ACORDE entrevista Caio Durazzo Rock n' Roll Trio - parte 1

Uploaded by AcordeTV on 12.11.2012

Besides Caio Durazzo Rock n' Roll Trio, you also play on Crazy Legs, with Fabio McCoy
and with your one-man band. What are the difference between these three projects?
It's a lot different. Crazy Legs is a rockabilly band, with English lyrics. Caio Trio is a rock and roll band with lyrics in Portuguese
and the one-man band is the songs I like to listen and play. So I play covers, basically.
Now I'm playing in all these bands. It's all rock and roll, but they're all very different.
Regarding Crazy Legs and the Trio, how is the writing process? How do you chose what goes to which band?
Actually, McCoy writes most of Crazy Legs' lyrics. I always wrote in Portuguese, I don't write in English.
So this is what happens. I end up writing in Portuguese. So i see if it fits the band and this is how it works for me.
In the rockabilly scene is very common to play covers, almost every band's set is based on covers
and the Trio only plays originals, right?
The idea is to play only originals. But when we play at some parties when we have to perform for two or three hours...
we don't have enough material for that, so we play some covers. But the idea is to play only originals songs in Portuguese.
Most of the shows are based in it. We usually play a couple of covers as references.
But the idea is to play only originals in Portuguese.
How the audience reacts to these originals?
It's cool! Some people like it, some people don't. But the important thing is that the three of us like it
and have a fucking great time, so fuck off. It's an identification thing, you know?
Some people identifies themselves with the lyrics, but some people do have those experiences so...
But it's cool. We're happy with it. - Besides the beer...
Recently, you released Caio Durazzo Rock n' Roll Trio's CD. How is the acceptence so far?
It's good! The sales are good. We were expecting it would suck but the sales are OK.
It think we still have 300 copies out of 1,000. I was released on May 10th
We're selling it at our shows and McCoy sells it via Internet.
I thought it would take longer to sell it. But people like it, specially motoclubs.
It has nothing to do with rockabilly. The rockabilly audience not even go see us perform.
It's a rock and roll band. So motoclubs and alternative venues... The CD sales are going OK!
I follow you Facebook page and you play shows almost everyday of the week.
Not everyday. If it were everyday, it would be great!
I mean you have a busy schedule...
How do you manage Crazy Leg's, Caio Durazzo's and one-man band schedules?
We talk to each other. McCoy plays in other bands: Red Lights Gang, Kid Vinil, Surfadelica, Crazy Legs...
Seedão also plays in other bands: Oinc 'n' Roll, Seedão HD, Rockabilly Bop...
We talk to each other. We do dates reservations.
- Who comes first, takes it! - Who comes first, takes it!
And I play many gigs in weekdays, when there are no other shows. On Wednesdays, on Thursdays...
So, in the end, it works.