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How's Okinawa?
It's a really nice place. Fresher than Tokyo.
What are you doing now?
Erika and I are having lunch with friends.
What about youTadashi. In the studio?
Yeah, worki ng.
Can't get an okay from the boss.
That sound?
Whatever. I'm off to record the actual sound.
Right Be careful.
You worry too much Kaori. I'm okay.
By the way what about summer house.
Very comfortable.
I have to thank your uncle.
Good, my uncle will be pleased.
I don't like it, it's to close to the sea.
You can't swim can you.
True enough.
I'd prefer 0 honeymoon away from the sea.
I can't wait for graduation.
The six months have flown by
Oh, right.
What's up? you later.
Okay. Say hi to your friends for me!
Who's he?
Mmm me local guy.
He said he wanted to show me round.
You'll follow any guy who says hello. It was the same earlier.
You're lucky you already have someone, but...
Erika, you're fine.You're a guy magnet.
Time's precious on this grad' trip so let'sjust relax and forget about men.
It's so boring without guys.
Right Aki?
Still eating?
You'll get fat.
No chance, I've always been the same. I don't care...
Kaori,I just remembered.
I want to go shopping in Kokusai Street next.
Agai n?
Why not? Aki,get out the guidebook
Yo u Will Love Okinawa: Ch ura To ur
Directed by Takayuki Hirao
Oh! It's such along way.
Don't ask questions.
It's rent free.
Anyway, you've spent all your money on shopping Erika.
We still have another couple of days.
I envy you Kaori.You don't have to work after graduation,and your boyfriend is rich.
We have to find work
I don't want to world
"'ev/ms Akn
What's wrong?
Hey...can you smell something?
Well, probably something rotten.
Oh...that's why I hate hot places.
My make up disappears quickly with all the sweat.
Kaori, let's go.
O I<3Y'
Hurry up and open it Kaori.
Hang on.
I'm going as fast as I can.
What's that smell.
What's this, something gone off.
I'm sure there's nothing rotten here.
I can't stand it.
Aki, hurry up and open the window.
Oh,that was so gross.
Did you hear something a minute ago?
Eh. Listen!
What happened?
There was something big...
Are you sure, can't see anything.
I know I saw something!
You're imagining things.
What the hell was that?
What the hell!
it's got legs.
Disgusting! It really stinks.
Aki chuck it out.
Hey Kaori, let's call the concierge to throw it out.
Impossible they go back to town at night.
Hex hurry upAki!
If it so important to throw it out, do it yourself.
What did you say!
Erika, bring me a plastic bag.
I'll throw it out.
What the hell is this?
It's such a disgusting smell.
This was the source.
Hello. Tadashi?
Sorry I couldn't call you.
A fish with legs?
It will be global news if you tell the media.
Oh, you not taking me seriously.
But, that fish was already rotten and dead,
so how could it move.
However, I recognise that smell.
It's a dead human smell...
0 really weird smell.
Don't worry it is just 0 rotten fish smell.
If you're worried I will tell my uncle when I get back tomorrow.
He'll know something.
Yes,thank you. See you.
Where are we going today?
Let's see.
I wonder who that is?
Erika, come here
I came.
Please don't come in here.
Well,great.This a real summer house.
The guy's from yesterday.
Get rid of them.
Why?... just for a little while.
We've got plans today.
Oh, I'll pass on that. It's so boring.
Hey, let's relax in the other room.
Oh, cool!
Just the two of us then.
Hey, do you smell anything.
Same smell as yesterday.
I remember...
It's okay to leave them.
They're fine, they're going out soon.
I want to talk to that girl Kaori as well.
She's beautiful isn't she?
You'll be disappointed, she's way too serious and boring.
let's have a threesome.
Great idea!
Oh yeah! Can smell something!
What you think I reek?
No not really.
Can you smell something rotten?
Help me,Aki!
E...Erika!'t...stand up...
Get off. Get off me!
What the fuck is that!
And this smell...
It's fish. The fish are walking.
I repeal
This is an unbelievable sight Fish are walking.
Thousands and thousands of walking fish like creatures landed on the main island of Okinawa.
They then moved on to aii the surrounding islands, causing extensive damage as they rarnpaged.
I shot them many times, but they don't die easily
Moreover, the walking fish srnefl really disgusting.
