Spark Energy Hosts Key Ceremony for and SSGT Jeffery Vaughn

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>>DORNAN: Spark Energy has brought out its employees to help
support an organization that we've really embraced in
We have over 30 employees and their families out here today
helping welcome Staff Sergeant Jeffery Vaughn and his family to his new home.
We're also donating a year's worth of free electricity as we have done with
7 other homes for some of our heroes who returned and have been helped through Helping A Hero.
>>STEWART: Wonderful it is to have this type of gesture,
and moving, non-profit activity in our neighborhood.
>>TONGE: I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank all the Spark employees
who are here today in LaMarque, Texas participating in a home donation
and to Staff Sergeant Jeffery Vaughn in recognition of his service for our country.
I'm very pleased that the Spark employees share the sense of importance for
supporting this organization and really appreciate all those who showed up today
to participate and volunteer in support. Thank You
>>What are you doing here today?
>>SMITH: Supporting this young man who has come home from being injured
and has a new home that's been built for him by Helping A Hero.
It's a wonderful thing.
We're so pleased to have people do things like this for our soldiers.
>>ILER: We are so excited to present our 26th home to Staff Sergeant Jeffery Vaughn and his family today.
It's gonna an awesome place for their kids to grow up here in Delaney Cove.
And today is special because we have an amazing group of 50 Spark Energy employees
out here to make it happen. So we're excited to be here today.
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>>CROWD: Thank You!
>>ILER: I just appreciate not only your service to our nation,
but your continued service to our community.
And we look forward to embracing you here and we look forward to all of these kiddos
growing up and providing leadership in our community as well.
Phil Tonge is going to come and tell you what he has for you.
>>TONGE: One of the things that I've been impressed with in my very short period of time with Spark
is how Spark has embraced and I'm going to turn one of Meredith's words on her
and describe you and your board as utterly amazing. And you can see how it's galvanized our employees.
Helping A Hero is one of the core organizations that we partner with. It gives us an opportunity to say
thank you to you guys for all the sacrifices that you've made. So we very definitely want to be in a position
where we support and welcome you into your new home and provide you with a year's worth of electricity.
>>ILER: Well we thank Spark. This is actually, I think, their 8th house that they've done a year
of electricity for our heroes. And then, they actually signed up to be an Eagle Sponsor at $50,000
for our gala to help and build another home. Thank you Spark.
>>SSGT VAUGHN: I want to thank all the donors. This is a really really huge gift for us,
and I'm in debt to a lot of people. But I really appreciate it, and thank you Meredith.
And y'all enjoy the barbeque!
>>MRS VAUGHN: Oh my goodness!
This is amazing!
>>You like it?
Good man!
>>How can people help with Helping A Hero?
>>NGUYEN: There are two ways: Spark Energy is proud to partner with Helping A Hero,
to build an affinity product. It's a 14-month plan whereby we donate a portion of
the revenue back to Helping A Hero every month. And option 2 you can go to facebook
and like our SparkEnergyTX page, and we will donate $1 for every like.
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