chose my old friend Albert Wesker as a leader of that unit.
Latter on from Airons I found out
that Wesker was an important person in Corporation
and that specifically him they wanted to see as a leader of S.T.A.R.S.
But surprisingly he was doing hiss job really good.
Airons was offering me place among operatives of S.T.A.R.S. unit,
but not under any circumstances I wanted to be under command of Wesker,
because I didnít trust him
and his daily derisive expression on his face was always making me want to break it.
The following two years of my life
life were going without any major changes
except that I was promoted to Sergeant.
I was still escorting Airons to the Birkin laboratory once a month.
Meanwhile Airons was busy with his tasks, I was usually spending time with Jim.
But despite laboratory I was also escorting Airons on his rare visits of East Police Department.
Unlike in our department
here was no corruption.
No matter how desperate corporation was trying
to buy the chief of this department or any other high ranks
everything was useless.
One of such kind of honest persons
was a hero of this department Mark Johns.
Another hero was officer Jeff Williams
who became in future a leader of special police unit which replaced S.T.A.R.S.
But the main example of honesty, valour and incorruptibility
was of course the chief of this department Richard Lee.
He and Airons could never have a peaceful conversation
because Richard clearly saw what kind of person Airons was
meanwhile Airons could never allow this kind of scorn attitude to him.
Time was fling through, and then came 1998, if to be specific May month.
Only now I understand that it was the starting point of this nightmare
that enveloped our city.
In May police started to find maimed bodies close to Arklay forests.
At the beginning it was considered to be just an accident and attack of wild animals.
But with every new week number of victims was only increasing.
While panic was increasing across the citizens,
police desperately was not able to find those who where responsible for that nor reasons behind this murders.
They were only discovering new bodiesÖ
But unlike my colleagues I clearly knew reasons behind this incidents.
Or to be specific, what caused all themÖ
Somehow there was a virus leak in the mansion
and all the nightmares that were created there broke through.
Despite good equipment, professional training and big number of people,
still security was torn into piecesÖ
But the main problem was not the mutants that broke throughÖ
Because of the virus leak
All murdered staffÖ
Was returning back to life.
Yet, they were returning back not as humans any moreÖ
But as a mindless zombiesÖ
With only one desireÖ
To eat the flesh of the living.
At the start I was confident,
that Corporation will send its own people to eliminate the problem,
but to my surprise, instead they decided to allow S.T.A.R.S. unit to start their investigation.
I had no idea what motivated them to this kind of actions
but on the 22 of July, Airons personally made a press conference
where he announced that city can sleep safe
because S.T.A.R.S. unit start investigation.
It was obvious, that as Airons so Corporation was confident,
that no one is coming back alive from this investigation.
On the 23-rd of July out of the 13-th S.T.A.R.S. members,
Bravo team went with the recon mission.
But right from the beginning of their operation,
ìaccidentlyî their helicopter engine went off and they crashed.
While Alpha team was preparing to move out to help their comrades,
I was also sent there with my men.
Our task was to surround the territory near the mansion,
and donít let anyone in or out.
While we were surrounding the territory,
Alpha team was already searching for the survivors from the Bravo team.
But instead of them they only found death.
Being attacked by the terrifying mutants they were forced to search for safe hose
and for their misfortune found it in the Spencer mansion.
At the same time the pilot of the Aplha team, Brad Vicers
was desperately thought the radio channel calling for the backup.
I personally contacted him and reported that help is on its way and that there is nothing to be worry about.
And in some way I was telling the truth, we did arrived there.
From entire team I guess only me and Johns were truly worried about S.T.A.R.S. unit faith,
while others were only concerned about when everything is going to be over and they could return home.
As for the S.T.A.R.S. team, they were investigating mansion
facing only fear, pain and death on their wayÖ
To be honest, despite the calm look on my face,
waiting was quite hard to me.
I personally knew many of S.T.A.R.S. members.
With some of them I was even in a good relationship.
