Wedding Make-up by San Antonio Make-up Artist Audrey McKinney

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hi everybody my name is actually came and i'm a professional makeup artist and
how good it is going to be show my interpretation other basic make-up
application for the everyday woman living in San Antonio
i set off first with their foundation and to be the foundation is the most
important part of your makeup so that's where you gonna make yourself
that your skin looked the most natural
as possible but the clearest
so he wanna
take a look things that you don't want to see and pay
things that are not perfected in i'm on my own showed a duck
well doctors around the eyes so
that was my focus
now than i am
added a little bit of conscious or and and revitalize contradict this is really
sad all
it's not something that you gotta do everyday but if you want and get that
perky perfect knows it's one of those things that will help you out and i just
but uh... occurrence of the doctor then
hound skin tone
actually appreciate stacker and easy that i am
blending and out because i want to be just really soft and subtle
leptin net everybody's got a really notice
says uh...
it's all about the blending
now and then add in my powdered so i'm sending the makeup now i'm setting the
foundation akan chairman mao's everything
and what that does it's just polishes affidavit game so we decide admin check
your blood sugar brown zoos
the relics tricky in their outlook bruising on the face
and uh... one of my favorite products would be blah power by mac cosmetics now
you see a man in the bronzer
you don't see any perusing buzz and some cholontourist gannon
it's hard to her
start to move show some definition to her face
and this is one of the more important parts of given definition is not
and they are really good eyebrows nice aaj tas it makes your face really
humour definition i've seen where people
degrade eyebrows in
they look ten thousand
uh... right now i met him in a higher i and that's just the clean up the brow
then make it look more defined them
just make you look at what's new there
and um... khuda
definition so that i can add an increase of color
so now i'm adding to my cruise colin i use a comedian tom brown not to dark but
not to to light
and only one of the liabilities that someone at your appearance which is the
but this one a deliberate amendments on the present so we don't know if it's
going to be one that
she can quickly go insane venus she needs to
now the president and i live right now is caught at mcafee and note that there
was it works as a primer
parapsychology would also and helps them make the colors stay on longer in
the makeup last a little longer
will call a bulletproof now make up a time and not polish out on top of the
right now
as you see on having her opened her eyes
and then at eleven oh definition increase
and what happens is when a person closing organize it changes there
the position that i wasn't so i'll try and make you have to look but it's kinda
out on the her makeup on the way it's going to look when i was open
and she's walking around
so now you see on this test enough in the access karta national rainy
shouldn't be went smoothly are well
now my next application is that i wanted to hand
well i line and i'll i'll i'll out on the top last
purpose bill says that ten
under her to make the last line barrages look longer
on the last line and i was in the product confident my mum at cosmetics
and it's uh...
a black harlem and
it's a crucial so close and wrestlers it dries really nice
pretty quick and that last a long time
and near you see right now which of his eyes you can see her lashes khana
standout amounting to a message on yet
the next day or two is apparently from a supplier and is a cargo up until this
time for the bottom line it's a
one of the neck price kar di ko
and this is a black customers are
and i just put an end
which was out on a direct assessment tool if not a dramatic winter something
the she can walk around in
early all day long in nazir
so better to err on the statement
uh... and then i think the printer brushed at six oh nine shut up and
that's awkward
and then dot her eyes shadowing a pencil together
just to get on my side a smoking i
and now you see me to take a little bit of power and burning allowed into scott
finish enough that looking cleaning it up
a next step is these alaska than our usual ask rather
treasure prevailed but i do make sure it s a personal on the pension or
hurting them
but i'm going to ask her to but uh... two-car garage input message on
because on the national cadet add lashonda stirred up a little bit more
as a setter dash
and on that makes the lashes blend and we're also chancellor has or not
that we decided to do glasses
and uh...
here right now or what uh... lashing so with the last
tried to make sure that it's a good fit not to generate a bit off
because i was talking to a symbol of a better sound if you are going on right
up along with the right size
it can become
are very painful
now enters and their labor arlyne act as a rash has been applied
and uh... special stuff and a m to make sure that they're going to run the
not being seen in
and so i wouldn't hurt to drive because it does require
how different dash i'm cool
marriage parenthood
our family structures are
and uh... apresentava time picking on the left color
because they just think that there are going to set up so that is going to have
to go to the birds are colors
and then clipboard because i was pretty m_f_n_ buses will go a little bit more
ruler uh... on sizes with them and i
a stronger by iraq to sell out the rest of it but just a good balance
and so i was in a car construct down by mac cosmetics also in the second match
by our own
a little bit better then you'd better everything presumably by definition
so that you as you say well i'm not on the less maker hijacked caramel topping
now i fail in the looks a little bit with the loop what their weapons and not
too much but just a little bit so so that when the rebels goes on top
as you see
right now it just gives a nice shiny silvery
cold end on april dot really nice
annenberg aggressive you'd notice
and i'm a part of our lives because i don't know how to change the shape of
the lead
unserved pledge around who loves and you'll notice rush honors
popping out and given definition journalists also
and also just as a nice finish immature brady
look analysts
denials of her cheeks and we can just looks really
nice unwilling to it
and cheese twenty four-hour excerpt
are you anything
that she was going on prayer
howard a but
that's uh...
nice finished product and
my interpretation of the nineties
make-up application
by San Antonio Make-up Artist Audrey McKinney