[HD] AllianceRom v5.1 Galaxy s2 based on LEAK Jelly Bean XXLSJ 4.1.2

Uploaded by skywarpdu69 on 26.12.2012

presentation of alliancerom rom version 5.1 android 4.1.2 JB based on leak LSJ
This is an improvement of the leak by adding customizations (like cyanogenmod) !
modem XXlS6 and kernel SIYAH or philz include ! with blue them or them stock
alliance control with multiples customizations !choose your lockscreen
statusbar personnalisation , many options very interesting for android user
lockscreen torch ! hold the HOME button to turn on the LED
I hold the button down and you can see that the lamp is on ! look the statusbar
differrents lockscreens: jelly bean / ICS / blackberry .... as you want !I prefer jelly bean
Context Browser ! it can move like a small window! its very helpfull
and also the "smart stray." As you look at the screen, it will not turn off!
look : few seconds if you press the return key on your smartphone, the current application will be killed ! so pratic to save your battery !
you can set on the statusbar the icons you want ! full of customizations ! its good ! :D
the MultiWindow! You can split your screen in two different applications
start an application, click on the tab (on left), take an icon and drop it on the screen where you want!
you can even resize as you want! This is very convenient
google now ! hold the menu button to launch it ! nice application !
application of LED lamp ! you can use your led with small or full energy
this App is to unlock your simcard in your phone !
touchwizz UX nature launcher inclued ! also you can use other launcher like apex or nova
a new photo gallery ! that is the gallery of galaxy note 2 (optional, not inclued)
new function with the power button! multiples choice to reboot
new camera appli ! you can use it with 15% of battery and with no-sound
root app delete to remove the appli of system like "musicHub"..
you can use svoice ! (its optional) but so pratic ;)
tank you for watching the video !
bye ! put a "like" please !