Johns was having the same thoughts.
While looking at him it was obvious to notice that he wasnít calm as well.
Suddenly he approached me and without any explanations
asked to escort him the mansion and provide cover.
It was completely incase idea, but still it was better than sitting here doing nothing.
Getting in to the mansion wasnít easy, but this kind of difficulties was nothing
compared to that nightmare, thought which S.T.A.R.S. was going though at the same.
We managed to get in to the mansion in on peace
and then Johns again surprised me with another request.
He asked me to stay in the main hall
and provide cover to our retreatment, when he is going to return.
Meanwhile as S.T.A.R.S. team or better to say the remaining part of it
was desperately fighting for their lives.
I decided ho take a position on the second floor.
This would allow me to ovoid any kind of contact with the survivors.
Yet at the same time I will be having a good field of view.
Sometimes I heard shooting.
Once even was almost spotted by Chris Redfield.
By that time I didnít knew what was really going on in the mansion
and especially about that intricate plan of S.T.A.R.S. team captain
and so hated by me Albert Wesker.
But his plan was not destined to come true.
And as later I found out...
He was killed by one of the Corporation creations.
And to be honestÖI canít say that I felt sorry for him.
But unexpectedly Johns returned to the main hall.
He was all coved in blood and convulsively was searching for me with his eyes.
I run up to him and after quickly examining his wound
I understood that he was almost at death's door.
Despite the fact, that I was shocked,
I still clearly knew one thing, we should leave this hell place as fast as possible.
I quickly moved in the direction of our outpost.
But the faster mansion was fading away behind us
with the same speed was fading the life out of Johns.
At one moment he asked me to stop and listen to him.
He was talking very unclear.
Yet I managed to understand the main point.
There was hidden a hard drive in his pocket,
files on which should have compromise and destroy corporationÖ
He was begging me to stop Umbrella no matter what
And after that he made the last requestÖ
To end his sufferingÖ
I was shocked by that request.
But seeing how he suffers.
I made a shootÖ
Thereby I just killed my best friend and a tutorÖ
During next half hour I still couldnít believe in everything
what have just happened and that he died because of some kind of hard drive with the files.
But then unexpected on my eyes
Spencers mansion blew up in to the piecesÖ
Later on I discovered, that 5 S.T.A.R.S. members managed to survive in that nightmare
and that they were the once responsible for the destruction of the mansion.
Seeing their chopper passing by I was feeling happy,
knowing that it was over with the mansion once and for all.
I could barely imagine, through what did have S.T.A.R.S. members went through,
but those who made it back, clearly knew that Umbrella Corporation was behind everything.
Right after the return, Chris Redfield straight away requested from the Airons
to send everyone he could on the investigation of the incident around the mansion.
But Airons didnít agreed on that.
But what S.T.A.R.S. members didnít know,
that at the same time as they were requesting to start the investigation,
Umbrella Corporation had already sent their disposal team
to eliminate any traces of its connection to the virus leak.
I received orders to meet them and provide any help that might be necessary.
The commanding officer of disposal team was Sergeant Nicholai Ginovaef.
The funny thing is that the only order me and my men received,
was almost the same as previous one,
to surround the territory and not to let anyone inside, while disposal team is doing their job.
As for the disposal team, it consisted from the mercenaries.
Who were in some way a private military of Umbrella.
But as I heard, there served not an examples of courage and valour.
As for example, while they were combing a forest,
they met a group of teenagers who were just enjoying the last sunny days of July on the nature.
But instead of sending them away or handing them to us,
Sergeant gave an order to eliminate them.
While my men where by turns were patrolling the vicinity of clean-up.
I finally managed to look through the hard drive which Johns gave me.
The thing he gave his life for.
For my surprise I discovered there so much compromising information
as on Corporation so on all the police officers who were corrupted,
that if it would go the right hands,
I am confident that Umbrella would finish its existence within couple of weeks.
