Mega Marcha Mundial contra la imposición 7 7 2012

Uploaded by kaineai on 10.07.2012

Mexico, July 7 2012
on the cities of all states of the country
simultaneus manifestations are marching
with the consigns:
¡Not more PRI!
¡If there are imposition,
there will be revolution!
pacific revolution
All comunication media
are censuring marches
Televisa broadcast live
the marriage of a mexican actor
but this transmission was suspended
when the voices of marchers
were listened on the church
To the next morning
according to newspaper Milenio
there has protests in 9 states
against Peña Nieto
while in fact
these took place
in all 32 federal entities of mexico
and in cities of other 10 countries
several newspapers
joined forces to censorship
minimising the magnitude of the simultaneous marches
Here a photographic collection
about manifestations of july 7
Are listed all 32 federal entities of Mexico
With purpose of show to the world
the protest against the imposition
of an inept president.
puppet brought to summit
by the TV and electoral fraud
Meanwhile in the world
the conscious people
are joined to the contingent
¡If there are imposition, there will be revolution!
Pacific revolution