Recipe - Dapata (Wheat Flour Snack) Recipe With English Subtitles

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What are you going to make? Dapata (Wheat Flour Snack)
Ingredients required to make Dapata
Tomatoes, Cumin, Coriander, Wheat Flour, Gram Flour, Rice Flour, Green Chilli Paste, Salt, Chilli Powder, Oil
Take a pana nd heat a little oil
Add some cumin seeds
Some curry leaves
Some chopped tomatoes
Some coriander
Add a spoon of green chilli paste
Add some red chilli powder and salt for taste
Close the lid and cook for 5 mins
Switch off the stove
Take equal measures of wheat, gram and rice flour in a bowl
Add the bowl of mixed flours to the pan and mix well
Knead the mixture like a dough
Keep adding the flour as required
Take a plastic cover and grease it with some oil and press the dough on it to make flat pan cakes
Take a pan and heat some oil and then place the flat pancake dough on it