I have no idea for how long this information was gathered
and how many people were working on this,
but they truly have done a fascinating work.
Sergeant Donald Johns was a true hero who knew
that Umbrella Corporation must be stopped no matter what.
Yet I didnít do what he asked me and didnít pass the hard drive to the mass media.
The reason to that was unwillingness personally to go under court.
Meanwhile despite all their report and stories,
by Corporation order Airons had disband the S.T.A.R.S. team by the reason
of their inadequate acting and lack of ability fully serving their duty.
After that Richard in retort to Airons with the support of city major and also majority of citizens
received permission to form a new special police unit,
which could worthy replace S.T.A.R.S. team.
Unlike S.T.A.R.S. unit the S.P.F. team was located in the East Department
and was under direct leadership of Richard.
Airons was mad when he found out about it.
Yet he also decided to follow this example and formed the same unit in his department as well.
If in S.T.A.R.S. case I wasnít able to become the squad leader,
then this time only my candidacy was provided and at once accepted
as by Airons so by the Corporation.
My team consisted from Claus Cambel, the latest recruit for the Corporation.
Steve White ìthe good moodî of our team.
Always gloomy Paul Roberts.
A true workaholic Edward Allen.
JíS bars best friend Kevin Ryman.
The rookie Daniel Walker.
Also in the middle of September we were expecting another newcomer Leon S. Kennedy.
Despite my new position, I still escorted Airons on his monthly meetings with Birkin.
According to the Birkins words,
all mansion mistakes were learned by Corporation
and all safety measures were taken care off.
As for me and Annette,
I havenít seen her for more than a year already.
I used to think about her from time to time.
Since despite the time that has passed,
,I still got some feelings to her.
And then I met Maria Collins.
She recently started to work in our department.
And same as me,was often visiting smoking room.
We were seeing each other there everyday.
She always was happy and positive,
beautifully smiling and somehow managed
to spread her positive mood on me as well.
With every new day we were seeing each other
and communicating more and more often.
I know it would sound funny,
but I like a school kid was waiting every day the moment
when I will go to work and will see her there.
Time was flying fast near Maria.
After Annette I was confident,
that will never have feeling for anyone else,
but Maria have proved me with he opposite conclusion.
After mansion incident and Johnís death,
life finally started to get right.
In some way it could be said, that I was even happy.
But unfortunately my happiness
was not destined to least for long.
About one month and a half after the mansion incident.
Birkin started to plan something against the Corporation.
He was close to finish his work on the G-virus prototype.
I never was good in science
and especially in the viruses,
but according to the Jims words,
this virus was in some way a masterpiece of biological weapon.
Effects and mutations which this virus could cause,
were able to turn any living being, no matter is it an animal or human,
in to a true killing machine, which would be really difficulty to stop.
As the result on 22nd September,
while most police officers as from central, so from the east police department
were celebrating at JíS bar birthday of Jennifer Evan.
Me and my people were ordered by Airons
Airons to meet and escort Corporations disposal team
to the secret entrance of Birkins lab through the sewers.
Where they were supposed to retrieve the virus
from Birkin no matter will he cooperate or not.
I still remember how surprised I was when I met those people,
who were in the disposal team.
Those were not common mercenaries of Corporation.
They were its elite soldiers.
Those, who didnít knew such word as ñ impossible.
The team consisted from 8 people and was lead by Hunk.
As it should be expected, laboratory security
didnít have any chance against such well trained soldiers.
And when the last security guard was taken care off,
the special force group headed after Birkin.
And managed to capture him right at that moment
when he was planning to leave the lab.
It was obvious, that Birkin was not planning to give his life work
in the hands of Corporation and special force group
reacted according to the situation.
Oh no! Please donít moveÖ
I will call for a helpÖ
Just donít love your consciousness.
Unlike Annette, William knew that he canít be savedÖ.
Of course I canít say for sure,
what William was thinking about in his last moments.
