A salvação eterna

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The eternal salvation
"I believe in the forgiveness of sins" is the Apostles' Creed
The theme on which we reflect today
is the most important of all our lives:
our eternal salvation.
It depends our happiness without end.
We can not fail to be interested in him.
It would be folly!
- Let us listen, Jesus first:
He "went through the cities and villages, teaching, the way to Jerusalem.
Someone said to him: "Lord, there are few who are saved"?
He replied:
"Strive to enter through the narrow gate;
because many, I say unto you I,
try to enter without success "... (Lc.13).
Jesus also said:
"How difficult entrerão the Kingdom of God those who have wealth!
Yes, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle
than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. "
Those who heard Him said, "Who then can be saved?
Brothers, all these words from the mouth of Merciful Jesus are so terrifying!
Thinking about it,
I confess that I was often tempted to imitate S. Francis of Assisi
and, with the Missionaries of Merciful Love of the Heart of Jesus and Employees
go, as he, the streets and squares of our cities and villages, and shout to everyone:
Brothers, save yourself, save yourself if you can!
I am sure that the least that could happen
was being arrested and taken to the madhouse ...!
However, we were just to warn our brothers
to guard the awful danger of eternal damnation.
S. Francis knew the danger.
So full of apostolic zeal,
July 1 sent his friars to the villages
and villages on the outskirts of Assisi to preach there eternal salvation.
Headed for the marketplace,
always stopped and began to sing an anthem that Francis had taught them.
"Fear and praise God, praise Him and give thanks to him!
Praise the Lord, the Almighty,
and invoke the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
the Creator of all things!
Repent, and that your conversion will produce its fruit:
they should know that soon you will die!
Confess all your sins!
Blessed are those who die converted
it will go to the Kingdom of Heaven!
But woe to those (continued Francisco) who die without having converted
it will forever be children of the devil,
complete your work and be cast into everlasting fire!
Take heed and be alert to avoid all evil
and persevere in well until the last day! "
"And was not long before the brothers would remember the exhortations
Francisco that they had to separate from them.
People were taking us for fools, mocked them
and reproached them and threw them with mud paths.
Others stole up to him the facts.
Others still clung in the hood
and dragged us as if they were sacks of flour.
But the 'novices', as true men evangelicals
not even attempted to defend themselves and continued their path semi-naked.. "
Worthies, yes! Just wanted to help their brothers to save himself,
because Jesus had said "that was to be preached in His name,
repentance and forgiveness of sins to all nations. "
Brothers, I cite here a communication
estimated the Father Fernando Leite, Jesuit,
the 150th anniversary of the Apostleship of Prayer.:
Brethren, meditate on it! It's amazing!
Of the six billion inhabitants of earth,
most of it is submerged in darkness.
The full light of faith illuminates only some 900 million.
The fact that we are baptized will be sufficient for our salvation?
Who will rise by 10 steps of the commandments is indispensable
to eternal bliss?
Jesus said, "If thou wilt enter into life, keep the Commandments" (Mt.19).
Against this disheartening spectacle,
be surprised that Our Lady has said,
Appearing on August 19 in Valinhos at Fatima:
"Many souls go to hell"?
Appearing earlier in July,
had shown the humble three children the horrific scene
of eternal torment, this bitter ending with confidence:
"You have seen hell where the souls of sinners."
Account Lucia, in her Third Memoir,
I once met her cousin Jacinta, sitting up in bed, very thoughtful: -
"Jacinta, are you thinking?
- In the war that is to come.
Must die and many people will a lot of people, almost all to hell.
They will be razed many houses and killed many priests. "
Father Ricardo Lombardi, founder of the Movement for a Better World
when passed in 1953 by Portugal,
Lucy had with the Seer of Fatima an interview
that reported in the Journal of the Holy See
"L'Osservatore Romano della Domenica"
and reproduced by various media organs,
a particular way by the "Voice of Fatima" from April 13, 1954.
The Seer will have you confided:
"If there's a major renovation,
only a limited part of the human race be saved. "
I hope that God will save most ... - The priest objected.
Father, condemn themselves many.
- It is true that the world is full of vices,
but there is always a hope of salvation.
- No, Father, many, many will be lost.
Your words troubled me;
I returned to Italy with a serious warning that the heart!
How many souls will live in God's grace,
prerequisite for salvation?
On another day, Sister Lucia,
reporting the confidences which had revealed to him the Blessed Sacrament,
Portuguese wrote to the prelate, now deceased,
Manuel Maria Ferreira da Silva, Archbishop of Cízico:
"The good Lord complains bitterly and painfully
the extremely limited number of souls in grace. "
Also meditate on the words of Pope Pius XII:
He said: "Parade for our roads
as a grisly trail of dead or dying souls. "
And Don Cherry Manuel Gonçalves Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon
In a speech to the Catechists of the Diocese of
had been expressed almost identical words:
"Most of our men dead.
We have the impression of watching a procession of the dead,
the way to hell. "
Regardless of these assertions and even private revelations,
note the words of Jesus:
"Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate that leads to destruction,
and there are many who enter through it.
What strait is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life!
And there are few that find it "(Mt 7, 13-14).
Who is to blame for this state of things?
Nor is it surely to blame God, who wills the salvation of all.
Let us listen to St. Paul:
"God our Savior wants all men to be saved
and coming to know the truth "(1 Tim 2.4).
For its part St. Peter also confirms this statement:
"The Lord uses of patience with you,
not willing that any should perish
but that all should turn to repentance "(2 Pt, 3.9).
In the Old Testament God had said through the prophet Ezekiel:
"Is he the death of my desire of the wicked?
No, I want it to be converted and live "(Ez 18, 23).
The fault is not of Christ, with his bloody death,
reached more than enough to merit the salvation of all.
My brethren, many people say:
"Ah, but God is good, the Lord's mercy is great ...".
Make no mistake: God is infinitely merciful!
The danger is that these people make these statements
to justify their misconduct sin.
They want to continue in their addictions, infidelity in their marriage,
in its corruption, its violations of the holy law of God and say:
"God is good."
Yes, He is infinitely good, but those who humbly
recognize their sins, ask forgiveness to Him,
who confess their sins and dealing seriously out of them.
In this case may believe in the forgiveness of sins.
God will forgive everything and act with His Mercy;
otherwise, it will act with His righteousness.
With God is no laughing matter!
The fault is of those who rejected the Light
'The Apostle Peter said to the people ...:
Denied the Holy One, the Righteous One (Jesus)
One and asked for the release of a murderer (Barabbas) ...
Now, brethren, I know that you acted in ignorance ...
Therefore, repent and turn to God,
so that your sins are forgiven. " (Acts, 13-19).
Pope Pius XI said:
"Everyone is obligated to cooperate in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
Doing nothing is a sin of omission as well can become very serious. "
The Father has placed in our hands the merits of His Son.
The rings we distribute the souls that purifies the blood, sanctifies and saves. "
Let us pray for poor sinners and let us help them
to open your heart to the Divine Mercy of God
And God will forgive your sins. - Amen.
The blessing of God Almighty Father, Son and Holy Spirit
descend upon you, your families,
about your patients,
upon your request and remain forever.
Amen Brother, Amen.