CommentPiG General Settings

Uploaded by BlogPiG on 13.08.2010

Here's a quick overview of the general settings box in commentpig
First you need schedule commentpig by setting a delay between comments attempts.
You can choose any range you want and commentpig will set a random delay within your limits
each time. You can also tell commentpig not to comment
on posts older than a certain amount of days. This is good for ensuring your newest posts
receive the most comments. You can exlude certain categories from commentpig
comments by ticking the box and then ticking the categories to exclude from your list.
Next you need to choose the target that commentpig will use to find your comments.
99% of users will use post tags as this gives the most accurate comments.
Obviously your posts must already have tags for this work.
You can filter which tags that are used as targets by the number of words.
Setting this to 2 is useful as one word tags such as shopping or finance are very generic.
Using the post title as the target will yield poor results unless your titles are very specific
and short such as product names or film titles. Advanced users can set a custom field as the
target. If you have uploaded your own comment list
you should set the random target to have commentpig choose comments randomly from your list.
The comment status setting will depend on the type of blog your are running.
For autoblogs I would set this to approved so all comments go live automatically.
For other blog or if you're experimenting with different settings you can set this to
awating moderation so all new comments wait for your approval before going live.
Finally the retry setting controls what happens next if commentpig fails to find a comment
on a particular run. Setting this to 2 or 3 will make commentpig
try another run using a different target from a new post at a new source.
Hit save once you are happy with your settings.