Interview with Virtus.Pro | AdreN about CS: GO and CS 1.6 (with ENG subs)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on 29.12.2012

Dauren Kystaubayev, known as AdreN
is sitting next to me
Tell me about your returning to CS
I knew that you have left CS: 1.6 and decided
To start your career in CS: GO in VirtusPro lineup
Tell about your return and why did you choose this lineup?
First of all I tried playing CS: GO thinking that I might like it
Because I played CS: Source before that
I can say I started playing with this game
The 1st championship I have won was in CS: Source discipline
In Kazakhstan?
Yes, right
I liked the game very much
Well, CS: GO is rather similar with CS: Source
I liked it that’s why I decided to try CS: GO
Why not?!
I’ve been playing for approximately 2 days
At first I understood that it was not the game I’d like to play
I didn’t like it so much
After 20 hours of playing
I realized that this game was really cool
I wrote Kiril Karasev
You mean ANGE1?
Yes, ANGE1
We had common goals and we reached them
We wanted to become the champions of the Europe
Or of the world at least once
We understood that we should make a lineup
In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
We both liked the game and I think
this game will become favorite for many players as well
That’s why we decided to create a lineup
Later Virtus Pro suggested ANGE1 to make it
So it happened that we gathered a half of the lineup for a start
There were me, Kucher, ANGE1 and evil
As for the 5th player we’ve been thinking about that for long
There were many players which we wanted to take
But many of them were already not available
as they were playing in other teams
How many hours did you play CS: GO, according to your steam?
Nearly 600 hours
Tell me sincerely, do you like playing this game?
Now I can confidently say that I like CS: GO more than CS: 1.6
After we played Asus
I mean when we played CS: 1.6 for the first time
After we’ve been playing CS: GO
I felt a huge difference
I was like I were Dendi who played Mario
even some moments and moves were different
I got used to CS: GO so much that
It seemed like I’ve forgotten how to play CS: 1.6
Though I had been playing this game for 6 years
Why did you decide to play CS: 1.6 on Asus?
As far as I know you are training only in CS: GO
Was it like a honor, the tradition
or did you play just for fun on this tournament?
Yes, I can say that we played there for fun
It happened that it was Asus and
StarLadder followed it in a week
We decided to kill two birds with one stone
And try the old game with a new lineup and
Prepare for StarLadder on a bootcamp
As I’ve got a large ping
And it would be great to meet the guys on the LAN
We had rather good experience while playing CS: 1.6
As we had great teamplay there
I’d say that these games have rather similar structures
but different dynamics
How are you going to prepare for StarLadder?
Are you planning to practice on the bootcamp this week?
Where are you living now?
We’re living in apartment with guys,
I don’t remember the exact address
It isn’t so important
Tell me about the StarLadder’s season?
Was it successful for your team?
Tell us about your match with Na`Vi
It’s known that they don't have that great start,
To tell the truth everything is not as great as it could be
What do you think of their performance and results?
Tell about your impressions of this season?
At first StarLadder was just for no particular reason for us
It was like practicing to prepare for the next year’s tournament
We were preparing, we wanted to try ourselves
We thought StarLadder to be a good start for us and
Great opportunity to become more experienced
After few successful games we understood that
we should struggle for going to LAN
With juncture of events we understood that we can win
and started real fight for LAN attendance
As for Na`Vi I have to say
that currently we’re stronger team than they are
as we are more experienced in CS: GO
we know more tricks and strategies than they do
I think that in few months the guys will understand
the right way to play this game
I can say that Na`Vi is a current champion in CS: 1.6
It’s my opinion
They have all the opportunities and they have to practice aim,
create their own tricks and so on
Can you give any piece of advice to other players or even Na`Vi
because after interviewing ANGE1 I learned that
you were humiliated by CS: Source players
all the time in the beginning
What would you advise as for getting used to this game?
I’d advise to play this game for 12 hours per day
as any other game and of course improve aim
When we started playing everybody killed us
as it was already told before
Any team could drive or suppress us,
everything was possible
Then we decided that we should pay more attention to aim
CSDM, aim maps, positions, etc.
Only after that we saw the first results
We started killing from our positions
We started aiming like CS: Source players
It was really difficult at the beginning
We tried to improve our aim all the time
And it resulted in the fact that we were rather hard to be killed
What are aim techniques?
As far as I know you do not spray anymore
It is completely different there
There’s a scheme with triple bullets
Which ones can you name?
I can say that they are completely different from those in CS: 1.6
As for the rifles, I shoot 3 bullets in a row
Series of 3 bullets, then 3 more, and 3 more
I can spray when it’s necessary
I pull down the ground a bit slighter than in CS: 1.6
The same goes about Colt
You can can shoot with a bullet here
But not so quickly
You can also spray it and pull down to the grown lower as well
That’s all as for shooting techniques
As far as I know developers of CS: GO
Are watching the progress of their game
Do you feel any improvement of the game
From patch to patch?
Maybe someone tried to get to know your opinion?
Because I know that the developers attend tournaments
Consult with the teams as they did on ESWC
And made a profile of players’ opinions
What do you think about that?
I felt a great difference between the CS: GO which was at the beginning
And the current one
Nearly 2 weeks ago I watched the old records of the games
Where Na`Vi were playing against fnatic
I think it was on a DreamHack
I understood it was really different CS: GO
It was a show match
It was like I was watching Call of Duty
As for now it’s like a totally different game
There lots of patches now
The fact that they follow the teams on the matches
has a good effect on the game
I think that in 6 months this game will be so perfect
That it can be played at least for next 10 years
Another question deals with CS ProMod
Today a new patch 1.10 to be released
The physics and aim of the game as for me
are very similar to those in CS: 1.6
It’s supported by the owner of EG Alex Garfield
And as far as I know they found some money and developers
who will work on this game
Have you played the ProMod?
Do you think this game has chances to overcome CS: GO?
I even haven’t downloaded this game
I watched only its screenshots
I’ve read a few statuses but not all of them
It was written that it will be the game which everybody would like
In the next status devoted to this game
It was told that it was the wrong CS
It turned out to be real ProMod
I don’t think this game to overcome CS: GO
First of all it is Valve’s game
As far as I know they’ve spent too much money on it
That’s why I don’t think they will surrender the initiative
To ProMod
ProMod was made on CS: Source engine
Which has become free
So maybe it will be distributed through Green Line
Well, that’s another story
Which plans do you have for the coming year?
Maybe some aims?
Tell us a little about your private life
As I know you went to China for studying earlier
Have you finished your education?
Tell us about your life a little bit
I stopped my studying for now
I have to study 1 year more to finish it completely but
Now I’ll have to study for 1 year and a half
As I’ll have to catch up
And finish what I have started
Well, I live in Almaty
Keep myself busy and simultaneously play in Virtus Pro
It’s rather hard to play now as the time difference is really huge
We have 5 hours of time difference with Europe
I start training from 9 or 10 pm and sometimes I finish at 6 am
It’s really hard now
I have some plans and ideas but I’ll keep them in secret for now
As for my plans for the future
First of all they are to win the StarLadder first of all
We have serious intentions for this tournament
I plan to visit a few LAN tournaments in 2013
And fight for Top 3 there
I also heard that there will be many tournaments
With a prize fund at least for $500 000
It’s a big sum for all tournaments of the next year
Thank you for the interview
I wish you good luck, especially on StarLadder
Thank you