But I can suppose, his last thoughts were devoted
to something what was really important in his life.
And maybe those thoughts were full of regret and sadness,
because he spent so much time with science
instead of spending it with closest people
who were all that time near him.
Using all the remaining strength he made the desperate decision.
And I am more than confident,
at that moment he did it only with one purposeÖ
Try to survive for his family.
UnfortunatelyÖvirus had some side effectsÖ.
This is Alpha team, Delta team report, how it the mission.
This is DeltaÖ
We have reached the surface,
meet us at randevu point in 5 minutes.
Roger that
What a hell!
What was that? Who is shooting?
They were shooting from that direction, lets go!
What the fuck!
What is this freak?
Kill him!
I am trying.
Oh fuck!
What should we do?
Fall back! Fall back!!!
Look out!
Die you already freak! Die!!!
Oh noÖnoÖnoooooo
Less than in 5 minutes,
the whole elite team was torn in to peaces.
And what is most terrible in this story,
is that during the combat,
suitcase with the virus flasks was damaged.
And everything what was dwelling in sewers
started quickly to get infected.
This is headquarters.
AlphaÖBravo or Delta teamÖ
Come in!
What a hell happened down there?
Why no one is answering?
DamnÖWhere is everyone?
The same night,
the infected rats spread through the city,
infecting everything of their way.
Less than one night 10% of city population was already infected.
At the beginning it was only rats,
but soon all living creatures joined them,
including the humans.
By the morning of the next day,
almost all police officers were called to their duty,
since the amount of disturbance, panic and victims
among the citizens was rising catastrophically.
Closer to the middle of the same day there was no place
thought entire city, where police help was not required.
Meanwhile police officers where desperately trying to figure out,
what should they do with the infected, whose numbers keept increasing.
No matter how hard east police department with the support
of the center department were trying to take situation under control,
they simply did have enough men.
Since there were enormous loses among police officers,
while the numbers of infected keept rising.
One thing was obviousÖ
The main source of the infection was the East part of the city.
Understanding that if no measures are taken straight away
the whole city can be lost, police made a desperate move,
and in the night of 24th September it was decided to isolate
and put the whole East part of the city under the quarantine,
with the help barricades and armed guards.
Publics favourite personally made a press conference,
where he explained that this kind of measures are necessary until the army arrival,
who promised to take care of everything as soon as possible.
As the result in the night of 24th,
with the cooperative work of both departments,
the east part of city was fully isolated.
By that time even I was confident that it was right decision.
But as turned out in the future,
we all made an unforgivable mistake.
In the morning of the next day, the army arrived.
This was really to the point, since during the last two days,
the amount of infected was reaching all possible norms
we could personally take care off.
Not to mention that a lot of police officers were wounded
or what is worse killed,
because of completely unawares what to do with the infected.
But surprisingly to everyone, including the police higher-ups,
army instead of interning the city announced,
that Raccoon city is placed under the quarantine and until further notice,
they asked everyone to stay in the their homes
and not try to escape the city,
since all the attempts will be shoot on sight.
As it was expected the true panic started in the city.
Small streets of the city were fully filled with the cars
of those citizens, who were trying to leave the city back in the night of 24th.
And if previously, we were able somehow to control the situation,
now the true chaos started.
Despite the violence and murders on the streets,
now vandalism, robbery and complete scorn to the law joined them.
Police was trying to take situation under control,
,but it just didnít have enough men.
Meanwhile violence and epidemic were spreading
through the streets with the innumerous speed.
Trying somehow to lower the panic, police made a press conference.
Meanwhile this press conference was taken,
me and my men received orders from the Corporation
to escort all its workers out of the city.
Our goal was to pick up scientist with their families
and escort them to the pointed places,
where corporations helicopters would have pick them up.
I must say the task wasnít one of the easiest.
Since transportation though the city was getting
more and more complicated with every new hour.
I volunteer my self to evacuate Jim.
