Refrigerator Repair - Replacing the Door Closing Cam Kit (Whirlpool Part # R0181181)

Uploaded by partselect on 25.01.2012

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we are going to show you how to change the
door closer cam kit on your refrigerator. It’s a pretty easy job, all we are going
to need is a Philips screw driver, a 5/16 nut driver and a 1/4-inch nut driver, a putty
knife and a utility knife. Let me show you how we do it. Now the door closer close cam
kit fits both the refrigerator door and the freezer door mounted in exactly the same manner,
the only difference would be with the freezer door if you have an ice water dispenser you
will need to disconnect the water line and pull that up through.
Now before we begin this repair, if your model of refrigerator has an ice and water dispenser
in it such as this one, you will need to disconnect the power. Now next we are going to remove
the lower kick plate. So I will open up the doors so we can gain access to it. Now it’s
just held in place with a couple of spring clips, so grasp either side and pull it forward.
Next we will locate the water line and disconnect the union. Now there maybe a little water
that will seep out of that hose, so we will get something there to catch that, next we
are going to remove the little clamp that holds that water line in place.
A single quarter inch screw or if the clamp is loose enough you can probably pull the
tubing through it. Now we can close that door and we will remove the upper hinge. Now next
we will remove a single Philip screw that holds the in cap in place, we will lift that
off and we can disconnect the wire harnesses, and remove the single screw that holds the ground
water in place, next we will remove the three screws that hold the hinge to the cabinet.
Now making sure that the door is firmly closed and the gasket is holding it in place, we
will lift up in the hinge to clear it from the locating tabs, we will just turn it sideways.
And now we are ready to lift the door off and put it on a suitable work surface so that
we can do the repair.
Now as we lift that door off we are also going to be pulling that water line up through the
lower hinge, so do it carefully, and now we can set it down where we can do the work on
it. Now with the door on a suitable work surface, I have exposed the door closer cam on the
bottom here; it’s held in place with a single quarter inch hex head screw, you just need
to remove that screw. Next with the putty knife we are going to get in under the edge
of that and pry it loose. Pop that out of the opening in the door panel, or we can slide
it right off of the tubing, discard it.
Take our new closure, first of all install it over the tubing and it’s a hex shaped
shaft on the back side of that cam, so we need to line that up with the opening in the
door panel. Reinstall the screw, and you could apply a little bit of food grade grease, just
a small amount to that closure cam and then we are ready to reinstall the door. Now when
we go to reinstall this door, you may need some assistance in guiding the water line
through the opening in the bottom hinge. So we are simply going to lift that up, guide
that through that opening, making sure not to kink that water line and make sure the
door is seated firmly on the lower hinge. Put it roughly in position, and we are going
to lift the upper hinge, set it over the locating hinges, and we are ready to reinstall the
three 5/16 screws.
We’ll just turn the screws in slowly to begin with, until we align the door up. So
what we want to look for is an even height across the top and an even gap between the
two doors. Once we have achieved that we can tighten our screws securely. Next we will
reinstall ground wire, short Philip screw and tighten that securely. Next we will reconnect
the wire harnesses and then reinstall the cover. Now we are ready to reconnect the water
line. Now before we reconnect that water line, we will want to snip about a quarter of an
inch off the end of that tubing so that we have fresh piece for the plant nut to hold
it. So we will open the door up, give us a little extra room, and then just taking a
nice sharp utility knife, lay that tube across a block of wood. And snip the piece off, now
we will feed it up through the clamp, slide the nut on to the end of the tubing and make
sure it’s fully inserted into the coupling.
Make sure it bottoms out before you tighten that nut; make sure the nuts are securely
tightened, and we can close that door up. Now before we install the kick plate, we will
plug the refrigerator in and use the water dispenser to make sure that we have no leaks
in that area. If everything is fine there then we can reinstall the kick plate. Now
we are ready to install the kick plate, I will open the doors again. There are two spring
clips one on either end of that kick plate, we will align those up with the openings in
the cabinet snap them into place. And our repair is complete. I told you it was an easy
job. Thanks for watching, and good luck with your repair.