Beyonce - Countdown Dance

Uploaded by DanceOn on 13.10.2011

Today's hottest story in my book is Beyonce's new video
"Countdown" hitting the web.
I absolutely love the video.
I mean, Beyonce's videos are so unexpected.
They're always a surprise.
The editor for this video definitely had their work cut
out for them with all of these boxes, panels, and colors
flashing by.
I mean, that had to take forever.
I really love how she went back to brunette, and there's
a lot of close-ups and boxy frames going on.
It reminds me of Andy Warhol.
The dancing is amazing.
I really love it.
Some modern choreography going on.
I think I even saw a double pirouette at some point.
But one thing I know I definitely saw was the Beyonce
baby bump rub.
Which is coming back, I think I'm going to
do this in the club.
I don't know if that was Beyonce's idea or Danielle
Polanco, the choreographer's idea, but I can always use a
good belly rub.