All the way to the extraction point Jim was surprisingly
silent and concerned about something.
It was the first time I saw him like this.
As soon as we got to the spot,
I looked at him and matter how hard I tried not to realize the truth,
I knew that he was infected.
By all rules of quarantine and sober logic,
I shouldn't let him leave the city by any reason.
But I... I couldnít take away hope from him...
Hope that there is a chance to be saved.
And I let him go.
While looking at him leaving,
I saw how he with the certain walk and
happy face moving to the chopper.
I knew that I might be making the big mistake.
But deep inside my soul I was truly happy for my friend
and the same way as him was believing, that he will be saved.
I knew Jim for more that 7 years
and after John he was the second closest friend to me.
He was that kind of person, who was always having positive mood
and couldnít be upset with anything.
Looking at the departing chopper, it was hard to realize,
that you see your friend last time, but taking in to the notice,
how the things were developing in the city,
I had a feeling that we might meet up soon.
Returning back to the police department and looking around
I was shocked how bad situation was in the city.
Once a beautiful and prosperous city became a true nightmare brought up to life.
Every minute here was going a hard-fought battle for life.
But despite all the desperate effort from the police, fire-fighters and medics
we were unable to prevent or stop the epidemic.
All we could do and sedulously were doing,
was just winning some time.
Or better to say were trying to prorogue the inevitable.
To lose the battle for our city.
But we couldn't give up as well.
Because we knew, that it is not getting easy to anyone if we do.
Some streets were empty.
While others were swarm with the infected people.
For example, because of all those barricades which we have built.
Central hospital was guarded only with 2 police officers.
Because help was not able physically to get to them.
Emergency lines were going off-scale
because of the incoming calls from the frightened citizens.
Scared to death they were asking to send someone to help them,
since infected were attaching them, breaking in to their houses, killing neighbours.
But unfortunately police was not able to help them,
There was no possibility to get to them.
In the evening of September 25th
for the last time I entered my native police department.
When I interned it I was surprised that so many people
were still on their duty.
Instead of returning home and protecting their families.
Of course, many police officers brought their families to the department,
which recently started to be a safe zone
and where were coming a lot of citizens in a search of safe place.
But despite that, police officers were still continuing doing their job,
knowing that there is a high chance that they might
not be coming back the next time they leave department.
Honestly even in the police department it wasn't that safe.
All the time it was attacked by the infected.
Every new time with bigger force.
I found Irons on the second floor, he hopping mad
was speaking with Jill Valentine, the former S.T.A.R.S. Unit specialist.
When I approached them, I only heard
how she told Irons that he is a complete ass-hole and it is all his fault.
For my surprise, Airons wasn't in the mood to speak with me as well.
Looking at him I understood, that this person
has almost lost his mind and in a couple of days
he will definitely lose his mind completely.
Meanwhile I was trying to bring him to reason,
happened something we all were afraid off.
Sergeant they are everywhere.
Kevin I don't understand. Repeat!
East barricade. They are about to break it!
There are hundreds of them.
Quickly send everyone you have, otherwise we are doomed
What a hell.
Where are all those people who were supposed to patrol this area?
What is the difference,
what is important for us to plan the explosive.
Marvin said that they have sent everyone they could already.
Oh damn!
This is dispatch.
All officers immediately proceed to the East barricade
and by all costs hold the onslaught of infected.
Damn there are too many of them!
What should we do?
Do not fall back!
Die you bastards already!!!
We can't stop them!
No matter what, do not let them break through us!
Fuck no!
Fall back! Everyone fall back to the East department!
Everything is lost...What should we do?
Fall back to the departmnet.
Oh no. Wait!
Some one take him away from me!
No don't leave me! Please! No!!!
Common, that's all you've got!
Fall back! Fall back!
Fall back, we will cover you!
Despite that desperate fight we gave to the infected.
We failed.
Dozens of good and brave men died in that battle.
Yet we were not able significantly to lower the number of infected.