Anyway, it's such 0 bad smell. Like rotting human corpses.
Captured creatures were sent to a research institute.
We”, I was so surprised. I almost died, but by helping each other we stayed alive.
Weii...i was passing the house, and we heard girls screaming.
So I came into the house to help them. I was really surprised when I saw rt
Oh, what a waste. My eyes were mosaiced. No point in retouching my make up for the camera
Are you okay, Kaori?
One of my friends was slightly injured.
I'm sorry the summer house is damaged.
It doesn't matter, as long as you are safe.
I just saw the news, it's a serious situation.
I was so scared.
You were brave.
What about in Tokyo?
It's very quiet here.
What happened?
Just a traffic jam.
By the way, about yesterday, I told my uncle...
Tad as hi.
just a minute.
Something strange.
Tad ashi
Hey, what's wrong Tadashi?
Don't come back to Tokyo.
Tad ashi. Tadashi!
So boring!
Shall we relax?
Continue what we started?
O I<3Y'
Kaori, what are you up to?
Sorry,I must go back toTokyo.
What's the sudden problem?
Yes, Why?
Sorry, but something's happened toTadashi.
I'm so worried as so many strange things have happened since yesterday.
It's dangerous out there. Try waiting a little while.
Hey, don't go Kaori.
I'll be alone without you.
Erika is still here.
Erika kicked me!
I think she was really agitated.
But, everyone has someone they need to help if they are in trouble.
Family, for example.
For me that isTadashi.
Try to understand.
Yes, I'm terribly sorry, please understand.
So, can I wait for a cancellation?
I really need to be back inTokyo today.
Hey, treat me gently as I was injured.
Oh sorry.
Shit Erika Stop enjoying yourself. I can hear everything. Go to hell...slut..
Kaori,you betrayed me.l can't forgive that you left me alone. Die...die...die...
Excuse me...'re welcome.
Excuse me is thisTokyo?
No it isn't.
It's Okinawa.
Do you know what's happening inTokyo?
No, no idea.
I can't find any news about it online, so I think it will be alright.
I see.
You were waiting for a cancellation, weren't you?
It's good that you got a seat.
We've met before?
Well...l don't think so.
Isn't this you?
Yes of course,that's it. I thought I had seen you somewhere before.
But,that's such a tiny image.
Because of my job I am attuned to beautiful images.
Excuse me sir, please can you turn the computer off.
Okay. I will when I've finished this email.
We're taking off very soon.
Please!This is my job!
When I've finished.l promise.
So,finished. See I've switched if off now.
I really had to send this email to avoid being scooped.
Covering an event or something else?
I'm Shirakawa Nice to meet you.
You're a cameraman?
I'm a freelancer.
So I have tojump on any chance.
This seemed a better way to spend my time than being on holiday.
So as the walking fish story cooled off I finished my holiday and now back toTokyo.
I'm Kaori.
On a graduation trip.
You travelling alone on the return leg.
You seemed in a rush.
In fact...
Attention everyone, we are preparing for landing.
Oh my god! I've got lumps on my face.
What do you think of that sound?
The sound of cicadas chills me out.
But,it is a sad sound for me.
I remember when my father died.
I remember everything at that moment.
Even the rotting smell.
I heard that the smell of a corpse is difficult to get rid off.
Sometimes it remains for the following six months.
Almost like it wants to remind us.
eventually it goes even if it takes along time.
Tad ashi
I really don't want smell that odour ever again.
So don't dieTadashi.
I won't die. We're together forever.
Tad ashi
What's happening?
S hi rakawa?
What's going on?
It's too dangerous to land.
What about another airport?
I can't contact anyone,
and fuel is getting very low.
Nothing for it!
Preparing to land at Haneda airport now.
Is this your fiancée.
- Just in case... - Yes.
Where's Erika?
She's not feeling well so she told us to get out.
Uh, wait...
Breaking news:Airplane crash lands at Haneda airport..
Tbday all roads are impassable due to the vast numbers of walking fish.
Odaiba as well?
It seems trains are still running.
Yes,I also heard that.
The fish only landed a few minutes ago.
I hope they stay on the coast.
The news just confirmed that the fish had come ashore on Odaiba as well.
Oh no!When?
Information is getting confusing now.
Best to take the monorail. It's faster.
