Dong Yi, 48회, EP48, #03

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Master Unhak agreed to teach him?
So he said. You saw for yourself.
When the King himself showed up, he said...
'Yes, Sire, anything you say, Sire.'
My lord.
Then he'll be my teacher for really real?
Yes, Geum, Dad found you a tutor.
Thank you.
My lord, you really didn't have to.
I'm kidding.
Unhak had already made up his mind.
But I'm the king so I wanted to look good in front of my boy.
My lord.
Isn't that..?
So it is.
The same place I took you. And now we're here with our son.
Come on.
Knock one back with your old man.
My lord, you mean drinking?
Sure. Lots of sons drink with their dads.
But, my lord, he's seven. He's too young.
Didn't you say seven is old enough to act with honor?
Yes, but...
- Well said. I see who you take after. - My lord.
- Wine and pork rinds. - Coming up.
You eat stuff like that?
Sure, when I can get it. Thank your mom.
Cause of her I've tried lots of new things. Running, climbing.
But I did the actual climbing.
Didn't you say you're a good climber?
Sure did.
- No, he did NOT. Actually-- - Look, there!
Hush, you. I command it.
'Command,' that's just like you.
- Actually, he-- - Your mom's a great kidder.
Your Grace, it's late, try to rest.
No, I won't sit still for it.
Your Grace.
Be careful.
My lady.
- Jonggeum? - She just left.
We must use caution. They aren't likely to make many mistakes.
Not to worry. She's very bright.
Your Highness, are you alright?
Fine, don't worry.
This started when you were banished and it's only gotten worse.
After all I suffered physically and emotionally...
I'm lucky to have lasted this long.
But you seem to be getting worse.
Relax, it's not unbearable, not yet.
Your Highness.
I've done nothing since the day I took the throne.
I'm determined to do something for the Royal House before I die.
It pains me, but if it's true it must be made public for the Crown Prince's sake.
And a new heir apparent must be appointed, for the country's sake.
Your Grace.
Let's go in.
What have you learned?
The Queen's retainer left the palace, just as we thought.
If they're hiding the nurse, the retainer should lead us to her.
Watch yourself. It may be a trap.
Yes, my men have orders to observe only. They won't move until we're certain.
It can't come out. If it does my son may never take the throne.
Come in.
Did you get it?
Yes, the date and time of Prince Yuning's birth.
They know to expect me?
Yes, ma'am.
I understand you're a talented fortune teller.
Look it over and tell me if--
Take it and go.
Why bother when death is right around the corner?
Death? Who's death?
It won't be long. You'll be consumed in your own fire.
Wha..? Fire?
The fire you started.
How could you possibly..?