Having such a big loses it was obvious
that we completely have lost the control under the city.
While our remaining forces desperately were unable
to plan what to do next.
One person found the solution.
This is officer Maria Colins.
We will try to break to the remains of east barricade
and blow the charges.
If it is possible please send someone to support us. Over.
Though her plan was a complete suicide,
Richard didn't want to lose anyone else,
and he sent a chopper to pick Maria and her mate when they reach the detonator.
Despite all the difficulties, they managed to reach the designated goal.
But we didn't have the opportunity to land there.
Meanwhile down on the street they were running out of ammo
and infected were just keep coming.
Despite all my requests through the load speaker for Maria
to leave the detonator and run away from there.
She made a radical decision.
By that moment I was completely lost.
I have just lost the last closest person to me.
All the time on the way back
I was remembering that night,
when Maria was telling me that she didn't want to die old in her bed.
She wanted to leave this world like a true hero,
while doing her duty.
Who could have thought,
that this kind of horrible dream, will come true.
On our way to the department we saw
a group of civilians down on the streets.
Without any kind of delay we decided to pick them up and save.
At least someone life was saved.
When we were almost near the department and felling safe...
I have no idea who decided to attack us.
But I understood one thing for sure,
luck was on mine and Brads side
Despite the heli crash we only had a few scratches.
Though couldn't be said about others.
When I woke up, I was quite far from the crash side.
It seems that Brad tired to carry me to the police department,
but someone or something made him to leave me and save his self.
I guess I was passed out for an hour or two.
After climbing to the nearest rooftop to check the situation around me,
I was shocked from what I saw.
Suddenly I remembered Johns before his death,
when he was desperately begging me to stop umbrella until it is too late.
Damn, what a wise and far seeing person he was unlike me.
Now the city was fully of living dead.
Once the best friends and colleagues were now forced to kill each other.
Every hour someone was losing his relatives or beloved once.
This city was already doomed.
But it wasn't too late to leave this city.
I contacted all my men and asked them to meet me in my apartment.
I was certain that they were willing the same way as I
to leave the city as fast as possible.
And that would be easy to do in the company of 6 people rather than on your own.
While I was trying to reach place of a meeting with my men.
Damn... It is too many of them...
Brad successfully managed to reach East Police Department.
Where remaining police forces were planning what to do next.
Despite the fact that explosives charges were blown, still it didn't stopped all the infected.
They are here, fall back!
Situation is critical, I repeat situation is critical.
We have one man down, fall back!
Be careful!
Does anyone hear me! Help me, Help!!!
They are everywhere! Everywhere, what should we do?
The battle in the department lasted for more than 2 hours.
As the result, police managed to barricade it self on the second floor
and successfully to hold the attacks.
Yet it wasnít for longÖ
What a hell is that thing?
Who cares, just shoot it!!!
Meanwhile the final battle between police forces
and infected was held in the East Department.
I managed to reach my apartment.
Where I found all of my men dead.
Paul, Christopher, Ronald, Steve.
I couldn't believed that they all were dead.
And if to be specific, are killed.
Despite the fact that we were in some way bad guys
who were working on the corporation.
We were also good friends and colleagues.
Each of my men had their future plans and dreams,
goals and wishes.
Which they were willing to accomplish as soon as opportunity shows up.
Through the long years of work together I truly attached to them.
And they were just murdered as unnecessary witnesses.
I perfectly knew that Umbrella was behind this.
Seeing the nightmare they have caused they decided to eliminate all witnesses,
including us.
But they maid one mistake.
I was still alive and I was ready to fight.
I took a hard drive and moved straight to the East Police Department,
where the chief of department was also having compromising material on the corporation.
It was almost morning of September 26th and situation in the city was desperate.
Central Department has faced the same faith as the East one.
Somewhere on streets there was still going fight between the dead and the living.
Meanwhile other streets were either empty
or fully under control of the undead.