Too many people on the monorail.
I hope you keep safe.
What about you?
I'll keep working here for awhile.
O I<3Y'
Thanks for all your help.
No problem.
...Please can you ask Prof Koyanagi's opinion on the walking fish. Attached is 0 photo of him for your reference
Professor Koyanagi?
Is this your fiancée?
Doors closing.
I'll come with you if you do not mind.
But what about the job?
We are going to the same destination so let's go together.
We'll split up when you are safely with Tadashi.
Are you sure?
Well, work-wise, it will be interesting to learn about you.
I'm not that strong, but you can rely on me as a bodyguard.
If you don't mean...please.
O I<3Y'
What's our destination?
I'll can probably find out at the Odaiba studio.
I see.
What are you looking at?
Ah,online info.
What caused the walking fish to evolve.
Look at that the walking fish appeared again off the Okinawa coast
Erika Erika!
What's wrong with you. You stay in there.
Don't come in. Nothing's wrong with me.
Hey,the walking fish are back It's so dangerous this time.
What a stink
Erika.»/here are you... it reeks in here.
Let's get back to Tokyo, fast.
Get out.
Don't get near me.
Kaori. Kaori!
Oh good. Are you alright? me.
The train suddenly derailed.
Everyone please listen carefully
Help is on it's way.
If you are injured please stay where you are.
If you can walk, the station is close by. It's okay to walk there.
This was the cause of the accident.
What shall we do?
Let's go to the station.
It's best to go quickly.
Look..the station. that you?
I feel strange...after being speared...
Awful stench. face feels Wei rd.
Can you give me a mirror.
It's okay.
I'll check it myself.
My body feels weird as well.
I can't control myself.
Ah! Is this me! Am I the cause of the smell?
I-|...l-Ielp meg
I heard the trains are still running.
Let us on.
All the trains are now suspended.
Fucki ng creatures.
The stories changed now.
I don't know.
Anyway, the trains are not running now.
What's happening. Every train?
What's happening outside?
Anyway, we've no choice as the trains have stopped.
You said the city was safe.
I don't know. I saw it in on the internet.
"Witheld Number"
Kao...ri? Kaori.
Tadashi...Is that you?
I can't understand what you're saying.
Where are you now?
Kaori, let's borrow that truck
Come here!
You okay?
This way.
Are you alright?
Yes, you saved me.
Well, I...
OH We go!
Are you okay?
Yes,just a scratch.
What's up?
Well...something in the sky.
Hey, don't run away from me.
We're friends, aren't we?
Hey, why are running away from me?
Look at the state you're in.
You're so ugly. Serves you right.
What are you talking about?
You're always dissing me, aren't you?
Kaori likewise.
You treat me like an ugly girl.
How does it feel now?
You fucked Kaori's friend,didn't you?
I'm surprised you can look her in the face.
Kaori will kill you if she finds out.
Now you have an ugly face that matches your disgusting character.
Now you're getting your comeuppance.
You ugly bitch!
I don't want another sound from you.
You have a face that fits now.
How dare you!
Rel uctantly I became your friend even though men don't like you.
Get off!
You can't do anything on your own.
You were speared a little while ago.
See,you are beginning to smell.
Soon you'll be like this.
You ugly bitch!!
You're always like this. The guys only like you and Kaori.
I'm not a third wheel, bitch!
I'll tell you now, Erika. You're not so pretty now.
You fucking cow!
What's happening?
I'm press.What's going on?
Odaiba and the bay area are totally off limits as we try to contain the walking fish on the shoreline.
Oh no. What's happened to the people on Odajba.
Civilians are not allowed here.
So leave immediately.
My boyfriend... my fiancée is in Odajba.
Kaori! Hey!
Let go.
Tadashi... Tadashi is in Odaiba.
Please let me go!
Give me a break!
I have to escape.
Where are you?
Where's everyone gone?
Are you okay?
- Hey. -...let me go.
Let me go.
Let me go.
- Please. - You.
Kaori, are you alright?
\/Vai t...wait a mi n ute
Let's get out of here now.
Right. Kaori?
Please. Let me go.
Hey, Kaori...
Why don't you let me go?
Ka...Kaori, let's go.
Let go of me!
Hey...let's go.
What are you going to do?
Brought to you now afier the break in transmission.
