110503 - Hyper Report

Uploaded by HyperReport on 03.05.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for May 3rd of
Gold is currently trading at 1542.90 Silver is at 44.29
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 34.84 Oil is at 112.42
and the US Dollar is at 73.31
Greece Suggests EU/IMF Repayment Extension
The Greek finance Minister suggested that EU and the IMF give Greece more time to repay
its bailout funds, and at a cheaper rate, to allow it to exit
its severe debt crisis. Hey, why not just forgive the Greek debt completely
while they are at it.
Geithner Gives Congress More Time On Debt Limit
Little Lying Timmy said that he can delay a default from May 16th to Aug 2nd.
Isn't amazing what hacks can do when faced with an unyelding obstacle?
If only Congress spending had done that each year with the budget.
Banksters Covered 26 Million Silver Oz Short Position
The CFTC released it’s report for the recent Silver Smack Down.
As expected, the Crime Syndicate, known as banksters used the raid to cover about 5200
short contracts. Of course, they have a long way to go to cover
all of their short contracts; therefore, keep stacking.
Silver Demand in China and India is Set to Rise 30% in 2011
China's silver imports quadrupled to more than 3,500 metric tonnes in 2010,
of which 70 percent of the demand is due to industrial use.
India consumed 5,000 tonnes. Demand for silver in both China and India
is expected to exceed 30 per cent in 2011. Keep stacking.
Doc Holiday
The United States already faces a growing doctor shortage.
In fact, due to an aging population and Obamacare, a socialized medicine that doctors do not
want to work under, a shortfall of 150,000 doctors in the next
15 years is expected. Here come those death panels.
Mexico Oil Exports Could End Within Decade
A report is citing that Mexico, the third-largest supplier of foreign oil to the United States,
could lose the capacity to export crude altogether within a decade without major new investments
in exploration and production. So much for Mexico reserves doubling.
In addition, where here did the US government give money to for oil exploration? Brazil.
Top 10 Counties With Highest Property Taxes
Property taxes too high? Unless you live in New York or New Jersey,
think again. Both these states nab all top 10 spots of
the highest property taxes with Nassau County claiming the number 1 spot.
Missouri Asks Court to Block Levee Blast
Missouri's Attorney General is askikng the U.S. Surpreme Court to block the blowing up
a dam which would flood 130,000 acres along the New Madrid Fault line.
Sounds very similar to the plot line in the James Bond filem "A View to A Kill."
Finally, Please prepare now for the developing economic
and social unrest. Good Day