Nail art corset de mariage / How to do wedding corset nails

Uploaded by tartofraises1 on 26.04.2010

Hello! I'll show you how to make a corset on nail art French manicure colors to remind the subject of marriage
I begin by putting a layer of pink
which makes it possible to see a color much pretty at the end
Then I will do my French sectioned
I'll leave a space of about 2 mm in the middle
I began as a French exception that a little bit before the middle of the nail I stop and turn with my nail polish brush
Then I do the laces and the node with the flat brush Abalico
With my white nail polish I will make two crosses on the outside of my French
Then I'll draw a node above
Then I will put two other layers of the pink of the beginning.
and as long as it is not dry I will put my silver rhinestone and a layer of top coat
That's it!