This is an emergency broadcast
Thousands and thousands of unknown creatures are appearing in the city centre now.
The new species of creature that propagated so profusely,
have committed group suicide to controi their own population
This is not group suicide though...
This is your telephone company. Lines are overloaded at this time
This is nonsense.
The government doesn't announce anything.
These grotesque creatures are both envoys from ancient times and invaders.
Now's the time to Mow master Esparnuripotokds teachings and find the saviour
We have to wake up and welcome the new era.
According to a government announcement at about I L30 North Korea...
The government is consistently denying that the walking fish are spreading 0 virus.
Shirakawa...I'm sorry...but I...
It doesn't matter, I'm sure you were shocked.
Also thank you for the shower.
I want to apologise for bringing you here.
I wanted to take you home, but it's too far to Kokubunji under these circumstances.
Did you manage to contactTadashi's studio.
No, it seems I lost my mobile somewhere.
Oh bummer.
I will check it out.
What were you doing?
I have been editing my footage.
What's this?
Internet broadcast stream.
Excuse me, let me through
Why are you filming?
What was...that?
Maybe the cause of the virus is the walking fish monsters, as the news reported.
The government denies this.
Oh well...there is no certainty in this information orientated society.
What's the matter?
My parents...
were killed.
My father was coerced in to commiting a crime.
Being falsely accused he killed himself because of the shame attached.
My mother also committed suicide, but the real culprit was never found.
So I became a cameraman as I wanted to capture the truth.
But there is no true information.
The cameraman who has to expose the truth can't see anything
because information is twisted out of shape.
What is the truth?
I think the truth is the only thing we can see.
I'll believe thatTadashi is alive, until I see him with my eyes.
You're strong.
Okay. I'll try to check it out.
Wait a minute, please.
You mean you're still trying to solve this?
Yes, but I think I urn close to 0 solution...
I know him!
Tadashi's uncle.
Are you sure?
I'm sure as I have met him a few times.
I remember now.Tadashi said he was going to ask about the walking fish.
He may know what happened toTadashi.
Do you know where he lives.
I'm sure it's around Shirogane.
Right. Let's go.
Hey you! It's dangerous so take shelter.
Don't you know that a curfew is in place.
lol San Heights...
Where is Asagaya station?
Hey you!
He's not here is he?
TheTV broadcast looked like a recording though.
Excuse me.
Mr Koyanagi,are you here?
He's not here.
OhTadashi's shoes!
What,is he here?
Tadas hi ...Tad ashi !...Tad as hi !
He's not here either.
It's a huge house,anyway.
Tadashi's uncle is a scientist,isn't he?
Yes, he was thought to be a genius in the past.
So this is his laboratory.
Look, here is a walking fish research file.
Let's look
It may give us a clue.
I'm Koycmagi. I regard myself as 0 scientist
I decided to leave this report as 0 record of my experiments
Well, about the walking fish that have been causing chaos,
I got a sample from Okinawa.
I tried to dissect it, but it attacked me and so I had to chop it off
Yes this is my arm.
Then the sample was in short supply
As I was wondering what I could do, my nephewTadashi bought this walking fish.
Tadashi come here.
Are you sure you are injured?
I'm fine
By the way, give me the remote
We”, about this walking fish
It's mainly composed of pistons and cylinders.
Gas passed up the pipes, driving the pistons.
These in turn move the legs.
The reasons for my arm's expansion is that it has been infected.
Large quantities of this infested gas are contained inside.
I'm not certain, but I'm sure I have heard about this sort of infection before.
Around the time of pacific war during World War 2
I heard that the japanese army were secretly experimenting with bacteriological weapons on Ol Erika.
One day an unknown bacillus was discovered in inshore fish.
It started to make gas rapidly in the body of the experimental animal as it was infected.
I heard it smelt of rotting human corpses.
The army top brass considered using the gas as 0 weapon.
However this idea was shelved,
because the infected animals were quickly unable to move due to injury to their motor nerve.
The japanese army then asked the advise of distinguished technologists.
The japanese army then ordered them to make a walking machine using gas pressure.
The rumour was that, unbelievably they completed several of these machines.
However, whilst transporting the machines by sea, they were attacked and sunk by the American rniiitary
Is that youTadashi?
That hurts.
HelP me!
Tadashi what's wrong?
