Gloria Jean, In Person: "Destiny"

Uploaded by NEPenguin on 19.05.2009

>> GLORIA JEAN: Welcome to YouTube. I'm Gloria Jean.
I hope you enjoy some of my favorite film clips from my movies.
>>ANNCR: This is Cliff Banks, who knew only one kind of woman until fate gave him three.
One woman to hate.
>>CLIFF: I gotta blow this town.
>>PHYLLIS: Just when we got acquainted?
>>ANNCR: One woman to kill.
>>ANNCR: And one who brought him the strangest love a man ever knew.
>>CLIFF: Did you ever come up here with a fellow?
>>JANE: No.
>>CLIFF: Wouldn't you like to have a fellow, somebody who'd look after you in case anything
>>ANNCR: Starring Gloria Jean, in her first great dramatic triumph.
Alan Curtis. Frank Craven. Grace McDonald. Vivian Austin. Minna Gombell.
>>CLIFF: Keep going, sister. Don't be scared.
>>BETTY: I don't think I'm too frightened.
>>CLIFF: I like a dame with nerve.
>>BETTY: You have the look of a man who likes a ... dame.
>>CLIFF: Jane, I can't go into town.
>>JANE: But my father, he'll die! Why can't you go into town?
>>CLIFF: I'm not going to put my neck in a trap for anybody.
>>CLIFF: You kinda like me too, don't you? Sure you do.
A fellow can tell when a girl likes him.
>>GLORIA: This is Gloria Jean, thanking you for watching.