After the fall of East barricade and afterwards of the East Police Department.
Everyone was on his own.
Someone was still fighting.
Someone was trying to hide.
And someone was trying to escape from the city.
The last was the most the difficult one.
It was really hard for me to move through the streets
because all the time I was getting attacked by the infected.
And at one moment the big group surrounded me.
I was confided that I have faced the end of my road...
Yet unexpectedly the help has arrived.
This is Delta platoon, Bravo team, preparing to land.
This is Alpha platoon, Charlie team, we are successfully landing in the spotted area.
This is headquarters, roger that.
This this Alpha Platoon, Delta team, extraction is going fine.
Go Go Go
This is Alpha team, Bravo platoon, everything is going strictly by plan.
This is Delta platoon, Charlie team,
we engaged the enemy, support is required.
Charlie team, this is Alpha squad, Delta platoon, we are on our way.
Roger that! We are waiting you guys.
Ground team reporting in, we successfully reach point foxtrot,
preparing to surround the area.
Take this!
You want some more! Come get some!
So unexpected arrival of the mercenaries was really handy.
Because being heavily armed and having support from the air,
they could have seriously changed the situation in the city.
But as I told before, there used to serve not a good guys.
Especially remembering what they have done during the clean up near the mansion.
When they murdered group of innocent teenagers and also the death of all my men.
It was hard to understand with what kind of purpose these mercenaries
were sent here by corporation, to help us or for the massive clean up.
I wasn't willing to find out that on my own skin.
And decided to avoid any sorts of contact with them.
Subway was the safest place to use to get to the East Department.
Though the consequences of the nightmare outside
have been seen here as well.
But for my surprise I haven't met any infected on my way.
Only near the department I suddenly heard someone screaming.
And when I approached the place where they were coming from,
I found one of the mercenaries.
He was almost dead.
Yet despite all the pain and suffering, he still managed to inform me,
that on midnight of September 28th, on the roof of the central hospital
will land a chopper, which should pick up the mercenaries who were responsible
for gathering data about the fight in the city.
Also before he died, he told me what have happened to his squad.
Alight gentleman, we've reach the place, move out!
Is this the cargo?
Yes, according to the map.
And what we are supposed to pick there?
We have no information about that.
Sir, the mercenary team has arrived.
Good, activate the Erinia project.
Life signs ñ normal. Beginning the process of awakening.
Enter the targets: mercenaries and police officers.
What about former S.T.A.R.S. Unit?
It is not our concern, European branch is dealing with that.
Alright, let see what is inside.
Who knows, maybe bear and money?
What a hell!!!!
After the death of the mercenary on my hands
I finally, without any difficulties, managed to reach the East Department.
This place looked more than a massive grave rather than a shelter.
When I entered inside, I was expecting like in a old days,
to see the full of life main hall.
But instead of that all I saw was only death.
Despite of me, there were two more police officers in the main hall,
who same as I arrived here recently, in a hope of meeting with the rest of survivors.
From one of them I found out that they came here with two other police officers,
both of them were from my S.P.F. Squad.
One of them was looking for his sister.
Most likely he was talking about Daniel Walker and Edward Allan.
And Despite my will to find them and tell that there is a way out from the city.
I still decided first of all to reach the chief office
and gather all the files he had against the Corporation.
Carefully moving through the corridors of the East Department,
I was shocked, how many bodies were lying everywhere.
It was a true bloody massacre here,
in which everyone fought until the final breath.
Suddenly among the bodies I found the chief of this Department Richard Lee.
Or better to say, what was left of him.
At that moment when I was approaching his office, I suddenly heard a gun shoot.
Carefully entering the office I saw a dead body of the police officer
lying near the window.
He looked familiar, I guess his name was Joseph.
He was holding some kind of note is his hands.
Yet I didn't have a time to check it.
I quickly began to copy all the files Richard had against the corporation
on the Johns hard drive.
