Abbey Medieval Festival

Uploaded by VolunteeringQldTV on 11.08.2011

Rachel Muir: We have just been organising all the volunteers and sourcing them from
everywhere for the festival… because the festival doesn’t
run without its volunteers. We had over 200 people respond this year which
is really good, so it’s a lot more than last year.
What we did was we actually targeted people who were in charge of volunteer work
experience and that sort of stuff for schools… because a lot of schools have that
component now.
So we just sent emails to the schools… I have no idea how many but quite a few. And
all of the local high schools and that, so we had a lot of people interested and people
come from Gympie that this is their first time at the festival... just because they
have heard of it through things like that. We have
also targeted a lot of organisations and that sort of thing, so instead of sort of
going individually we were trying to get big groups of people.
There are so many different roles from catering for everyone, so helping out with
making sandwiches and stuff for all of our volunteers, to working on the gates with
eftpos machines and everything, helping out at the jousting arena, selling tickets,
cleaning stuff, pretty much everything a festival needs.
And a lot of them are regulars too which is really nice, so they’re people that come
back year after year. We definitely have people
that have been with us for 5 years, this is the
22nd year of the festival so a lot of the organising team they have been here for a
long time and they’re all volunteers too.
Doug Baker: This is the first weekend I’ve ever volunteered in my life… so, I thought
it was time to start. I heard about it on the internet, we
filled in the paper work, and we haven’t been
here before… and was really good, it’s a good experience. There are lots of nice
things, lots of nice people, the people have been
very good, the people coming in and the exhibiters. I think it’s a good thing to
do, because most of our life is money, money, money, and this is helping people. Everybody
helps everybody here, so it was really nice.
Kathyrn Downey: This is my first time volunteering at the Medieval Festival, my job here is Store
Holder Assistant. So throughout the day with Sam
and Karis who is the Store Holder Coordinator, we go around and check on the
store holders, we help get them set up, make sure that everything is going okay, that
everything that is being sold is within the bounds of medieval and just generally make
sure there is no problems. It’s a lot of fun… it’s really great
to be involved in an event where people come and they
are so excited to be here. You got the children who are all dressed up and they’re
looking forward to it, and the adults who are involved, the reenactors. So it’s a
lot of fun, it’s a great day out for everybody.
Rachel Muir: Everyone is really generous with their time and it’s not something that they
have to do… and actually it’s a lot of work. It sort
of re-affirms your faith in humanity, that there are
people out there who want to give.