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No more genocide! No more genocide!
Mass Demonstration for cessation of North Korea's crimes against humanity,
2012. 1. 27 Seoul
At the Chinese Embassy in Myungdong, after demonstration at Seoul Station
We ask you to immediately disperse. Dismiss.
We must go up
Protection for North Korean refugees, the South Korean citizens by constitutional
law! Protection for North Korean refugees, the South Korean citizens by constitutional law!
This is urgent for North Korean refugees.
In China your citizens are about to die.
Look at these pictures.
The refugees are getting killed in China. Right now.
You have no love for them?
You have no love for these?
They are your citizens.
160,000 N.K. female refugees are now sex slaves.
Those South Koreans are being abused in China.
You pay no attention to these?
We must go protest in China. We must cry out in China. For our citizens.
The refugees are dying in China.
Please permit us to pass. Permit us to go up.
You have no interest for these kids?
God will judge us for this.
God remembers all these young people.
North Korea has systematically killed these little ones
More than 50,000 kids now serve as slaves.
They serve as slaves in the political prison camps.
Beaten everyday,
What wrong did they do?
Mass murder!
Stop immediately.
Stop the mass murder!
Right now, our many beloved brothers and sisters
The N.K. refugees are our heroes.
The refugees have sacrificed so much for this Korean peninsula.
If you want to make peace with North Korea,
This mass murderers
The mass murderers in Pyongyang
Must be taken out of their regime.
North Korea must come free.
How beautiful the N.K. refugees are.
We shall go to do the press interview now.
Okay let's go.
We will see you people again at the press interview up there.
Few of us will be there first. Do you understand? It's right up there.
Thank you, North Korean refugees, you are our heroes.
They are our citizens.
Please give them diplomatic protection.
Let there be intervention.
Let the international community intervene into North Korea, Father.
This is mass murder crime.
Let there be intervention, I ask you Jesus Christ.
Give life to those North Korean fellows.
In your name, Jesus.