Are you okay? Shlt..infected.
Tadashi was... Tadashi was infected?
I'm sure the laboratory in the film was in the basement, so I am going there.
O I<3Y'
Erika, please.You're my friend, aren't you?
I'll do whatever you want!
You're my best friend?
Shirakawa, this door doesn't open.
Move out of the way.
What's this.
I found the laboratory.
What a stink!
Tad ashi
Is that youTadashi?
You are Tadashi?
Please answer me.
Why don't you answer me?
He's not conscious Kaori.
Who are you?
Oh well...
whatever...l wanted to keep this a secret.
- Professor. - Look at this.
How's that! It's moving perfectly.
I decided to make a walking machine for myself
to see if such a simple machine could achieve such an intricate movement.
Tadashi's beyond help.
It's sad he was infected.
As I expected the simple machine began to move like a living creature.
This proves that the fish infected by the gas bacillus mutate.
If I keep on researching into the gas bacillus the potential will increase.
You're really crazy.
Kaori, are you okay?
Tad ashi
Why are you following him, he's already...
What do you want?
What would you do if you were me,
if you saw your loved one mutate?
Could you stand by and let her leave?
It's you're own fault.
I'm much the same though.
Shall I take you to the hospital?
I'm beyond help anyway.
I still have things to do.
Just here's fine.
I don't know you well, but take care of Kaori.
Why have you gone to these extremes?
I just want to know the truth.
This is the truth.
Tad ashi
Hey,what are you doing?
That's a human.
They are dead already. Look!
They can't be called human anymore once they are infected.
Only their original life force remains.
But, maybe we can still help them.
You don't have to shoot them.
Don't bother me. Please step back
Oh no.
You monster...
Gas is...wriggling?
What the...fuck was that? that music?
It is such an awful smell.
It covers the whole city.
Eventually the gas makes the host body explode.
Look at that sky...
full of fermenting gas.
Why is that here?
Welcome to the Grand Citrus Circus!
You are the first guest today.
Look at this. just like another world march.
The gas from the infected people is performing.
Do you think the gas has mind of it's own.
Now for your own delectation and delight, the spectacular show.
It's show-time!
As you can see this is not purely a human flame.
What sort of hell is that?
Can you see that?
Terrifying...this is what the gas looks like really. Flame gives it substance.
The camera can't film it?
The gas that mutated from the enigmatic bacillus inside human and animal bodies...
may be a creature from a parallel universe...
yes,it must be.
The true nature of the all pervading death stench that is currently hanging over the city must be...
You're talking nonsense!
The gas is alive.
And it is far superior to us.
As an apology for surprising you I will show you the most secret of secrets.
For the first time in the world, this is today's special.
It's not like the usual walking machine. It's not rusty and it look's futuristic.
Look at the total chaos.
It's shit!
MY eyes!
What are you doing! It's escaping!
Tad ashi
Let's go home.
Come home...with me.
Tad ashi
Let's go home together. he going to do?
Oh my has will power?
- Tadashi. - Kaori.
- Tadashi! - Kaori!
Everyone stop. What did he do wrong?
Tad ashi
It seems the survivors tried to leave the country.
The ship is leaving from Odaiba Let's try to get there.
We're out of time and must hurry.
What's the point?
I'm staying here.
I don't thinkTadashi would want that.
Where are they all going?
L...lost everything.
Is it terrible of me to want to stay alive?
If we reach the designated point we will be picked up.
You must go alone.
Oh no!
It's divine retribution?
My job was to collect a story on Professor Koyanagi.
I foundTadashi in my material.
I thought by following you I could get the real story.
I'm sorry I didn't say anything.
This wound will soon become infected.
However, you rs is not infected.
You are not terrible.
Can you take this?
All the information is here.
The only real truth is what we saw with our own eyes.
Tadashi reached out to me.
Was that his own will power,
or an effect of the gas?
I don't know.
However, I think what you believed was the truth.
Good bye, Kaori.
Professor Koyanagi?
- Are you okay? - Yes.
By the way, did you hear?
It seems the walking machines are not made by humans.
I heard the inner worki ngs are not mechanical and no-one knows how they were made.
Maybe they formed naturally in the ocean depths.
It really was a bad stench.
I wonder if the smell of rotting corpses will ever disappear.
I'm used to it.