Howto: Create a Custom Boot Animation on the Motorola Droid

Uploaded by wimervision on 08.02.2010

This is Steven with Wimervision and today I'm going to show you how to make your own
custom boot animation. This video was requested by a viewer so make sure you put in your requests
if there is something you wanted to see done with the Motorola Droid which is our current
subject matter. When I saw this request I was kind of uneasy as my graphic art skills
are next to nothing but I can show you the basics of it and leave the fancy graphics
to those with talent.
In order to create a custom boot animation for your Motorola Droid, you will need the
following: A rooted Droid with busybox installed, a terminal emulator, a copy of the default
boot animation which can be found in the video description, a computer, a photo editing program,
a file compression software, and some creativity.
First you will need to download the default boot animation which is posted in the video
description. This file will be used as a base to create our new animation. Once you have
downloaded the file you will extract it to a folder in which we will work out of. You
will notice in your working folder there are two folders called part0 and part1 as well
as a file called desc.txt
The folder part0 contains pictures that are displayed in order but they don't loop. The
part1 folder contains the pictures that are looped over and over again. You will notice
part0 has the word "Droid" being animated as well as the introduction to the Droid "eye"
then part1 folder has the flashing graphic that is played over and over again until the
phone boots up. The file desc.txt contains the code that makes the animation work.
The 480 and 427 are the width and height of the animation, 30 is the frames per second,
p is unknown, 1 is the amount of replays (0 means forever), the 0 is the pause in frames,
part0 is the folder name, and the rest are the settings for the part1 folder. You may
have noticed the file names in the part0/1 folders reflect the settings from this file.
With these settings the files must be named 480_427_00000.png for the first then 480_427_00001.png
for the next and so on. You will want the first file in the part1 folder to start where
the last file in part0 left off.
The files must be 256x256 pixel png files using the correct naming convention mentioned
or it will not work. You can have as many files as you want but there may be a problem
if the file gets too big. Once you have created/edited all the files
you want and they are placed in their respective folders it is time to zip them up. For this
I'll be using winrar but any file compression software should work for this as long as you
use "store" compression.
First we'll select our folders and file, then right click, add to archive, select zip and
store compression, then click ok. Now we will connect our droid via usb and copy our new file to it. You drag the notification bar down and press USB connected
then press mount. Your Droid will show up as a drive letter, mine happens to be "M".
Go ahead and copy the file and paste it onto your Droid.
Now we will unmount our Droid by dragging the notification bar down, press turn off
usb, press turn off, and disconnect the usb cable.
Now that we're back on the Droid, lets go ahead and open up our terminal emulator. Type
su and press enter, type cp /sdcard/ /data/local/ and press enter. Lets reboot
and see what happens. Here we go. There it is, now see that was something simple I did,
I made it type in there, you can make it what you want, based on your creativity.
It works, that's all you have to do. There we go, our animation worked, I look forward
to seeing what you all come up with. If you have any questions or comments, please left
them below. This is Steven with Wimervision and I hope it worked.