Japanese Streetstyle in Berlin // Nude // eNtR berlin

Uploaded by entrberlin on 21.11.2012

It's like a zoo. There are windows all around.
Sometimes people just stop and watch me.
I need some felt for sushi cushions.
It's for a big Manga convention.
They like cute, cuddly things.
I thought those people also like sushi.
I thought I'd make large sushi cushions
with salmon on top and a cute face at the front.
I'm sure that'll sell.
What do you have to do now?
Sow. The fair is happening soon.
Yes. Is there a lot to do? And no intern?
Taking the bottles.
And in there.
No matter how old you are,
your dad will give you empty bottles to return.
He thinks it's educational.
When I was very little,
I wanted to be a Manga artist, a comic artist.
Then I thought that would be difficult.
What else can I do?
I'll be a fashion designer.
So I started making stuff for my Barbie doll
and for myself, whatever I felt I needed.
I'll do that.
If it doesn't work out I'm still young enough
to study something "reasonable",
like business administration
or environment technology.
But I'm 23 now and it's all worked out so far.
I had a few things as a kid where I thought
I have to do that before I die.
I had done it all before I turned 22.
I went to Japan, became a designer
and have my own shop.
If I get run over by a car now it's not so bad.
My dressmaker's angle
or optional zombie apocalypse weapon.
In case my baseball bat doesn't work.
This is our secret shop hatch.
This is my basement hide-out.
Badly behaved interns stay here.
This is my work space.
I make jewellery out of casting resin
which stinks so horribly you wouldn't believe it
so that I can only do it down here.
So I stand here with my cool mask
and try not to breathe.
It's a pity Berlin is such a sloppy city
where everyone can wear whatever.
People walk around in tracksuit bottoms
which is cool, really.
But people forgot how to dress up, too.
Except for the punks and drag queens.
You need to be bold for that.
Sometimes I wonder if they play
or if someone is chasing them with an axe.
This is what they look like.
This much rice and a bit of salmon.
My dad gave me some worldly wisdom
at the Chinese restaurant: "Not so much rice."
This is a great cushion, too.
It's my ad cushion. "We stitch for you."