Also In short I have wrote about all those horrible events,
witnesses of witch I personally was.
I tried shortly to mention all the crimes Umbrella Corporation was responsible for.
By the moment when everything was done and I was preparing
to look for Daniel and Edward, suddenly the door opened behind me.
And to my great surprise Claus Kambell entered the room.
Claus was the only person out of my men,
whose body I didn't discover in my apartment.
Though I didn't pay much attention to that,
because I thought that he had died during the East Barricade battle.
On my questions why, Claus answered shortly.
That Corporation had put him in out squad already a long time ago with the order
to eliminate all the witnesses, especially those police officers,
who were working under cover for the Corporation if the virus outbreak will occur.
Despite his desire to finish his task no matter what
I still tried to bring him to reason.
I told him about all the nightmares which corporation was responsible for.
About all those incidents witnesses of which I personally was.
I was asking him, is he really doesnít care about the situation in the city?
And does he really going to allow this to happen somewhere else?
And also does he really think that despite his loyalty
and strict follow of the orders, in the end corporation
is not going to eliminate him, the same way as all the others?
But, despite all my arguments and reasons, he opened fire.
Umbrella thanks you for your services, rest in peace
Despite the fact that I was having 4 bullet wounds I was still alive.
And by that moment, when my strength started to leave me/
I suddenly remembered all the closest people to me,
who have died by the Corporations fault.
Understanding that I can't just give up and die.
Making that way all their deaths vain, I suddenly found a strength in me.
Strength to stand up and try to find out Daniel and Edward.
Every movement was giving me a hells pain.
But I couldnít allow my self to stop.
Good, now after we had gear you up, we finally can move out.
Daniel I still can't believe that came back for me.
Common sis, you know that I would never leave you alone.
What the....
Damn... This thing is also here....
Claus! What a hell?
Have you lost your mind? He wasn't even infected!
Are you completely mad, we are on your side!
Oh god!
Die you already!
Life is a funny thing.
Who would have thought, in a few months time the same way as Johns,
I will be dying on someone's hands and begging to stop corporation.
But I was not is such a bad condition as Johns
and was able to say Daniel everything.
About the hard drive.
About the way how leave the city.
And that he should stay away from the mercenaries.
There is a hard way in front of them.
They will definitely face a lot of dangers and difficulties
on their way.
And I feel really sorry that I will not be able escort them
them in such a hard journey.
Where they will face new enemies
and will meet new friends.
But in the end, I believe that they will make it.
Though I wasn't trusting Corporations mercenaries
I do believe that there are those, who truly came to this city to help.
Joseph Allen, alright Joseph, lets see what you wanted to say to us.
Also there might be a person in this city,
who was lucky to escape the death and despite the small amnesia,
he will be forced to lead a group of survivors.
Desperately fighting through the infected
while loosing people but not faith.
He will mange to lead them to a safe place.
Where they will meet a new allies
and will be able to retake a free breath.
And start planning how lo leave this city once and for all.
Maybe the army will also finally step in,
to find out the truth behind this incident.
And in this case I am more than certain,
that corporation will do all it is possible to stop them.
But despite that I still think that someone will survive.
And maybe, by the faiths will, all this people will meet each other
and combining their efforts will try to leave this city.
It is not going to be easy and not all of them will be able to survive.
Some will definitely sacrifice them self for others.
But in the end, they will manage to leave this city and escape this nightmare.
As for me, unfortunately I will die here.
In my last moments I remembered Annette.
I hope that she was able to make it out from the city with Sherry.
She is the last closes person to me, who is still alive.
And if she doesnít make it.
Then with the rest I will be expecting her up here in the sky.
It is hard to say on whose shoulders lies responsibility for this nightmare.
But something tells me, that we are all responsible for it.
Someone in a bigger way, someone in a smaller.
Damn if only there was a way to turn back the time and change everything.
Interesting, is there still hope for Raccoon city?
Unfortunately I am not going to find an answer on that question.