Assorted gems, 3회 EP03 #04

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Oh, hi.
I brought some kimchi for you.
Oh, thank you so much.
You don’t have many belongings.
I’ve got no possessions.
What’s that?
She gave me kimchi.
What kind?
Just kimchi.
Let me see.
Gee. Look at the color, probably from low quality red pepper.
Come on in.
You are kidding. I bought a high quality.
Look at the color. It’s blackish.
Hey, look at mine.
If you have eyes, just take a look, ok?
Just compare them if you have eyes.
You see the color? It’s red.
That’s the way kimchi should look.
It’s seasoned with ‘Sun-Dried’ pepper.
This will taste good as it is, and this too.
Taste it.
The kimchi is graded by taste.
According to whom? .
How is it? Isn’t it good?
See, this is what we can call kimchi.
Make a broth with that one.
Gee, you can’t downgrade my kimchi.
I go crazy with kimchi. Of all sorts!
I’ll definitely enjoy this, and this.
Didn’t you hear the news on the effects of low-quality kimchi?
There’re iron powders mixed in it.
Iron powders?
Oh, come on…
What’s wrong with your lips? Became a vampire?
Just shut the mouth.
Why? You don’t wanna listen? Wanna fight?
Well, let’s go out. I’ll buy you some tea.
Oh, it’s alright. Hey, look.
This is seasoned sesame leaf, and this is pickled radish.
Slice and put them in water. They’ll stimulate your appetite.
Awesome, these are my favorites.
Let me know when you need more.
Ok. Thank you so much.
When did you come?
Just now.
Oh. Did you have dinner?
You know my dinner time at 6.
So you did it, huh?
But they still look flat.
They’re in bandages.
I can’t understand you at all.
It cost you, it hurt you,
and you were nearly dead. So why?
As a woman, I wanted to have an attractive figure.
What do you think you will get with that figure?
There’s nothing in return.
You’re not that old to have gotten senile dementia.
Do you think $6,000 is so small that you can just get yourself melons with?
I’ve already had a brawl with Jade. So please, leave me alone.
Then take it as the second round with your mother-in-law.
Please don’t be like that since Jade and Ruby is acting just like you to me.
Behave well if you want to be treated well.
You should give them a good example, but frankly, is there anything you’re good at?
As a mother, you shouldn’t have gotten melons ahead of Jade or Ruby.
Oh, Mother. Please stop saying ‘melons.’
Why, you like grapefruits better?
You think $6,000 is small?
With that amount of money,
you could have helped poor people.
How could you waste that big money for your own sake?
Can’t you just stop it?
It’s only a beginning.
I feel like…
Feel like what? To take it out from her breast?
There’s an old saying.
As you get old, shut the mouth and open the purse.
Open your purse first before you preach.
Know that your mouth pours out all the evils in you.
You are not different in being stingy.
Forgive me, Your Highness.
Does your husband always come home this late?
I can understand why he doesn’t come home early.
Come on.
He has a lovely wife and cute children who feed and give him comforts.
Nothing wrong with a man staying out late.
Better than being at home all day.
Let’s just leave her alone.
They say ‘Do not withhold discipline from a child.’
Stop leaving her to herself.
You should punish her when she’s wrong, and praise when good.
But I guess there’s nothing to praise though.
I’m sick of you.
Sick of me? At last?
Mother, I know I have nothing to be proud of. I’ll do well.
We have worst-fated relationship.
I know.
Let’s see who’s gonna outlive.
Long life to you.
May I curse you?
I can curse you too.
Have you ever blessed anybody?
Oh, you think you’ve blessed people?
Mom! Mother, take care.
You are a complete senile freak.
Hey! Who is what?
Look into a mirror, and you’ll know.
Ahh, my stomache aches.
Why’s Ruby late? Wasn’t she on the day shift?
She’s coming.
If I’m an old freak, then are you a haggish mental?
What’s that noise? A dog barking?
You better watch your back.
Your grandma sounds like hitting me.
Isn’t that what she meant?
I’m gonna have a heart attack.
What is it this time?
Jade, bear a son when you’re married.
Having a daughter will make you miserable like me.
Isn’t there a program like British Got Talent?
What do you think she enters that show?
With the specialty of acting.
Her acting of crying is awesome.
Are you crazy?
Hey, Hey!
That hag!
Stop there!
They’re so strong, so I managed to pull them apart.
Though she’s thinner, Goong grandma is more tenacious than Pi grandma.
Anyway, our family’s got a lot of problems.
People might call us a boor family.
Kyle saw it.
He must have despised us in his heart.
The two grannys should be set apart, as far as possible.
One in the west coast, the other in the east coast.
Remember I told you I saw them tearing each other’s hair out when I was little?
Had it not been me, they would have gone worse.
Can I have an iced tea?
Who is it?
It’s me.
What is it? Because of Heja?
Then what?
Mom. What if I have another baby?
Are you kidding?
Is that Heja’s idea?
You already have four, and that’s enough.
Who is it at this time?
It’s Heja.
Where are you?
I stopped by Mom’s.
Are you coming soon?
Just go. Your hooter wife’s waiting for you